Adam Lz: BMX Rider, Net Worth, Career, Wife, & Career

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Adam Lz: BMX Rider, Net Worth, Career, Wife, & Career

Adam Lz is a BMX rider and YouTube star who has 2.2 million subscribers and a total of 933 videos with impressive viewers on his channel named ‘Adam LZ.’ His channel contents of BMX webisodes, drifting videos, vlogs, stunts videos and more.

Adam has taught people around the world how to do barspins, 360s on his videos. Adam LZ

Bio and Education

Adam Lz was born as Adam Lizotte-Zeisler on 5th May 1995 in Woodbury, Connecticut. He is popular, he is rich and successful in career but yet he is still continuing his education.

He studies business management and his instution for that is the University of Central Florida. Adam enrolled at the University of Central Florid to study Bussiness Management with a concentration on entrepreneurship.

Age, Height, Weight and Body Measurement

As of his birth date, Adam is 27 years old.

He has a slim body with a good height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 75 kg. He has blues eyes, and his hair color is brown, with well-maintained and perfect and fit and healthy body shape.

Social Media Career

Before becoming famous, Adam was a wakeboard racer and was looking to start competing in that sport.

However, it was boring wakeboarding alone, so he began driving BMX with his friends. Then he started making videos with his friends for fun, but he never thought to upload in the YouTube. On 3rd February 2013, he created an account on YouTube channel called LZ BMX.

He continued to make videos and posted them weekly on his channel. His channel mostly contains BMX webisodes, drift videos, ‘how to’ videos in which he explains how to do stunts and many more. One of his most popular video is titled “Tanner and Taylor get a ride in the Shelby Gt350” uploaded in 2017 has accumulated over 716k views.

He collaborated the video with YouTube star, Tanner Fox. His most viewed video is ‘Walmart Game of Bike’ which has over 7 million views.

Adam LZ Married Nicole Frye

Adam met Nichole at the University of Central Florida during his first semester in 2013, at first, both were assigned in the same bus and the same elementary school to promote attending college to low-income people.

Later, they started hanging out as good friends and eventually started dating. Adam Lz married his long-term girlfriend, Nicole Frye in July 2016. The wedding was attended by his close friends, family, and relatives. Adam also recorded the videos of their wedding and uploaded to his YouTube channel.

His friends helped him to film his wedding. The couple did several videos together and Q&A with their fans.

Adam LZ's Net Worth

In 2016, his estimated net worth was $6 million. YouTube paid him an impressive amount of money for his YouTube videos.

He earned monthly from $2.1k to $34k, and yearly he made between around $25.5k to $408.4k and, receives a significant amount of income from the ads via his YouTube channel. YouTube star Adam LZ has an estimated net worth of $8 million Apart from his channel, he has own clothing line, LZ BMX where he sells a variety of items such as a sweatshirt, hat, t-shirts.

Currently, he lives in Florida with his wife and family. He has owned several nice cars including Mini Cooper, Nissan 240SX, BMW 335i and Mazda Miata. Adam has 925k followers on Instagram and 138k followers on his Twitter page.

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