Aaron Kaufman Net Worth - Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wife, Married, Salary

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Aaron Kaufman Net Worth - Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wife, Married, Salary

Car admirers are well aware with Aaron Kaufman the heavily bearded wonder guy from Discovery Channel’s hit reality shows Fast N’ Loud. He is also the leader of the ‘Gas Monkey Garage.’ In 2017, fans were left in shock when Aaron told his friend Richard Rawlings that he would go the show to focus on other issues.

Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings has worked together for 14 years and did the reality show; Aaron left the show in 2016. He met Richard while he was working at a small car shop, this also meant that Aaron wasn’t going to work with Gas Monkey Garage, where he and his friend Rawlings worked for 14 years, repairing cars.

Let’s Find out Aaron Kaufman Net Worth and Salary in 2018. Also, know more about his girlfriend, Lauren Moore Knob.

Aaron Kaufman's Bio

Aaron Kaufman was born on January 26, 1982, in Crowley, Texas. As a child, Kaufman developed the talent of tearing things apart and building them right back up in different ways.

As Kaufman grew older, he established a desire for cars which eventually brought him to the world of rods. He immediately began working at a local garage, and it wasn’t long before fellow mechanic, and entrepreneur Richard Rawlings discovered him.

Bearded Mechanic Aaron Kaufman Leaves Gas Monkey Garage Bearded Mechanic Aaron Kaufman He is a reality TV star and owner of Arclight Fabrication (a Dallas enterprise that supplies aftermarket components for the Ford F-100 pickups).

Kaufman is back with new show ‘Shifting Gears’

Moreover, now Kaufman returns with his reality show ‘Shifting Gears’ which aired on 5th March on Discovery Channel.

The show is about various vehicles’ build-ups amidst difficult environment and parameters. In 2018 Aaron seems to be collecting more wealth from his new show. Aaron Kaufman Fast N´ Loud

Aaron Kaufman Dating Lauren Moore Knob

Aaron Kaufman is in love with Lauren Moore Knob.

The couple is dating since 2013 and in a living relation. Before Aaron left the show, Lauren appeared on one of the episodes of ‘Fast N’Loud’ in 2014. Kaufman and Lauren are quite similar to their interest. Aaron Kaufman and Lauren Moore Knob Aaron Kaufman and Lauren Moore Knob Aaron shared on the Instagram saying that Lauren is the backbone of his next project.

According to Instagram accounts, the pair loves to travel a lot. The duo is living happily and has two beautiful dogs named Bastian and Lola. However, Kaufman and his girlfriend are waiting for the right time to get married, and soon they will become future husband and wife officially.

Before Knob, Kaufman was in a relationship with Lindsay J. They dated for three years and broke up due to some reason that never revealed. During the rising fame of Aaron along with Richard Rawlings, Lindsay created a blog named ‘About that Bearded Guy.

Aaron Kaufman's Girlfriend, Wife

Kaufman previously dated Lindsay J for three and a half years. Their relationship began and ended when Kaufman had not yet found fame with Fast N’ Loud. After they broke up and Kaufman found fame, Lindsay set up a blog called “About That Bearded Guy” where she posted photos her and Aaron including beardless pictures of Aaron and also answered questions regarding their relationship.

Kaufman began dating Lauren Moore in 2015. Both have posted photos of the other on their respective Instagram accounts. However, despite all the issues, which are common in any relationship, Kaufman and girlfriend Moore are doing well and everyone hopes they will get married soon.

Yeah, that’s right, fans want to see Lauren as Aaron Kauffman’s wife.

Aaron Kaufman's Net Worth

While it isn’t clear how much Kaufman earned per episode of Fast N’ Loud, it is a known fact that Rawlings received $50,000 per episode.

Aaron Kaufman’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. That figure is sure to rise with his new venture up and running. Kaufman has also considered bringing his show to TV with Discovery Chanel on his heels.