Where Is Kye Kelly's Ex-Wife, Alisa Mote After Divorce?

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Where Is Kye Kelly's Ex-Wife, Alisa Mote After Divorce?

If you are the fan of the car racing then you have probably heard the American reality series, ‘Street Outlaws’ which airs on Discovery Channel. Kye Kelly is one of the top drivers in the show. Alisa Mote was popularly known as the ex-wife of the reality star Kye Kelly and shared a daughter together named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelly.

She married to her former husband, Kye Kelly in 2015 and divorced in 2017. Alisa Mote with her ex-husband and daughter

Alisa Mote and Her Ex-Husband Kye Kelly Divorce

Devotes fans of reality series ‘Street Outlaws’ might be familiar with the cast member of Kye and his ex-wife, Alisa Mote.

Alisa Mote's former husband, Kye Kelly appeared on the American reality show, “Steet Outlaws”. When Kye first appeared on the show, he was newly married. Alisa married her long-term boyfriend, Kye Kelley in 2015 and expecting a baby in the same year.

Shortly after marriage, the couple gave to a beautiful baby girl named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelly who is already one year old. Alisa’s daughter is the second child of Kye Kelly. Kelly already has a child from his previous relationship.

Alisa and Kye divorced after less than two years of marriage in 2017.

Alisa Mote’s Husband Is Dating New Girlfriend Lizzy Musi

A father of two children Kye Kelly is dating Lizzy Musi after divorcing Alisa Mote. Lizzy Musi is the daughter of the reputed engine builder Pat Musi.

There is a rumor that an affair with Lizzy what caused Alisa and Kye ended their marriage. The couple often shares their picture on their private account. The couple is together from last year.

Alisa Mote’s Ex-Husband, Kye Kelly

Alisa Mote’s husband was born and grew up in Southern Mississippi and has been interested in car racing since he was a child.

He started racing cars at the age of 14. Kye Kelly told Illustrated that “There was an old black guy down the road from my house named Otis, and everyone would meet up there on Sundays. We’d have 50 or 60 people out in the yard, boiling peanuts, racing, and hanging out." Kelly graduated from high school with a partial scholarship and attended junior college, but he did not complete because he hasn’t enough money for the study.

Before Street Outlaws, Kye Kelley worked in the oil fields while he was in college. Later, he opened his open Mississippi where he grew up.


What does Alisa Mote for a living? There is no any information regarding her education and career.

Some sources reported that by profession she is a nurse and graduated from high school in McComb and went to college in Minnesota. However, her former husband, Kye Kelley is a car racer of the reality show ‘Street Outlaws.’ Her Husband drove a 92’ Camaro car and known by his nicknamed The Shocker.

He is one of the top ranking racers of the show.

Net Worth

Her profession is unknown, so the net worth of Alisa Mote is not known. However, her ex-husband estimated net worth is $500,000. Kelly’s salary of Street Outlaws is $150,000.

He earned $16,000 cash in the car race in Texas in 2015. Kelly is the leader of the New Orleans Racers and also opened a performance shop in his hometown.


Moving on to Alisa Mote’s wiki-bio, there is not much known about her personal information like date of birth, parents, siblings, and age. Furthermore, Alisa Mote is not active on any social site.