Nathan Schwandt, How He Met Jeffree Star, Marijuana Business, Gossip, Rumors

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Nathan Schwandt, How He Met Jeffree Star, Marijuana Business, Gossip, Rumors
Nathan Schwandt, How He Met Jeffree Star, Marijuana Business, Gossip, Rumors (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Regular men and women like Nathan Schwandt have risen to the top of public consciousness since the rise of social media. Ordinary people have gained popularity from merely putting their lives on the internet, from Instagram to Twitter, YouTube, and other interactive online platforms.

He is not only famous for being an internet sensation but also for being the boyfriend of Jeffree Star. Nathan Schwandt was born in Michigan on the year 18 August 1993. Nathan's family includes his parents and his young brother Zach.

However, the details about parents have not been shared. Nathan Schwandt can be found sharing photos of himself, Jeffree and his friends. He also shares an Instagram story of playing ‘City and Colors' with his friends.

How Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree star met?

Jeffree Star is a famous fashion designer, songwriter, and American pop singer.

Like today's most of the relationship, Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star also met over the internet. To be specific through Instagram. Nathan and Jeffree shared in their first couple Q & A session through Jeffree's YouTube page that Nathan was the first to make a move in their relationship by directly messaging Jeffree on Instagram.

They started getting close through texting and video-calling each other for several months. Then finally, Jeffree invited Nathan to meet him by flying out to Los Angeles. The couple revealed by just a single weekend meeting, their relationship got more serious.

By 2015 March, they were dating each other. It has been revealed that their first date held at Santa Monica Pier with fine dining, and romantic beach walk. The source reported that a year ago in July 2016, Jeffree Star went to Michigan to visit Nathan’s family.

Jeffree shared the matter with Nathan’s family and received their approval. Further, the couple invited Nathan’s younger brother Zach to stay with them, which he accepted and also got a job at Jeffree Star Cosmetics Company.

The couple lives in Calabasas, California, with their five dogs whom they call their children. It is said that they trust each other immensely and know each other’s phones.

Gossips about Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star’s relationship

Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree star relationship have been the topic to gossip for a lot of people.

Nathan has confirmed to have a straight se*ual orientation in controversial situations, but still, he maintains a relationship with Jeffree Star. This is something that their fans and all others find confusing. On the other hand, Nathan has also accepted to find men interesting in women clothes and has shared that he didn't have access to express his feeling as he grew up in the Midwest.

It has been found that Nathan has dated women in the past before getting involved with Jeffree Star. But still, both Nathan and Jeffree state they are in true love via their YouTube videos. However, all over the internet, he has been accused of being a gold digger.

The couple expressed that the relationship has nothing to do with gender, and added, that having a deep-rooted connection is the base to any relationship, which they have. The couple is a big fan of smoking marijuana, which can as be seen on Jeffree's YouTube channel.

Jeffree stated that he has never touched alcohol but is a big advocate for cannabis. In partnership, they decided to sell marijuana as a side business. The couple has also learned about the medical and healing side its use; meanwhile, understands the practical and recreational purposes of it.

Body Measurements

Nathan Schwandt stands at a height of 1.75 m. However, his weight is unknown. As a bright and color expressive man, he is often seen with different hair colors. Furthermore, Nathan has an athletic build with clear skin that has made him a perfect model for his partner, Jeffree's, cosmetic company.

Rumors And Controversies

There is a rumor that Nathan Schwandt's photo was posted in cyberspace which went viral all over the places. Due to his friend, makeup artist Manny Gutierrez stated on Twitter that he hated to see his ex-friend photos on Tumblr feed which caused a Twitter war between makeup artist Manny Gutierrez and Jeffree.

As Jeffree instantly replayed by commenting slyly releasing the name of Manny's new palette to the Twitter world.

Net Worth

Nathan Schwandt net worth is said to be $500,000 by the sources.

Social Media

Nathan Schwandt is available on almost all social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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