Lori Anne Allison: Ig, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Johnny Depp, Age, Now

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Lori Anne Allison: Ig, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Johnny Depp, Age, Now
Lori Anne Allison: Ig, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Johnny Depp, Age, Now

Lori Anne Allison is famous as the "ex-wife of Johnny Depp". By profession, she is a businesswoman and a popular makeup artist. Her dream was becoming a record producer, but it was destined for her to become a makeup artist. [Lori Anne Allison, Bio, Net Worth, Relationship] Lori Anne Allison in her stunning look She attempted her career in the music industry, but could not get massive success because of an unfortunate incident where she lost her hearing power.

Currently, she is doing a fantastic job as a make-up artist in Hollywood movies and collecting fame and fortune simultaneously. Know more about Lori Anne Allison, stick to us! Lori Anne Allison was born on September 6, 1957.

She showed a deep interest in makeup and fashion from an early age. At the age of 8, Lori used to practice doing makeup on her doll. Not just that, she used to cut the hair of the doll and makeup with a pen. At such an early age her intelligence in makeup was rare.

She used to draw a face with makeup on paper as a prototype. And fill eyeliners and eyeshadows to make it look more attractive and used to draw lips with lipstick. But it was at the age of 13 where she learned to differentiate between skin enhancement and exaggeration after visiting a makeup boutique at Collins Avenue.

Allison's Initial Inspiration For Makeup

Lori Anne Allison just loved seeing colorful faces with makeups since her childhood. It is said that she was comfortable wearing unconventional clothes, putting on rainbow steaks on her hair and shaving eyebrows to be creatively fashionable.

All her friends in her class wanted to be a doctor, pilot, lawyer and so on but she was a complete opposite. Lori Anne, herself once cited with a smile "I couldn’t fit among my peers as I was considered a freak! " She followed almost all the top models, musicians, actors but her real inspiration was Way Bandy, a makeup artist.

Being a Makeup Artist not her Ambition

Despite she had a passion for makeup as a kid, being a makeup artist was not her first choice. Lori Anne wanted to be a record producer so before professionally working as a makeup artist, she was into the music industry.

After being friends with many individuals from the music industry she moved to Los Angeles. But, her dreams of being a record producer were shattered after she lost her left ear hearing power, the result of target shooting mishap.

Professional Career Of Lori Anne Allison

After going through the devasting moment, all her hope of being a record producer flushed away. Then, she quickly diverted her creativity and energy to makeup. Shifting focus wasn't difficult for her as it was something she always enjoyed doing.

In general, the music industry is mostly lead by males, whereas, the beauty industry has more presence of women so, her talent was warmly welcomed. During the starting of Lori's career, Christina Applegate, an American actress and dancer supported her by giving a chance to debut in the television.

She was the one who gifted Lori her first makeup box. Additionally, Adam Ant also provided Lori with her next big opportunity to work in film and play. Although, she couldn't make it big. But, she has a list of big clients who visit her on other days.

Lori is the owner of two minor companies D’Cups and Serendipity Lip Glosses established in February 2015. She also works as a freelance makeup artist to keep herself busy.

Lori Anne Allison and Johnny Depp Relationship

There is speculation that Lori Anne and Johnny Depp started dating since Johnny’s Band Rock City Angels.

It is also said that Lori is the cousin of a famous pianist Peter Duchin and believed he must have a connection with Lori Anne and Johnny Depp getting to know each other. However, no official dating details have been shared by both of them.

Lori Anne Allison on her wedding day Lori married Johnny at the age of 25 and he was only 20 at the time. It was in the year 1983. Sadly, their relationship didn't last long. The couple broke up after 2 years of their marriage.

The reason to split has not been revealed. Perhaps, it may have been too early for Johnny to commit the marriage relationship and meanwhile, his career was on the rise. Lori and Johnny still maintain a healthy relationship of friendship even 32 years after their divorce.

All these years even after staying apart, two of them have always shown up at the time of need. Lori showed her care for Johnny and called him after the death of his mother. Johnny, Lori's ex-husband was accused of domestic violence to his second wife Amber Heard Even at the time of Johnny being alleged with domestic violence by his second wife, Amber Heard, Lori was seen supporting Johnny and cited, "The Johnny I know would never lay a hand on a woman".

Net Worth and Income

Lori's net worth has not been officially disclosed but she received a whopping $7 million as a divorce settlement from her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Moreover, she owns 2 companies and is also actively working as a makeup artist.

It can be expected her net worth might be in two-digit millions.

Lori Anne Allison Social Media

She is not available on social media. We tried searching for her on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but were unable to find her.

It seems that she prefers living a low profile life but she cannot do it forever as she will always be linked to the Hollywood star Johnny Depp.

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