Pasionaye Nguyen Bio: Married, Husband, Kids, Career, and childhood

Pasionaye Nguyen neither a celebrity nor a media personality but a celebrity mother. She is famous for being the mother of...

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Pasionaye Nguyen Bio: Married, Husband, Kids, Career, and childhood

Pasionaye Nguyen neither a celebrity nor a media personality but a celebrity mother. She is famous for being the mother of American rapper Micheal Ray Stevenson well-known by his nickname Tyga. Her son Tyga is worldwide popular for being top rapper and celebrity.

Pasionaye Nguyen with her son Tyga Pasionaye single-handedly raised Michael aka Tyga who grew up without a father figure in his life. Similarly, she is responsible for her son’s stage name as Tyga. Now, people want to know about her in detail.

So, Celeb Tattler did research and find out these interesting facts about her life.

Pasionaye Nguyen’s marriage and husbands

Either Pasionaye is married or single is one of the general topics for gossips to people. Pasionaye Nguyen is separated from her husband because of his bad reputation and criminal charges.

She was in the passionate relationship with Mr. Stevenson whose first name is still unknown. The couple was living in the city of Compton. As per sources, Mr. Stevenson had multiple charges including possession and gun. Also, he used to live a rough life and had several run-ins with the law and used to spend most of his time behind bars.

Moreover, he used to abuse her wife Pasionaye too. In March 1991, Pasionaye husband Stevenson got the life sentence, and she became a single mom to Tyga. However, there is no authorized information available about their divorce yet.

Pasionaye Nguyen's rumored husband Tupac According to MoreArticle, there is a rumor about remarriage of Pasionaye Nguyen. After Pasionaye separated, she had married to artist Tupac who act as a fatherly figure for Tyga. Based on the rumor, he also supported Tyga to enter into the music industry.

However, there isn’t any confirm report available about her remarriage yet too.

Pasionaye Nguyen Kids

She has only one child Micheal Ray Stevenson (Tyga) who was born on November 19, 1989, in Compton, California. At the age of 18, her son had gained fame because of his passion for music.

His debut mixtape “Young on Probation” was massive enough to get him signed on to Young Money Entertainment. Pasionaye Nguyen's son Tyga With Young Money Entertainment, he created the collab album “Fan of a Fan” with Chris Brown.

Tracks in that album also featured some big names such as Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, and Kevin McCall. Since then and till now, he is doing great with his rapping career. Without a doubt, Pasionaye is very proud of her kid Tyga who has grown up to be a popular rapper, at a very young age.

Pasionaye Nguyen’s childhood

Pasionaye Nguyen was born in the USA in 1973. She is a daughter of Kim Nguyen and lives in a modest flat in a suburb of Los Angeles. Moreover, Kim does not speak English very well and is from Vietnam.

Nguyen has Afro-Asian background with Vietnamese ancestry and has American nationality. Pasionaye has one younger sister whose name is Cece (Cecy, Cecilia) Nguyen. It is hard to mention her education as she is not the prominent figure in media.

We can accept that she did not get the chance for a good education as well could not start her career as she had to raise her boy single-handedly. Pasionaye once mentioned that she had done any job that used to be available for her to earn money for nourishing her and her child and raising him up.

Because of her sacrifice, her son Tyga respects and loves her very much. He has made some tweets hinting his dislike for his father and appreciation for his mother. One of his tweet dedicated to her mom is given below. [embed][/embed] Furthermore, he showers her with expensive gifts too. He once bought her a Range Rover Evoque which trades for over $41,000.