Sue Aikens: Birthday, Husband, Children, Salary and Net Worth

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Sue Aikens: Birthday, Husband, Children, Salary and Net Worth

One of the most famous accomplished Television personalities, who succeeded to inscribe the name in the historical backdrop of United States of America is Sue Aikens. The first name baptized for her was Susan Aikens. However, in the course of struggling to make her career in Television Media, she is widely known by the name called Sue Aikens.

She has got a healthy body and possesses a very decent height. She is originally from Chicago. Aikens was born on first July 1963 in Mount Prospect Illinois. She is currently living in her mid-fifties. She rejoices her birthday every year on first July.

Sue is currently residing miles far away from the human residence. She indeed is undertaking herself to make the livelihood at the place known as Kavik river camp which is located in Northern Alaska. Sue Aikens is one of the famous figures of US on the part of documentary television show named with Life Below Zero.

Sue Aikens Sue Aikens Net Worth BBC Worldwide produces the programme and airs through the National Geographic Channel. In addition to this Television series, she previously appeared in “Flying Wild Alaska”- the TV series.

Life Below Series as a documentary TV series displays the everyday activities as well as seasonal of the survival hunters. They have to make a living despite piercing snowing and scarcity of the resources in the remote area of Alaska.

The TV documentary demonstrates lives of people and follows them in the isolated zone of Alaska. The people have to survive in below the zero degrees temperature. This show demonstrates the condition of folks that are surviving by hunting what they find around the locality.

They have to depend upon the very limited resources.

Childhood of Sue

Susan Aikens was destined to spend her childhood moving from one place to another. In a sense, her early life was much like nomadic. She says she would live on a tropical island during her childhood.

When Aikens was at age of twelve, her mother had to make a divorce from her father. This tragic circumstance compelled her to make a move into the primeval forest. She would have to make a living with her mother in Alaska. Sue Aikens Life Below Zero Sue Aikens Life Below Zero But unfortunately, Sue had eventually been left alone to survive in that wilds when her mother eventually decided to pursue her own happiness out of Alaska.

She, despite the scarcity of food, fuel, and extremely bad weather, managed to strive in the surroundings. She approximately spent her seventeen years in the vast wilderness of Alaska at Kavik River Camp. Regarding her educational background, Sue attended the Lowell Whiteman School during her childhood.

Sue Aikens: Relationship, family, husband, and boyfriend

Though Sue Aikens got married to three guys in her all lifetime, unfortunately, neither of the relations lasted. She used to live with her previous husband in Oregon.

Her second marriage lasted for seventeen years. She gave birth to two children. They are thirty-three and twenty-nine now. It is said that Sue does not live with her children because they don’t love to live in the remote area of Alaska. According to the wiki, they went against her parents’ nomadic lifestyle. So, they have settled elsewhere in the United States with their own family. The sorry thing about her life is that her previous two husbands did not survive long and left nothing for her except misfortune and misery.

Similarly, Sue’s last husband betrayed her. He left her because he did not like being with an old, jagged woman. So, he looked for a gorgeous young woman. After that, she has been enjoying her freedom in the solitude of Alaska.

About her private life, she defends it saying that she does not go into details on her past. Further, she asserts that some business is her own and not the worlds.

Physic of Sue and Social Media Profile

Regarding her body, there are no insights concerning Aikens' height and weight at present.

Her hair shading is dull darker/dim, and eye shading is blue. Aikens is dynamic over the online networking. She has an enormous number of adherents on informal communication destinations, for example, Facebook and Twitter. She has more than 20k adherents on Twitter.

Correspondingly, her Facebook page has more than 66k supporters. Sue Aikens: Career in Life Below Zero Sue Aikens’ career in Television documentary series began with the show - Sarah Palin’s Alaska in 2010. She later came to appear in another show- Flying Wild Alaska in 2011 and 2012.

Sue Aikens Sue Aikens Similarly, since 2013, she started appearing on National Geographic’s show-Life Below Zero. Life Below Zero is a Television documentary in which the lives of 6 individuals along with their family are demonstrated.

They reside in the cold and remote areas of Alaska. The lifelong experience she has collected in the wilderness of Alaska, contributed Sue to deserve the space on the show - Life Below Zero in 2013 which presents her everyday activities.

Sue Aikens Net Worth

Sue makes a handsome income from her show Live Below Zero. The producer of the Television Documentary: BBC Worldwide has offered its celebrated a great amount of remuneration for her incomparable struggle.

She makes an annual salary approximately around $200,000. In addition to this, she also gets a substantial amount from her accommodation that she offers in the remoteness of Alaska. Sue charges $350 per day for her service. So, in the formation of her net worth, her campaign in the Kavik River has also a great contribution.

She starts it at the moment of the hunting and summer season for the hunters and the travelers. More noticeably, she has very less amount of expenditure because of her living in the remote place. Therefore, both the campaign in Alaska and her show - Life Below Zero make her net worth of 500,000 dollars in total.

Rumors and Controversy

Aikens turned out to be a piece of debate after she wound up occupied with a prominent claim against the makers of 'Life Below Zero.' The claim fights that her agreement was difficult to the point that she felt compelled to do whatever the BBC makers advised her to and the producers paid a little heed to her security concerns.

Aikens argues that the producers have insisted her to work in the harsh climatic conditions. And this may be dangerous to her well-being. What's more, Aikens influenced twelve cases against the arrangement to parent organizations and the maker.

At these days, there are no bits of gossip concerning her life and profession.

Accident and Bear attack upon Sue Aikens

Life as a survivor in Alaska accompanies unverifiable and unavoidable mishaps and occurrences. In 2007, she was in the focal point of repulsive mountain bear assault in which she endured an extreme injury and survived ten days without getting appropriate restorative consideration.

Sue Aikens Bear Attack Sue Aikens Bear Attack After the bear assault, she sewed her head and arms. Before her extremely harmed appendages flew out, she crossed the waterway and shot the weigh down. Following ten days lying with extreme injuries, she was at long last safeguarded by one of the pilots.

Furthermore, on 21st February, news rumored that Sue recorded a claim against the arrangement makers for constraining her to do hazardous tricks which left her truly harmed. Amid the fifth season, the scene titled "The Crash" exhibited the mischance of Sue hitting an ice hurl.

The mishap left her seriously harmed, yet the makers didn't call the safeguard plane quickly and trained the pilot to arrive at the most distant end of the runway for stimulation and excite.