Tanmay Bakshi: 19 Years Old IBM Programmer, Book, Age & Bio

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Tanmay Bakshi: 19 Years Old IBM Programmer, Book, Age & Bio
Tanmay Bakshi: 19 Years Old IBM Programmer, Book, Age & Bio (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Meet Tanmay Bakshi, the world’s youngest IBM Waston programmer. While we busy playing video games, doing homework, and hanging out friends, Tanmay was busy playing with coding. You might be surprised when you heard that he began his coding at the tender age of five.

Tanmay Bakshi has hosted a TEDx Talk, published a book, and spoken at IBM Waston. But there’s one is more surprising about him, he is only 19 years old.

Who is Tanmay Bakshi?

Tanmay Baskhi was born in 2003 to parents Puneet Baskhi and Sumita.

His father is a computer programmer and also a tutor of science and math. Tanmay’s mother is a housewife. His parents immigrated from Delhi, India to Brampton, Canada in 2004. He has a sister who studied at the university.

Currently, he is studying at nine grade and being at homeschooling.

Tanmay Bakshi’s Career

Tanmay Baskhi began his career in tech field since an early age. He started coding at the age of five. Tanmay created a self-titled channel called ‘Tanmay Baskhi’ in 2011.

He has uploaded numerous videos on his YouTube channel. With each video, he received thousands of question from the viewers all over the world. At the age of nine, he developed his app for iPhone named tTables. At first, it was not approved, the app finally published on Valentine’s day.

The little man said that he loves coding so much that helps him take his mind off things. At the age of 11, he Tanmay spoke about a new algorithm called Ask Tanmay, a web-based BLQA system using IBM Watson Cognitive capabilities.

Tanmay is the youngest IBM Waston Developer and has been appeared in articles such as QZ, Toronto, Huffington Post, etc. Tanmay said that being a homeschooled due to his busy schedule. Tanmay had offered speaking opportunities at conferences by the tech giant that the company has hosted.

He spoke in front of 25,000 people at Interconnect Conference and 10,000 people at the IBM Developer Conference in Bengal.

Author and Teacher

Tanmay launched his videos on YouTube channel ‘Tanmay Teaches’ in 2011 which designed to taught budding coders the tricks of the trade.

Baski said that he began t with a goal, to help and teach 100 thousand coders. Tanmay is currently working on a project, ‘The Cognitive Story, that is trying to help a quadriplegic woman community. He has also authored a book titled ‘Hello Swift’ which especially for young coders looking to get started with new app development.

His second book Waston is currently on work.

Net Worth

Tanmay is the most talented and youngest IBM first came to the spotlight at the age of 11. He does not receive any salary from IBM. However, Bakshi makes some money from his many apps that he created using Waston like tTables PLUS, tGuess, tID Vault and I Can, We Can!

He earns a good amount of money from his book Hello Swift, iOS programming for kids and other beginners. You can get the book on Amazon. Furthermore, Tanmay’s salary and net worth are not revealed yet.

Presence in Social Media

The young developer, Tanmay Bakshi is quite active on various social media where you can see his latest updates.

He has an account on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GitHub, and Google+. He has more than 17.8 k followers on Twitter whereas his YouTube channel has 278k subscribers.