Cecelia Vega's Awkward Moments with President Donald Trump!

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Cecelia Vega's Awkward Moments with President Donald Trump!
Cecelia Vega's Awkward Moments with President Donald Trump! (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

The Life of a Journalist is glamorous yet stressful. And sometimes their professional career can also disturb their personal life. But still, they have to carry on both their professional and personal life gracefully. Today we a bold beautiful and a famous American Journalist Cecelia Vega from the ABC News.

Let's understand her more clearly with this article.

Cecilia Vega Bio and Education

Cecelia Vega is an American journalist and currently, she is serving as senior White House correspondent for ABC News. Cecilia Vega was born on January 7, 1977, in San Francisco, California, United States.

Talking of her education, Cecilia is from the class of 1995 at Salesian High School in Richmond, California, then he attended the American University School of Communication. Any details about her parents, siblings, and relatives are not known to the media and public.

Cecilia Vega age is 46 years old.

ABC News To White House

During the start of her career, Cecilia reported for the ABC network affiliate station KGO in San Francisco. She covered a wide variety of stories for the region during her three years with the station.

With her passion for work and all the hard work, Cecilia got to join the ABC News in 2011 as a correspondent based in Los Angeles. Cecilia got to go around many places in the world during her time there. Journalist Cecilia Vega Her assignment took her to Japan, Rome, and London, where she covered the story of the Fukushima power plant disaster, selection of new Pope and about the Olympics.

Not only she went to the various parts of the world, but Cecilia has also taken a submarine to the button of the Arctic and petted whales in the Gulf of California. Cecilia has covered many of the major stories and interviewed a variety of major newsmakers which includes Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto and Sylvester Stallone.

She also covered the story of elections and inauguration of President Barak Obama in 2012. Cecelia Vega, White House Correspondent Other major stories covered by Cecelia include the news about the Ebola case in the United States, the midterm election of 2014, the Sony computer hacking and the fallout and allegations against Bill Cosby.

Then on March 2, 2015, Cecelia Vega was named anchor of ABC News 'World Tonight Saturday'. She remained in her job as an anchor until January 2017, then was seen as a senior White House correspondent. Cecelia is currently working as White House correspondent for ABC News.

Journalist Awards

No doubt Cecelia is a very hard working woman who takes her work seriously and with full responsibility. Because of this passion, Cecelia has received numerous awards and praises. She received an Emmy Award in 2010, back when she was working with KGO for exclusively interviewing someone who witnessed an attack on a student at her high school homecoming danced.

Cecelia Vega also received awards from the California Newspaper Publisher Association, the East Bay Press Club, the Hearst Corporation and The New York Times.

Excruciating Moment between President Donald Trump and ABC reporter Cecilia Vega

On 1st October 2018 at the White House press conference organized for the announcement of trilateral trade with the aim of re-establishing "North America into a manufacturing powerhouse", President Donald Trump once again show his offending nature.

It happened right before the question and answer session begun between the president and the press. The president started off with ABC reporter Cecilia Vega, and when she just stood up ready with her question. The president with the same attitude misunderstood her, now came up with a harsh comment on her.

And the president asked her to go ahead with her question. But again, he decided not to answer her when she questioned about the reports of limiting the scope of the investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by the White House.

The president said he preferred to comment on his trade policy first. It is not the first tense moment encountered between the president Donald Trump and ABC reporter Cecilia Vega. Previously in July, when Cecilia Vega grilled the president by questioning the interference of Russian government in the U.S.

elections. He replied “Thank you very much, no,” and moved on to another question. What are your views? Is this just between the president Donald Trump and the ABC reporter Cecilia Vega or is it same with other news reports as well?

Cecelia Vega and Ricardo Jimenez Relationship

Cecelia Vega is married to Ricardo Jimenez.

However, none of them has disclosed any information about how and where they met her. We don’t even know where this sweet couple got married and shared their vows. But, hey, they are all happy and blessed to have each other, so it is alright even not to know.

Cecelia Vega and Ricardo Jimenez Talking about Cecelia’s husband, Ricardo Jimenez, he went to Loyola University and graduated from there. He was also in the Latin American Student Organization and contributed a lot to assist Latin architects and other high-tech professors.

Ricardo is a retired California Highway Patrol officer. He was even honored for his work in the past for his part in pulling an intoxicated man to security from a bay bridge’s edge. With all this noble work and duty, he surely is a respected figure.

Cecelia’s husband, Ricardo is also the recipient of the Meritorious Achievement Award by Golden Gate Division Chief, Paul Fontana.

Cecelia Vega Net Worth

Cecelia Vega net worth 2018 is $2 million. Cecelia Vega has a successful career and she is still doing great.

She has earned herself a good amount of fortune by associating herself with the ABC news and its afflicted channels. She enjoys a handsome salary from the channel and other facilities and benefits too. Although her salary by ABC hasn’t been disclosed, her estimated salary is around $75,000 currently.

Cecilia Vega lives with her husband, Ricardo Jimenez in Los Angeles, California.

Cecelia Vega Social Media

Cecelia is very active on her social media pages, where she uploads various photos with sweet captions. You can see her beautiful selfies, pictures of her with her friends, co-workers, her husband, and many others.

Her Instagram has 22.9k followers and 43.2k followers on Twitter.