Dr. Charles Stanley’s Net Worth, Wife, Books, Children, & Bio

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Dr. Charles Stanley’s Net Worth, Wife, Books, Children, & Bio

Charles Stanley, who flung with series of controversies, however, continued as a pastor with a majority vote of FBA members. He is also known as the founder of In Touch Ministries. Charles, who started to work in Christian ministry since his age of fourteen, garnished his passion and willingness with Baptist knowledge and later became Evangelical pastor of the First Baptist Church.

Along with his exceptional contribution and effort, he has not only summoned the honor and respect as a pastor but is also poured with the immense wealth and fortunes. Charles Stanley was born in Virginia, the United States, in 1932 and he celebrates his birthday on 25th September every year.

The birth sign of the 90 years old Evangelical pastor is Libra. Charles attended the University of Richmond where he received an undergraduate degree and later garnered the Masters of Divinity from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Family & Home

Dr. Charles Stanley was born as Charles Frazier Stanley in Dry Fork, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He grew up in a remote Dry Fork in the outskirts of Danville. Also, he was just nine months old when his father, Charley died.

His mother, Rebecca Stanley, and his grandfather wanted him to trust God and obey God’s word.

Education & Ministry

Charles studied a bachelor of arts in the University of Richmond, and later he enrolled his Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas.

He obtained his Masters of Theology and Theology of Doctor from Luther Rice Seminary in Lithonia, Georgia. In 1969, Dr. Charles Stanley joined the First Baptist Church at Atlanta, and after two years, he became a senior pastor of that church.

The following year, Charles launched a half-hour religious program called The Chapel Hour, but this show was aired in 1978 on the Christian Broadcasting Network. Later, in 1982, Dr. Charles Stanley founded “In Touch Ministries” and eventually grew into the worldwide.

However, in the 1980s, his show broadcasted in topped American media network, which usually showed on Sunday. Later, in 2006, ‘In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley’ could be heard in 107 languages and as of 2018, it airs more than 50 languages over the world.

In the USA, Dr. Charles show is broadcast around 500 radio station and 300 television network including numerous satellite networks such as The Inspiration Network (INSP) and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Website & Magazines

Furthermore, if you missed his show, then it is also available on the In Touch Web Site, and it is downloadable in the form of podcasts.

Every month, In Touch, publish free magazine named In Touch which is available in four languages. Stanley wrote on different topics such as parenting, finances, personal crises, relationships, and Protestant Christianity.


Charles Stanley Is An Author And Photographer

Dr. Charles Stanley has written numerous books throughout his career. In 1992, he published his first book titled ‘A Man’s Touch’ and in that same year, he released another book, ‘Handle With Prayer.’ His books are How to Let God Solve Your Problems, God Is in Control, Success God's Way, The Gift of Forgiveness, God Has a Plan for Your Life and more.

In his books, he has included ’30 Life Principles’ that helped him grow in his knowledge. Besides that, Dr. Stanley is an avid photographer, and his much of his photographic work has been featured in the In Touch magazine.

Dr. Charles Stanley Ended His Marriage In 2000

Dr. Charles Stanley divorce from his ex-wife, Anna Johnson Stanley in 2000 but he kept it private. However, his ex-wife, Anna passed away at the age of 83 on Monday, November 10, 2014, surrounded by her loved ones.

Stanley has not mentioned any information about their love life, marriage date and venue on camera. His former wife, Anna Johnson was in her mid-40s when she filed for divorce on 22 June 1993. Prior to that, the couple separated in the spring of 1992.

Their trouble marriage had been public. Again, Anna filed for divorce on 20 March 1995, but the marriage did not end there. The divorce papers were filed for the last time on February 16, 2000, and a judge signed the final divorce judgment on 11 May 2000.

Eventually, Dr. Stanley and Anna Johnson legally separated. However, the actual reason for their divorce has not come up yet.

Dr. Charles Stanley’s Children, Grandchildren, And Great-Grandchildren

Dr. Charles has two children, a son, Andy Stanley, and a daughter named Becky Stanley.

Currently, Andy is the senior pastor of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Both father and son became headline when Andy talked about same-se* marriage and caught the attention of people. His son, Andy Stanley said: “There is no consensus in the room when it comes to same-sex attraction.

There is no consensus in this room when it comes to gay marriage”. Andy and his wife, Sandra have three children, Andrew, Garrett, and Allie. Stanley also has a great-grandchild named William Brodersen. Dr.Charles’s daughter-in-law is health nutritionist.

Dr. Charles Stanley's son, Andy Stanley However, Dr. Stanley’s daughter, Becky is married to John Brodersen, and together they have three children; Jonathan, Annie, and Matthew. Presently, his daughter and son-in-law live in Dallas, Texas.

What Is The Net Worth Of Dr. Charles Stanley?

Dr. Charles Stanley is a senior pastor and fundamentalist. Additionally, Stanley host the show called ‘In Touch with Dr. Charles. Stanley.’ Furthermore, he makes a good income through his television shows in these past years.

Moreover, he accumulated excess wealth from his books he has written. Dr. Charles Stanley has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Further, Charles hosts many Christian cruises and vacations including an Alaska Cruise, Sailabration Bible Cruise, and Journeys of Paul Tour. He also hosted an Alaska inside Passage Christian Cruise.