Nathan Zed’s YouTube, Instagram, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Bio

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Nathan Zed’s YouTube, Instagram, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Bio

Nathan Zed is better known as ‘TheThirdPew,’ in an American YouTuber and Viner. Nathan has amassed over 488k subscribers on his self-titled channel named ‘Nathan Zed.’ He posts content like prank videos and social commentary videos on his channel.

He is also famous on Instagram and posts photos of his younger cousins as well as his friends. Nathan Zed

Who Is Nathan Zed?

Nathan Zed was born on 6 April 1997 in Virginia. He is an American and Ethiopian descent. Nathan attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University which is also known as Virginia Tech where he studied business.

His father was an engineer and also wanted him to be an engineer like him. But he was very poor in mathematics, so he chose business. Nathan all time favorite web series is ‘The Platoon of Powers Squadron.’Zed is an ardent dog lover.

His favorite drink is milkshake and loves on yachts.

Career on YouTube

Nathan loves to shooting and editing videos since he was a child. Nathan began his career in social media while he was studying at the school. The major fact that he was inspired his career decision was racism.

Nathan created his YouTube channel on June 10, 2011 and chose ‘TheThirdPew’ as his online pseudonym. Nathan posted his first video titled “Annoying Stereotypes” on 3rd December 2011 which has 195k followers to date.

In the video, he discussed human psychology and habits. Afterward, he began making and uploading videos on his self-titled channel. In that same year, he uploaded his another video titled,‘Holiday Spirit in Nutshell.’ He is also famous for his funny and satirical videos.

In one of his videos, Nathan talked about the rape and negativity. In addition, he spoke of his dilemma of dropping out college or school. Besides his YouTube videos, he was also a Vine star and has accumulated over 745,000 followers, but it shut down in 2016.

After that, he continued posting the social commentary videos on his channel. Some of the popular videos are Why do We Hate Celebrities, What Are Relationship Goals?, Why You Mad About Body Positivity? and We Have to Kill Instagram.

Nathan Zed’z most viewed video is NASH GRIER RANT (RE: WHAT GUYS LOOK FOR IN GIRLS)” which uploaded in January 2014 and has garnered over 2.9 million viewers. He received positive comments from the viewers and his fans. Nathan created a video segment ‘YouTube Sings’ where he compiled clips of ‘YouTubers’ proposing words to songs. In his YouTube Sings videos, he mashed up quick clips of famous YouTubers and Viners such as PewDiePie, Smosh and Jenna Marbles.

He has performed in the song ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen in his YouTube Sings videos. Nathan videos received a huge number of viewers day by day. In the past, Nathan Zed has dealt with depression and anxiety. Being an Ethiopian, he has faced racist comments.

Later this issue became the top subject of the content in his channel. In his videos, he talks about the social evil through his videos and also received positive reviews from the viewers. In his video titled ‘You’re not Good Enough,’ he shared his own experiences and struggles while growing up as an Ethiopian.

How Much Does Nathan Zed Earn?

By profession, Nathan Zed is a social influencer. He earns an enormous amount of money through the videos and has a large number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. His exact net worth and salary is not revealed to the public.

Beyond his videos, he has his own merchandise called “Good Enough” which trades t-shirts for both gents and ladies. It also sells sweatshirts, hats, and other accessories.

Is Nathan Zed Single or Married?

We don’t know that Nathan married or not.

There is no information about his personal life. He keeps her private life away from the camera. However, he had a crushed on the popular YouTube start Zendaya and also talked about it to all his followers. Later the queen of Twitter noticed Nathan gushing and she bestowed a bit more Twitter love on him!

Nathan Zed’s Social Media

The YouTube star is quite active on various social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

He has more than 208k fans followers on Instagram, and on Twitter, he has 562k followers. On his social pages, he posted several photos to promote his own merch. He also shared pictures of his friends and childhood which have garnered millions of likes.