Jesse Duplantis Net Worth, Bio, Career, Kids, Wife, Etc

Jesse Duplantis is a preacher of the Christain Evangelical Charismatic Tradition television and prosperity gospel, New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States....

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Jesse Duplantis Net Worth, Bio, Career, Kids, Wife, Etc

Jesse Duplantis is a preacher of the Christain Evangelical Charismatic Tradition television and prosperity gospel, New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States. Through his ministry, Jesse Duplantis Ministries, he spent most of his life sharing God's message.

He has managed to earn a massive income with such a remarkable belief and hard work. So what do you think Jesse Duplantis' net worth is? Here are his earnings details and properties. Jesse Duplantis is a charismatic prophet, a Christian minister born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on July 9, 1949 AD.

He was born to Velma Duplantis and Paul Duplantis. As of 2022, Jesse is 73 years old, and a Prophet he has also served as a full-time evangelistic a minister since 1978 AD. Duplantis became a gospel of affluence and founded Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM), whose international headquarter lies in America and branches in the United Kingdom and Australia.

He preached his first sermon in 1976 AD and made the first public appearance in 1978 when he was featured in a TV show “The Apostle of Joy.

Jesse Duplantis Wife & Kids

The actual date of Jesse Duplantis' marriage date has not come up to the media yet.

However, we do know, that in 1997, Jesse and his wife, Cathy Duplantis, founded Covenant Church, JDM's local office in Destrehan, Louisiana. The couple also has a daughter named Jodi Duplantis Walker.

Jesse Duplantis Siblings

The siblings of Jesse Duplantis includes; Helen Duplantis Stevenson, Mark Duplantis, Debra Duplantis, Patricia Toups Bellanger, Wayne Duplantis, Iris Toups Bascle, and Bennie P.


Work And Profession

Jesse Duplantis is living a lavishing lifestyle. Duplantis is an active and influential public speaker. He has transformed the lives of many people. People take him as a godlike figure which connects them to god.

Jesse Duplantis earns $6 million annually. Not just that, he is a world-famous book writer. Till now he has written ten books which are sold worldwide. His best selling book is “Close Encounters of the God Kind,” it cost $3.24 in the international market.

The book is about faith in Christianity and Jesus. His books have been translated into 13 different languages, and so far he has been able to generate approximately $5 million form his book sold.

Awards And Nomination

In recognition of Jesses' "many years of effectively sharing God's message of salvation through Jesus Christ to the world," he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University in 1999.

Tax Issues

For more than 10 years, the Dallas Trinity Foundation, a religious watchdog organization, has kept an eye on Duplantis. President Ole Anthony of the organization said that because of Duplantis ' tax exemption, each person in St.

Charles Parish was technically "helping to pay for Duplantis' extravagant lifestyle”. The ownership of Duplantis 3 million dollar villa, which also serves as the church rectory, was also the subject of investigation, as it was paid through non-taxable donations, and Duplantis avoided paying taxes of up to $ 33,000 a year on what a house of that value would be taxed for.

Retired Tax Assessor Clyde Gisclair of that parish said that while most homeowners are eligible for a tax exemption, Duplantis has put the house in the name of the ministry, though it is for his own use, and will not pay any taxes.

In addition to the house, Jesse Duplantis Ministries also owns a huge private jet that Duplantis used to take thousands of trips to Hawaii and Las Vegas. Furthermore, he had been in news highlight for avoiding the fees and also for asking a donation to buy a private jet; as a result, people bashed him with harsh comments over social media.

Jesse Duplantis Houses

Duplantis is famous for owning luxury housing. He holds a mansion which consists of 25 rooms in the Destrehan suburbs of Louisiana. The property is estimated to worth $ 6 Million which is reported to be used as a church rectory.

Jesse is free from any tax charges for his house. This property spreads out over an area of 35000 square foot. Apart from this, he also owns one more real estate based on Ormond Boulevard.

Jesse Duplantis Cars

Jesse Duplantis loves owning luxurious cars.

His latest car purchased is a Royce Phantom worth $350,000. But, he is often found using vehicles facilitated by the Church. However, he also owns Bentley and Aston Martin.

Jesse Duplantis Jets

Duplantis does not just own a lineup of luxury cars but also private jets.

His first private jet purchased was Cessna CJ770. He truly lives a life like a king.

Net Worth

Jesse owns luxurious houses and private jets worth $10 million. He has a net worth of $ 40 Million.

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