What the Cause of Andy Bassich and Kate Roker Divorce?

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What the Cause of Andy Bassich and Kate Roker Divorce?

Andy Bassich quickly rose to the fame after he appeared on the reality documentary television show, “Life Below Zero” which airs on the National Geographical Channel in 2013. He has always been a center of interest on the show due to many problems.

After divorce with Kate Roker, Andy is still on the show, struggling alone with daily challenges. Andy Bassich


Andy Bassich was born in 1958 in Washington D.C., United States of America. He grew up in his birthplace along with his siblings.

He attended John F. Kennedy High School. Andy is an avid hunter. After high school graduation, he began working as a carpenter to support his family. Later, he moved to Alaska which is one of the most sparsely populated places in the USA.

Andy traveled across the country and knew how to survive even in the worst condition. After arriving there, the first thing he did that was trade a truckload of wood for his dog, Muzzle. He knows carpentry and also made a small home by himself.

Andy Bassich Married to Kate

Andy Bassich was a married man until 2016. Andy tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend, Kate Roker. The exact date of their marriage and place is not revealed in any social site. Andy Bassich and Ex-wife, Kate Roker Andy Bassich and Ex-wife, Kate Roker The couple met in 2003 in Dawson City, Alaska.

At the time, Andy was working as a captain in Yukon riverboat, and kate was a tourist. When Andy saw Kate, he fell in love at first sight. The couple dated each other for a short period, later the two got married. After the marriage, the couple decided to move to Alaska.

The couple lived an adventurous life in Calico Bluff. Both of them worked hard and went hunting together. They hunt moose, wolf, salmon, bear, etc for a living. Andy and his ex-wife were very supportive of each other. After marriage, Kate gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

Andy Bassich and Kate Rorke Bassich Divorce

Andy and Kate divorced in 2016. His ex-wife, Kate filed for divorce against Andy in 2015. At the time the couple was working on the reality television series, ‘Life Below Zero’ on National Geographic Channel.

The couple announced in one of the episodes on the show that they were getting a divorce; the fans were in a big shock. The couple was living together over the decades. A year later, the couple officially divorced in 2016 due to the court hearing and divorce settlements.

Reason Behind Divorce

The couple separated after living ten years together. Afterall they seemed really nice and a happy couple in the televison show. So the sudden separation, it looked like the duo relationship never seen the way we proceed it.

Andy could come off as mean and verbally abusive to Roker on some occasions that were caught on camera. When she left the show, the rumor of Bassich’s abuse was confirmed by Kate. In an interview, Roker stated that she was physically and verbally abused by Andy during the marriage.

She added that she tried to fix her marriage and Kate did whatever she can do, but it did not work out, and finally, the couple ended their marriage.

Andy Bassich’s Life After Divorce

After the divorce, Kate left Andy alone in Alaska to surviving without her.

While Kate had no home to live and she had to live her friend’s home. later, in January 2016 when Life Below Zero aired on National Geographic Channel, Andy seemed sad and alone.

Career and Net Worth

Andy rose to the fame after he appeared on the reality documentary television series which is about the daily and seasonal activities of subsistence hunters, airs on the National Geographic Channel.

The show films in the remote areas of Alaska. The cast members of the show are Sue Aikens, Agnes Hailstone, Andy Bassich, Chip Hailstone, Glenn Villeneuve, and Kate Roker Bassich. Kate Roker left the show in 2016 after divorcing with Andy Bassich.

Andy Bassich earned a significant amount of money from the reality show, “Life Below Zero”. He makes annually around $100,000 from the show. However, his former wife has a net worth of $100,000 back in 2016.