Chip Hailstone from Life Below Zero: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Imprisonment, Career, etc.

The life of a nomad is lonely, traveling places to places. However, if we take it in a different perspective, then...

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Chip Hailstone from Life Below Zero: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Imprisonment, Career, etc.

The life of a nomad is lonely, traveling places to places. However, if we take it in a different perspective, then it might be a convincing career path. To make you agree, let us ask you, would you spent your whole life living in the same place, doing the same thing, experiencing the same old thing over and over, and then, soon waiting to be in your death bed.

Doesn't it sounds scary?! We all wish to travel places to places, experience everything in a lifetime. But, how many of us actually do it? Very few of us right! This is the story of the star cast of ‘Life Below Zero’, who followed his heart and lives a life of his choice.

Know everything about Chip Hailstone with us.

Who is Chip Hailstone?

Chip Hailstone Chip Hailstone by profession is an American television celebrity. His family and lifestyle is documented by the National Geographic channel and presented on the reality TV series called ‘Life Below Zero’.

Chip is of American nationality. He was born on 8th March 1969 in Kalispell, Montana, the United States. He was born to Daniel Franklin Hailstone and Mary Lois Hailstone. Chip Hailstone is 52 years old.

Early Life and Education of Chip Hailstone

Right from Chip Hailston's early age, he had an interest in hunting, fishing, and craft.

However, the details related to his early life and education is unknown.

How did He Get an offer in "Life Below Zero"?

As per the sources we have found that Chip Hailston left his hometown at the age 19 in 1988. He at that moment initially planned on moving to Alaska, however, later settled in the small town of Noorvik with the population of hardly 700 people.

Earlier from his childhood, he had an enthusiasm for hunting, fishing, and craft. And being at the small town of Noorvik was the perfect place for him to pursue his interest and passion. Agnes Hailstone with her husband Chip Hailstone The environment there and the cold climate was a fine place for him to get the experience of survivalist and true hunter.

And while living a couple of years in the town, he finally met Agnes Hailstone, an Alaskan native and soon decided to have a family together. They together have seven children, five daughters named Mary, Tinmiaq, Qutan, Iriqtaq, and Carolina.

In Addition, two sons named Jon and Douglas from Agnes previous marriage. His wife Agnes Hailstone is also into the same career as her husband. So the husband, wife and their kids are seen paying the tv reality series ‘Life Below Zero’.

Chip Hailstone with family The two are living the life of a minimalist, away from any influence of modernization. They hunt for the living and survival, soon their lifestyle caught the attention of agents of the National Geographic Channel.

It led to signing a contract with the National Geographic Channel for the reality tv series “Life Below Zero” and the First episode begun from May 19, 2013. Chip along with his family has done 8 seasons for the series, but unfortunately, he had to drop from the series.

Although his family is still continuing.

Imprisonment (Jailed)

Suddenly, Chip Hailston's promising career fall apart in 2012, as a result of found guilty of two counts of perjury and giving the wrong information to the police officers.

It was the case of July 2011. And he is obligated to serve 3 years of probation and 15-months behind the bars which were sentenced in July 2017. He is imprisoned at the Anchorage Correctional Complex. We all know now, he is in jail, but how did all this happen?!

Let us make it clear for you all, it all began as the Christopher Bitz, an Alaska State Trooper physically assaulted his back then 17 years old daughter, Tinmiaq. In an interview with Chip, he stated his daughter was held with a submissive hold by an officer while he was talking to them and as she stretched her hand towards him all the blunder happened.

Chip Hailstone further added, he and his family were in the fear of their lives. And, with such irresistible behavior of the trooper, Chip filed a case against the trooper on behalf of his daughter. Despite it, he was found guilty.

Many of Chip fans shared the disappointment about Chip's wrong statement compared to the incarceration. But still, he is serving the punishment and the reality tv series still continues without him but only his family.

Salary and Net Worth of Chip Hailstone

Chip Hailstone earing source is the series ‘Life Below Zero’.

Chip Hailstone is said to have a net worth of $200k.

Social Media Profile

Chip Hailstone is not available on social media sites. He doesn't maintain his online presence even on major social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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