Papoose's eldest daughter: Dejanae Mackie Net worth, Instagram

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Papoose's eldest daughter: Dejanae Mackie Net worth, Instagram
Papoose's eldest daughter: Dejanae Mackie Net worth, Instagram

Dejanae Mackie is known as a daughter of rapper, Papoose. But apart from that Dejanae has also starred in television reality series Love and Hip-Hop: New York and also she is a very talented rapper and has released several singles.

Let us know about Dejanae Mackie, her bio, career, social media and all.

Dejanae Mackie Bio and Parents

The exact details about Dejanae Mackie's birth are not available, however, she was born in 2003. She is the oldest daughter of the rapper Papoose.

Remy Ma is her step-mother and she has three step-siblings, one brother, and two sisters. Papoose gained Dejanae's custody when she was only a child and since then she has no contact with her biological mother, that's why there is no any information about her actual mother.

Dejanae lived most part of her till now in Queens, New York. She has also done her graduation from Queens in 2017.

Dejanae Age, Height and Weight

Dejanae Mackie is in her teenage now. She is of 19 years old. Her height is around 5 feet and 4 inches and she weighs around 110lbs.

Dejanae has long dark hair and her eyes are brown.

Dejanae Mackie Career

No surprise, Dejanae was always familiar to the cameras around her. With her father, Papoose, and step-mother, Remy Ma celebrity, she could not avoid them.

Dejanae grew up doing interviews, videos, and photoshoots with her father. And as she grew up she received may opportunities but she couldn't make a choice as she was still very young. But in 2015, she took a decision to be a part of one of the hit television reality series, Love and Hip-Hop: New York season six which aired on VH1 from December 14, 2015, to March 28, 2016.

Dejanae got to be the part of the series in episode two of season six which was Secrets & Lies as DJ. Then again, Dejanae appeared in Love and Hip-Hop: New York season seven of the series, but this time she appeared in more than one episode.

She was in episode 2 titled Strawberries, episode 12 titled Cancun-Part 1 and episode 14 The Sit-Down. And it has been in the talk that she will get more part in the upcoming season of Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood. When she was in the series, she gained many appreciations for her role, in both acting and music skills.

Until then she has been known as Papoose daughter, but she also got a small chance to prove her talent and establish on her own. With all the praise she got in the series, she got motivated and she started to write her own raps and od course Papoose guided his daughter.

Dejanae has released several singles and amongst all, Blue Faces is the most popular one of her list. Watch the video below of Dejanae performing Blue Faces.

Dejanae Mackie's father Papoose

Papoose is an American rapper and songwriter.

He has released several mixtapes and two studio album. He has also starred in the movie, Righteous Kill and reality television series Love and Hip-Hop: New York. Papoose is married to Remy Ma, an American rapper. What more interesting is, Papoose and Remy Ma got married in jail.

During their marriage, Remy Ma was in jail and she got released on August 1, 2014. And now, Papoose is having his first child with Remy Ma. Remy Ma announced her pregnancy on July 3 with a video on Instagram.

Dejanae Mackie Boyfriend

Dejanae Mackie is a teenage girl and is a very attractive girl.

With her father and stepmother's image, she is quite popular too. But any rumors about her boyfriends are not there. Either she is truly not seeing someone or she is really good at keeping her life personal, but she hasn't been seen with anyone which could raise the eyes of fans So Dejanae Mackie is probably single.

Dejanae Mackie Net Worth

Dejanae Makie has just taken a step towards her career. No matter how much she earned, it cannot be more than a thousand dollar. But, she is only 15 and her whole career and life are ahead of her. With her talent, one day she will make herself worth.

But her father, Papoose current net worth is $1 million and her step-mother, Remy Ma's is around $ 4 million. Although she doesn't have that much net worth, with her parent's money of that level, she lives a luxurious life.

Dejanae Makie Instagram and Facebook

Dejane Makie is a teenage girl so like most of the girls she also likes posting her pictures on social media. She posts her family pictures, of herself, letting her fans know what is doing and where is she right now.

Her Instagram is filled with her pictures in different pose and selfies in which she looks very attractive and se*y. She has only 381 people following in her Instagram. Dejanae is also active in her Facebook account where she posts her pictures and shares videos.

You can also see her pictures with her father and step-mother and looking at those pictures, you can totally tell that she is very close to them and loves them. From her social media accounts, one can know that Dejanae loves her family.


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