Kristina Sunshine Jung, Daughter Of George Jung, Age, IG, Actress, Wiki

In the modern world, there are many paths to fame; it could be perfection in politics, sports, a viral picture, or...

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Kristina Sunshine Jung, Daughter Of George Jung, Age, IG, Actress, Wiki

In the modern world, there are many paths to fame; it could be perfection in politics, sports, a viral picture, or video. It could be a success in your profession as an actor, scientist, musician, designer. There are plenty of options for those who want fame.

However, there are, those who have not sought recognition but who have had the fortune or misfortune of having a reputation on them. Some of them were due to the fame of their parents from the above-mentioned paths. It was something entirely different for others; however, in Kristina Sunshine Jung's case, she is famous because her father is a famous drug dealer.

Kristina Sunshine Jung, born on August 1, 1978, is an entrepreneur, less-known actress, and self-proclaimed poet. Moreover, she is the daughter of George Jung-one of the most blatant drug dealer and smuggler of all time in the world.

Her mother Mirtha Jung divorced her father in 1984 when Kristina was just a six-year-old. George Jung is also responsible for 85% of drugs smuggled into the United States during 70's and '80s. Such contrary recognition of her father as a "drug lord" must have been the reason for her parent's divorce.

Early Life Of Kristina Sunshine Jung

Kristina Jung went through tough times in her young age. She grew up in harsh situations, with a complete absence of family life. After the divorce of her parents, Kristina lived with her mother.

Life was not easy to live without the love of her father. During that phase of life, her grandparents, Fredrick Jung, and Ermine Jung were her most significant support. They took responsibility for her schooling and all the needs.

Everything was excellent, her relationship with her grandparents was growing stronger than ever, but she faced a tragic loss of her grandparents at the age of 18. Then, she was taken care of by her aunt, Marie Jung.

Is Kristina A Celebrity?

Kristina is not a model nor an actress, or any other celebrity.

But, people are much interested in her life because of her complicated relationship with her father, George Jung. He was sentenced for 60 years in jail after found guilty for smuggling cocaine. Kristina Sunshine Jung claims herself as a writer and poet which can also be found on her official Facebook page.

However, she has not written or published any book or poem to date, professionally. However, she is working on a book about her mother, which is expected to be released soon. Kristina was seen first as an actress in an American biographical crime movie ‘Blow’ directed by Ted Demme.

It was released in the year 2001. The film features Kristina’s father, George Jung who was once well known American "Drug Lord." She did a court scene with Johnny Depp in the movie. Unfortunately, when director presented it to Warner Bros, the federal government requested to delete her part.

The deleted scenes can be seen in the DVD version.

Personal Life Of Kristina Sunshine Jung

Kristina is reported to be married. Her husband’s name has been stated to be Romain Karan. It is not known whether the couple is together or divorced.

Information about her husband is also not known. Likewise, Kristina has children. Their number and names are not known except for her daughter whose name is said to be Athena Romina Karan.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net worth

Kristina Jung's net worth is also something people show a deep concern about.

It is believed after her father's imprisonment; she has been managing all his illegal money and other resources. With such speculation, we can assume that she has a high net worth. But a rough estimation from other sources shows she is worth $150,000.

She is currently running her clothing business under the name of "BG Apparel," which is doing pretty well. Also, she generates extra income from acting in the movies.

Facts About Kristina Sunshine Jung

Kristina Jung is just an ordinary actress and an entrepreneur but has a lot of popularity.

She is a daughter of the American most famous "Drug Lord," George Jung, during the 1970s and 1980s. She has been under police custody for a while in charge of drug holding.