Dr. Petra Mickova: Husband, Jeff Young Diagnosed With Cancer & Net Worth

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Dr. Petra Mickova: Husband, Jeff Young Diagnosed With Cancer & Net Worth

Dr. Jeff Young is a famous and notorious American doctor and veterinarian, not to mention that he is the Planned Pethood Plus owner. He has specialized in treating domestic, livestock, pets and many other animal species numbering thousands.

Other than that, Dr. Jeff has a reality TV show dubbed Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain. To top it all, he is also a family man with a wife, children, and grandchildren who adore him as their elder. Petra Mickvo with her colleuge Petra Mickova with her colleague In this article, you will find out facts about Petra Mickova wife of Jeff Young's age, wiki bio, her role in the Tv series as well as some other relevant circumstances.

Dr. Petra Young Wiki/Bio, Age, Nationality

Dr. Petra was born in Slovakia to her parents. Although a TV star and famed veterinary doctor, there is no available information about her early life and family background. Even we do not have information confirming her age.

She was brought in Slovakia where she also attended school. As far as ethnicity is concerned she holds dual citizenship American and Slovakian.

Dr. Petra Mickova Married Dr. Jeff Rocky

Dr. Petra Mickova and her husband well maintained a low profile on the media.

Nobody knows until 2016 that Dr. Petra and Dr. Jeff Young are husband and wife. Dr. Jeff never mentioned being married to the press. Later, Dr. Petra Mickova got married to a reality TV star, Dr.Jeff Rocky in 2014. The couple now works together at Planned Pethood Plus in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Dr. Petra met Dr. Jeff in 2010 when she was in training in his clinic. They dated each other for four years and turned their relationship into marriage, but she is not the first wife of Dr. Jeff. After the marriage, the couple lived near the clinic which helps them to manage their busy schedule.

Before the wedding, Mickova was a staff at Jeff’s clinic, Planned Pethood Plus. At the clinic, she is highly appreciated for her invaluable surgical skills and calmness she posses during the critical treatment procedure.

The veterinarian couple has not given birth to any children yet.

Dr. Petra Mickova’s Husband Diagnosed With Cancer

Petra’s husband revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer, B-cell Lymphoma during the second final of the show and that the clinic was in the process of moving from the Highlands neighborhood to Wheat Ridge.

Jeff Young was diagnosed with cancer after doctors discovered an 8 cm mass in his lung. Petra Mickova and Jeff Young Petra Mickova and Jeff Young Young cut his signature shoulder-length gray hair because of cancer. Hector Martinez, who worked with since high school, hasn’t watched the most recent episodes.

Martinez said that cutting his hair was hard enough.

Dr. Petra Mickova’s Husband, Dr. Jeff Rocky

Dr. Petra Mickova’s husband, Jeff was a divorcee and has grown up three children from his ex-wife. He is also the grandfather of seven grandchildren.

Dr. Jeffery was born in 1952 and graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine, Colorado State University in 1989. Reality star Dr. Jeff is the owner of the Planned Pethood Plus, founded in 1990. His clinic is known for running low-cost mobile neutering in America as well as veterinary training.

The clinic has 30 staff with more than 80,000 clients and performs around 20 surgeries every day. Dr. Jeff puts constant pressure to keep his staff, clients, and patients both healthy and happy. He has done more than 165,000 operations to date and has also trained more than 300 veterinarians.

Dr. Jeff made his appearance on the reality show “Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet” aired on Animal Planet.

Dr. Petra Mickova’s Short Bio, Age, and Nationality

Dr. Petra was born in Slovakia to her parents. Although she is a veterinarian doctor, there is no information about her early life, parents, and siblings even her age is still a mystery.

In addition, she is not active on any social sites. According to some sources, she is in her 40’s while her husband, Young is 62 years as of now. By nationality, she is an American.

Net Worth of Dr. Petra Mickova

By profession, Dr.

Petra is a veterinarian doctor and practiced with her husband in their clinic. However, there are no records as to the net worth of Dr. Petra. Nevertheless, the husband Dr. Jeff is estimated to have a net worth of $200,000 and has conducted over 160,000 animal surgeries and has trained over 300 veterinary doctors.

Dr. Jeff has a net worth of $200,000. For more updates don’t forget to like our Facebook and also follow on Instagram.