Truman Theodore Hanks: Son of Tom Hanks, Siblings and Controversies

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Truman Theodore Hanks: Son of Tom Hanks, Siblings and Controversies
Truman Theodore Hanks: Son of Tom Hanks, Siblings and Controversies (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Truman Theorode Hanks is the youngest son of the famous American actor and filmmaker, Tom Hanks. Truman is the fourth child of Tom Hanks and second child of his mother, Rita Wilson. His step-mother, Samantha Lewes died of bone cancer in 2002.

Truman Theodore Hanks with his father

Early Life

Truman Hanks was born on December 26, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, to parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. He holds an American nationality and belongs to the mixed ethnic background.

His maternal grandfather’s mother was of Australian-Jewish, and Polish-Jewish and his paternal grandmother were of Portuguese descent. He has a brother named Chester Marlon Hanks, known as Chet Hanks and has a half-brother, Colin Hanks and a half-sister, Elizabeth Hanks born on 1982.

Truman is the youngest among four children of the Hanks family. Truman’s father married his mother in 1998. His mother, Rita Wilson is second of the wife of Tom Hanks. Tom and Rita is one of the best and recognized couple in the Hollywood industry.

In 2012, he completed his high school education. There is no detail of his educational background, and even the school’s name has not mentioned. He prefers to keep secret. He has a keen interest in sports since he was a child.

He is a fan of Los Angeles Kings and spotted cheering for the team several times in Madison Square Garden Arena, New York along with his father, Tom Hanks. This shows that the father and son have a very close relationship. He loved basketball and supported the Los Angles Lakers.


Truman is currently studying in the University. The University name has not mentioned. Not much known about his profession and occupation. It seems like unlike his father; he is not interested in being a part of the Hollywood world.

Truman’s Relationship with his family

Truman has strong relations with his parents and siblings. Truman is the youngest among siblings among the four. Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks is from Tom Hank’s first wife, Samantha Lewes.

Tom Hanks married an actress, Samantha Hanks in 1978 and they got divorced in 1987. His step-mother died of a bone tumor on 12 March 2002. Family Hanks father has Type 2 diabetes, and his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

Colin is the eldest child of the Hanks family, born in 1977 who is an actor and played in several movies and television series. He acted as Shawn Brumder in 2002 blockbuster. He played his documentary film, “All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records which received positive reviews”.

Truman Theorode’s oldest brother is a married person and has two daughters. His sister-in-law name is Busy Philips. Truman and Colin don’t have a good relationship between them. They never appeared together in front of the media and rarely pictured together.

He has a step-sister named Elizabeth Ann Hanks born in 1982, and she is a writer and actress; she is now 36 years old. Elizabeth is the only sister the three brothers have. Elizabeth and quite close to her step-mother, Rita who adopted her brother and her officially.

Elizabeth respects her step-mother. Chester Hanks known as Chet Hanks was born on 4 August 1990. He has a strong bond with all three siblings.

Who is his girlfriend?

Truman Theodore is a person who rarely appeared in front of the media.

His fans are eager to know about his love life. However, he has been successful in hiding his love life from media. No one knows that he is single or mingle. He is 23 years old, and its hard to believed that he doesn’t have any lady in his life.

Net Worth

Truman Theorode Hanks has not been revealed yet. However his father, Tom Hanks net worth is $400 million. Tom earns a massive amount of money through his acting and movies. His father has provided his a luxurious life.

Social Profile

Truman is not active on any social account. It is strange when you heard that the young Hanks is not online even on Facebook. But you can follow him as #trunmanhanks on Instagram.

Age, Height, Weight and Body Measurement

Truman Theorode Hanks has dark brown hair color and has hazel eyes.

There is no information about his height, weight and shoe size.


Truman Theodore Hanks introduced himself to the public through Reddit in 2013. People soon responded to him and asked question whatever they wanted to know about him and his family.

Naturally, fans asked what they didn’t know about him and his family members. Mostly, he was asked about his relationship with his father and his favorite moment. Truman replied that he has a strong bond with his father.

There are several questions asked by fans. The next question was about his only real brother, Chester Hanks, known as Chet Hanks. A fan wanted to see how the two of them used to get along? Truman replied that he loves Chet very much.

Chester was dominant as a kid and used to beat him a bit. However, it was just a childhood thing that everyone does. Instantly, his brother Chester replied: “Love you brother” in the very same thread. In the Reddit, Chet Haze stated that how do you hide post history? But, Reddit doesn’t have a hide his post history featured and, as such, gems like "You gotta be a kidding girl, that ass is amazing" and "That was amazing.

I love the anal stuff" will forever be a part of the Chet Haze mystique. However, a little investigation confirmed that the account was fake and it was not Chester Hanks. Chester himself tweeted confirmation and filed a complaint against the account.

The fake account was banned later. This AMA made Truman Theodore Hanks famous and increased his fan following since that time.

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