Eric Hartter Wiki, Daughter, Family, Relationship With Eminem, Facts

Are you a fan of Eminem? If you are, then you should know about his daughter Whitney Scott Mathers. But did...

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Eric Hartter Wiki, Daughter, Family, Relationship With Eminem, Facts

Are you a fan of Eminem? If you are, then you should know about his daughter Whitney Scott Mathers. But did you know that Whitney is not a biological daughter of rapper Eminem? Yes, you heard it right. Whitney Scott Mathers’ real name is Whitney Hartter.

If Eminem is not her biological father, then who is Whitney Scott Mathers’ father? The question must be in your head. Eric Hartter Well, Whitney Scott Mathers’ father is Eric Hartter. Yes, she is the biological daughter of Eric Hartter.

But who is Eric Hartter? Eric's actual age and birthday have not come up to any social media. He belongs to mixed ethnicity. He has a mother named Marie, but the information about her other family member is missing. By trade, Eric Hartter is a tattoo artist.

The very close person revealed to Eric that he is a troublesome man. Eric Hartter was the son of Marie Hartter. His identification still unaware of the world besides family relatives and the police department. Eric Hartter has spent time behind bars for his crime.

His Dating With Kim Mathers

Kim Mathers was married to Eminem. However, the few connections were filled with ups and downs. They decided to divide and got divorced in 2001. Following six weeks of divorce Kim gave birth to Whitney.

Kim clearly stated that Eric Hartter was the dad, so Kim and Eric have been in a relationship if she was with Eminem. He was engaged in distinct against the law pursuits and has been wanted by authorities. Though there have never been any official documents of his criminal fees, according to a warrant officer at his interview stated Eric Hartter was charged: -Drug trafficking – Resting and obstructing a police officer -functioning when diminished Giving false identification.

Biological Father Of Whitney Scott Mather

Eric Hartter is a biological father of the daughter of Whitney Scott Mather. It is undeniable that he is not a biological father. Eric Hatter never spent time with his daughter, Whitney.

Unfortunately, Eric could not make it to the hospital on the day she was born. Because at that time there was an arrest warrant in the name of Eric and he was charged for drugs and other crimes too. That time the police was searching for him everywhere.

Although Eric is the birth father his name wasn't mentioned on Whitney’s birth certificate. Being a single mother, Kimberly Anna Scott could not raise her alone. Whitney Scott Mathers mother Kimberly Anne Scott & Father Eric Hatter When Eric asked Kim to see his daughter in the phone conversation, Kim denied his request.

Also, he could have requested the court for a paternity test which would have the solid proof that he is the birth father of Whitney and that could give him visitation rights. But the situation was out of controlled due to Eric was on the run from the law.

Warrant officer Clint Rice of the St. Clares shores police department has the job catching Eric Hartter. If he shows up in the court to get visitation rights, he’ll be placed under arrest.

Eric Hartter And Kimberly Anna Scott Relationship

Kimberly Anna Scott was married to Eminem, but the link didn’t sustain long-last.

Kim several times cheated on Eminem so the couple divorce in 2001. After some month later Kim gave birth to Whitney in 2002. Additionally, Kim said that she is Eric’s daughter as Whitney Hartter. It means she was in a relationship with Eric Hartter when she still with Eminem.

Eric Hartter And Eminem Relation

Eric Hartter connects with Eminem only for two reasons; his ex-wife Kim and daughter along. However, the relationship with them never goes smooth. Kim and Eric never took the responsibility of Whitney because Kim was into the drugs and never become a perfect mother; Eric was involved in many activities which are against the rules, so he stayed hidden from the police officers.

Also, Eminem processed all the legal formalities, and in 2005 he adopted Whitney and welcomed her. Furthermore, Eric is not allowed to meet or see his daughter, or we can say that Whitney does not wish to her birth father.

Eric Hartter Net Worth

Eric Hartter has kept the information about his net worth a low-key. However, he had to pay sums for numerous criminal records and drug charges. Furthermore, his divorce from Kim likely brought financial strains on him.

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