Adam Dirks's : Bio, Wife (Bethany Hamilton), Job, Age, Baby,etc.

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Adam Dirks's : Bio, Wife (Bethany Hamilton), Job, Age, Baby,etc.

You probably recognize Bethany. There’s a good chance you’re one of the millions who saw Soul Surfer, the 2011 movie that dramatized her inspiring, true story,Adam Dirks, husband of professional surfer Bethany Hamilton with whom he competed with on the 25th season of The Amazing Race.

He previously worked as a substitute teacher and at a youth ministry. Though he is not professional, he also enjoys surfing like his wife.

Adam Dirks's Bio

Adam Dirks was born on 12, 1978 in Princeville, Hawaii. His zodiac sign is Libra.

He is a Professional husband, and fully supports his wife. Adam Dirks Adam Dirks His hobbies are, Surfing, adventure (hiking, exploring, etc.) and spear fishing.He is a religious man is a God devotee and he isn’t just a believer.

Adam Dirks and Bethany Hamilton's Wedding

Adam and Bethany were the only two who jumped off a 40-foot cliff into the ocean, and afterward, they began spending time hiking and surfing together. At the encouragement of a mutual friend, He called Bethany, and the two met at a beach with other friends.

One thing led to another, and then they realized that they should take things to the next level. Then, married on 18th of August in the year 2013. Since their marriage, the couple has retained a perfect relationship with each other.

Soul Surfer Meets Her Match Soul Surfer Meets Her Match Moreover, they have never been in controversy of outside affair after marriage. Currently, they are enjoying their married life along with two children and living elegantly.

Adam Dirks and Bethany Hamilton's Baby

The loving couple recently welcomed their second child as a son.

Their first child’s name is Tobias who was born in June 2015. Bethany gave birth to their new baby on March 27, and they gave him name Wesley Phillip Dirks. There is a family picture of Adam Dirks and Bethany Hamilton, in which Adam is pictured along with her wife and kids.

In the picture, Adam is holding their elder son Tobies while Bethany was holding their newborn baby. Sweet words of mom go with an even sweeter photo featuring her newly born baby.

In a charming video, their elder son Tobias is kissing her belly and revealing that baby no. Two was on the way. Bethany continued to ride the waves during her pregnancy and did not let it slow her down. She often used to capture almost every moments from the ocean during her second pregnancy.

Also, she has shown off her growing belly at the beach with her little man Tobias during the memorable time.

About Dirks and Hamilton

Just like his wife, he loves to surf and often surfs with Bethany.

Once, Adam and Bethany both took part in the show, “The amazing race”. Adam describes himself as a hard-working, tolerant and easy going person just like Tom Cruise. The matter of fact is, he also looks a little bit similar to Tom Cruise.

Bethany Hamilton & Her Husband Bethany Hamilton & Her Husband In another hand, Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer and iconic public figure from America, who rose to fame for continuing her surfing career in spite of losing her left arm to a tiger shark at the age of thirteen.

She is the inspiration to most of the people. Despite of losing her left arm in 2003 she has not given up. She has published a dozen books including Soul Surfer. Also, she won the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete afterward the Courage Teen Choice Award in 2004.

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