Samara Redway’s Boyfriend, Typical Gamer, Bio, Career, & Net Worth

Canadian YouTuber, Samara Redway from Vancouver who runs a self-title channel on YouTube named ‘Samara Redway’ who has over 7.9 million...

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Samara Redway’s Boyfriend, Typical Gamer, Bio, Career, & Net Worth

Canadian YouTuber, Samara Redway from Vancouver who runs a self-title channel on YouTube named ‘Samara Redway’ who has over 7.9 million subscribers and a total of 837 videos. Her content is mainly about her day to day life, gaming videos and makeup tutorials.

Currently, she is in a relationship with a YouTube star, Andre Rebelo.


Samara Redway was born in Vancouver, Canada on March 10, 1995. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and was born in the year of the Pig. She has two younger siblings, a sister, and a brother.

Her parents shifted from a big to a small house near to her grandparents. She has spent most of her childhood with her grandparents. But unfortunately, after her father left her and her mother, they moved back to Vancouver. Since then, she has never met her father again.

Samara’s mom is also her best friend and they share a very strong bond. She has been raised by a single mother and grandparents. During her childhood, she and her grandmother used to experiments with different things together and enjoyed seeing each other's reaction.

A few years later, her mother was in love with another man and ended up getting married to him. She is no more in contact with her biological father. Samara once had a cute puppy, Joey. But her step-father doesn't like dogs, so he sold it while she was at school.

Her mother's second relationship was also a mess. Her step-father treated her mother badly and was found always angry with her. later, her mother decided to divorce him and they live separately now. Though, her step-father visits once a week to see her younger sister and brother.


Samara Redway is an excellent student, but she is a little different than other. Redway left her previous school, and she joined the private high school. After her high school education, she applied for the different University for further studies.

Then she flew to Burda and joined Burda University.


After her high school, she got her first job at Mc-Donalds at the age of 13. She loves her first job and also enjoyed to make apple pie, burger, etc. While Redway was studying at the Burda University, she began making videos.

She didn’t have many friends so, in her spare time, she used to make funny videos, but she never uploaded her videos on social media. Making funny videos was just for herself. She watched her videos and laughed at herself which really entertain her.

After that, she transferred to UBC located in Vancouver. She then started spending more time with her grandma and took care of her, but slowly begin losing her focus on studies. As a result, she got poor grades. A few months later, her grandma passed away.

then. she dropped out of the university and packed her bag and left for Australia. After returning from Australia, soon she decided to pursue her career in social media and began with a YouTube channel called “Samara Redway” on October 9, 2013.

Then, she started uploading videos and vlogs. Her videos are basically related to her day-to-day life, beauty vlogs, Q&As, and even she enjoys uploading videos with her boyfriend, Andre. Till the date, she has been able to earn over 7.9 million subscribers and 92 million views.

Samara Met Her Boyfriend, Andre Rebelo

Samara met her boyfriend, Andre Rebelo through Twitter. Andre is from Toronto, and she lives in Vancouver. Her boyfriend is also a YouTube star who is popularly known as Typical Gamer.

Andre has over 7.4 million subscribers and has one billion views on his YouTube Channel. Samara Redway's Boyfriend.

Andre She tweeted saying, "Andre () is the cutest, smartest, funniest and hottest person I know " in 2016. Her boyfriend replied saying "WOW sAMARA THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" They started knowing each other through online chat.

After a month, Andre came to Vancouver to meet Samara, and they went for a dinner date. Since then they are inseparable. The couple loves each other endlessly and spent a lot of time with each other. In fact, Andre is one of her biggest supporters who encouraged her to make and upload videos on youtube.

Back in 2016, Andre moved to Vancouver, and now the couple is living happily together and enjoying their love life.

Samara Redway Net Worth

Samara earns a good amount of money through her vlogs, gaming videos, Q&As and other funny content.

She makes monthly from $869 to $13.9k, and her estimated yearly earnings are between $10.5k-$167.3k. She has accumulated a million viewers in her channel which helps her to generate income and she also earned extra income from the ads on her Youtube videos.

Social Profile

A social media sensation, Samara is quite active on various social media. She has 142k fan followers on Instagram and 86.2k on her Twitter. Samara is also quite active on Facebook as well as Snapchat.