Liberte Chan Married, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend, Age, Wiki

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Liberte Chan Married, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend, Age, Wiki

Liberte Chan is a beautiful and gorgeous American journalist who, now works as a weathercaster and news reporter. Liberte Chan Liberte Chan, an American journalist, was born in Los Angeles. Regrettably, we do not have information regarding her date of birth.

In fact, it is complicated to guess her age by merely looking at her charming personality. According to Chan’s wiki, she is in her late thirties. She had attained her primeval enlightenment from Marlborough School for Girls and had graduated in 1998.

Chan is the daughter of a Caucasian father and a Chinese mother. Asian-American is her ethnic group, and she belongs to Asian, white ethnicity. And she is Christian by religion. She is well-known as a fascinating TV personality who works as a meteorologist for KTLA channel.

Chan was brought up with her two brothers with whom she has an amicable relationship. As we know, she grew up in a cross-cultural family. Liberte Chan, Bio, Relationship, Career Since her childhood, Chan has developed a solid bond with her mother. This closeness with the mother contributed to growing the awareness of her cross-cultural legacy.

She was a shy girl in her early age. However, she succeeded to be known as a figure skater. Moreover, she is also a skater. At an early age, she used to take participation in the national and international skating competition.

She found this game easy for her, and she did feel shy to perform it before the crowd of people. Nevertheless, speaking and delivering a speech in front of the crowd was a callous act for her. That's why she chose to become a newsreader.

Liberte Chan: Marriage, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend

Though we know about Liberte Chan’s career life pretty well, she has left herself inconspicuous about her private life. What we know about her marriage is she accepted an American actor named Brian Chase for her bridegroom for the first time in her life in 2012.

Brian is considered to be her first known boyfriend before she got married. At the Greystone Mansion’s Garden, the couple destined to make an exchange of their marital vows. They seemed to be a very happy and a perfect couple in their early marital life.

Unfortunately, the relationship did not last long. The couple got separated within a year of their marriage. But, the reason for their separation is yet to reveal. Liberte Chan and her-boyfriend Brian Chase, Bio, Relationship

Chan With Recent Love

After separation with husband, Liberty Chan has again fallen in love.

People and her fans have found her with a boy again in news. More importantly, Chan, on her Instagram, has often been posting the numerous photos with her boyfriend. With her recent boyfriend, she seems very happy and content.

The photos posted on Instagram make sure that she has a charming dating life with her boyfriend, Brett Hoebel. Brett is a professional yoga trainer and the co-founder of Sweat with Soul institution. He holds the authorship of The 20 Minute Body.

He is an instructor at NBC Biggest Loser-11 as well. The photos of Liberte and Hoebel with their yoga pose often can be seen in social media. Brett Hoebel Brett Hoebel, Liberte's present boyfriend.

Liberte Chan’s Physical Outlook

Liberté Chan is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and she weighs something like 102lbs.

She climbs a considerable measure and does Y?ga six days a week. Her habit of doing regular workout makes her more attractive and enthusiastic. In fact, this might be the main reason for her lovely and perfect body shape. Chan exhibits her faultlessly magnificent body out to the world.

Likewise, she has received immense fame for her dressing sense as well. Though she is in her late thirties, she still loves to wear the bathing suit.

Liberte Chan’s Career

As far as Chan’s career is concerned, she is a famous journalist from the United States of America.

In her childhood, she was shy. At present, Liberte has been engaging in the KTLA media. She holds the position of weathercaster, news reporter, and meteorologist. Since 2010, Chan began her career in this channel as a freelance writer and had been serving them since then.

The motive of becoming a writer from early of her college life has a significant influence upon her. Her inquisitive attitude towards the world led her to the learning and discovering of new things. The habit of narrating stories which she built up in college years honed her exposure in the media.

Liberte Chan’s Educational Background

She has excellent exposure to education. She is overqualified for her current profession. Liberte Chan successfully acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Moreover, she is a UCLA-certified journalist in broadcasting. She attended her last semester overseas at Parisian Sorbonne in France. Dreaming of being a health correspondent, Chan happened to admit at USC’s Keck School of Medicine.

Additionally, she obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health from the same educational institution. Liberte Chan, Bio, Relationship, Career In the course of pursuing her career, she received a golden opportunity to work on the weather forecast company. She grabbed this very occasion to earn some fame and experience as well.

After that, she passionately joined an online meteorology project. Devoting herself for three years in her particular course of study at Mississippi State University, she earned a costly certificate of meteorology in August of 2015.

Her academic qualification has been the most robust foundation upon which she has built up her currently honorable position in the sector of media.

How much is Chan’s Net Worth?

When KTLA rehired her as a weather reporter in 2010, then she made it her lifelong career.

Since then, she has made a considerable fortune for herself. Reports claim that her net worth is approximate US$ 3 million. Her annual income is nearly $500,000. Along with KTLA channel, she has many other endorsements as her income source.

She has earned a right name for herself in the field of journalism. She saw a good future in media before starting her career as a newsreader at KTLA. Initially, she worked for this channel for three years from 2003 to 2005.