Properties and luxury goods of the British Royal Family


Properties and luxury goods of the British Royal Family
Properties and luxury goods of the British Royal Family © WPA Pool / Team Getty Images News

The Royal Family of the United Kingdom is famously wealthy and owns a vast wealth of property, luxury goods and works of art. Leaving aside their ceremonial and political role, members of the Royal Family benefit from a series of financial privileges that allow them to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

One of the most important properties of the Royal Family is Buckingham Palace, which has served as the sovereign's official residence since 1837. The palace is located in the heart of London and is the focal point of royal celebrations and important state events.

The late Queen Elizabeth II lived here together with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. However, Buckingham Palace is not the only residence of the Royal Family. They also own Windsor Castle, the official weekend residence of the King Charles III and of the Late Queen Elizabeth, as well as Balmoral Castle in Scotland and Royal Lodge in Windsor.

Additionally, the Prince of Wales owns Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, a country estate renowned for its beautiful gardens. In addition to properties, the Royal Family also owns a large collection of luxury goods. King Charles III is known for his elegant dresses, which he often wears during official occasions.

Among the most famous luxury properties are Crown Jewels, a collection of jewels and crowns used during state ceremonies and coronations. This collection includes the incredible Cullinan diamond, the largest diamond ever mined, mounted on various jewels including state crowns.

The Queen also owned a wide range of luxury cars, including a Bentley State Limousine and a customized Range Rover.

Properties and luxury goods of the British Royal Family

But perhaps the most impressive part of the Royal Family's heritage is their art collection.

They are the owners of thousands of works of art, including paintings by renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Canaletto. The Royal Collection is considered one of the largest private art collections in the world and ranges from ancient works to contemporary masterpieces.

Some of the most famous works of art belonging to the Royal Family include "Queen Elizabeth I" by Nicholas Hilliard, "The Children of George III" by Johann Zoffany and "Queen Nefertari with an Offering" by Richard Crosse.

It should be emphasized that much of these properties, luxury goods and works of art are owned by the state, rather than the Royal Family in the strict sense. The Royal Collection, for example, is owned by the sovereign as a representative of the state, but is managed as a property of the state and not as a personal possession.

In conclusion, the Royal Family of the United Kingdom owns a vast wealth of property, luxury goods and works of art. Their official and private residences, collection of jewels and luxury clothes, and rich art collection are tangible testimonies to the long history and prestige of the British monarchy.

While much of this wealth is state-owned, it undoubtedly helps maintain a dream of luxury and grandeur associated with the United Kingdom's Royal Family.