Trump's Strategy to Pay $83M Court Order Amid Uncertainty Over Net Worth

Former President Faces Unprecedented Legal and Financial Hurdles

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump's Strategy to Pay $83M Court Order Amid Uncertainty Over Net Worth
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In a landmark decision that has rippled through political and financial circles, former President Donald Trump has been ordered by a jury to pay $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll, a columnist who accused him of rape. This ruling arrives amidst ongoing debates over Trump's actual net worth, which has been a subject of contention in a separate civil fraud trial accusing him of inflating his wealth.

The substantial sum, bound to impact Trump's financial standing, was met with immediate backlash from the ex-president. Taking to his Truth Social page, Trump vehemently denounced the verdict as "Absolutely ridiculous!" and labeled the legal proceedings a "Biden Directed Witch Hunt." He further criticized the legal system for being politicized and stripping away First Amendment Rights, proclaiming, "THIS IS NOT AMERICA!" Questions now arise about how Trump, 77, will manage this hefty financial obligation.

In its latest estimate as of September 2023, Forbes pegs Trump's net worth at around $2.6 billion. This estimation includes significant investments in New York real estate and Golf Resorts, valued at $690 million and $870 million, respectively.

Additionally, Trump's assets reportedly amount to $640 million, with $190 million in non-New York real estate and $160 million tied to his social media and brand endeavors.

Trump's Courtroom Drama

The verdict follows a tumultuous period in court, where Trump's reactions ranged from leaving the courtroom during the closing argument of Carroll's lawyer to later returning to hear his attorney, Alina Habba, defend his June 2019 statements.

However, Trump was notably absent when the jury, consisting of seven men and two women, delivered the final verdict. This jury had been instructed to accept the findings of a previous jury, which in May last year, awarded Carroll over $5 million after finding that Trump sexually abused her in a Manhattan department store and defamed her in 2022.

Trump's abrupt exit from the courtroom prompted Judge Lewis Kaplan to remark on the record. This incident followed a tense moment where Kaplan threatened Habba with jail for contempt of court. The case continues to draw significant attention, not only for its legal ramifications but also for its insight into the intricate and often opaque financial world of Donald Trump.

As the story develops, all eyes remain on how the former president will navigate this latest challenge to his fortune and reputation.