Tom Cruise Reigns Supreme as Hollywood's Highest Paid Actor: $7,091 per Word

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Tom Cruise Reigns Supreme as Hollywood's Highest Paid Actor: $7,091 per Word

Tom Cruise, renowned for his exceptional acting skills, business acumen and involvement in the production of his own films, including the iconic Mission: Impossible franchise, has cemented his position as Hollywood's highest paid actor.

With his reputation for being a box office draw and a name synonymous with film promotion, Cruise's earnings surpass that of his closest competition, Kurt Russell and Johnny Depp, with a staggering $7,091 per spoken word.

Analysis of Film Scripts Reveals Top Earning Actors and Actresses

Online casino and entertainment website Casumo recently conducted an analysis of the word counts in star-studded film scripts to determine the actors and actresses who receive the most payment per spoken word in their iconic roles.

Although Casumo does not disclose the exact methods of calculation, the analysis takes into account an actor's entire career and excludes earnings from Cruise's recent film "Top Gun: Maverick". "We analyzed the word counts of star-studded film scripts to find out which of the most famous actors and actresses were paid the most per word spoken in their iconic roles." Cruise's onscreen presence, coupled with his clever negotiations, has resulted in a significant portion of his earnings coming from a percentage of the profits of his films, rather than a fixed salary.

With "Top Gun: Maverick" proving to be one of the most profitable films of 2022, grossing $1.489 billion on a budget of $170 million, Cruise's earnings per word are expected to have risen further. Casumo concludes, "Tom Cruise earns more per word than any other actor in Hollywood: $7,091 to be precise...

Cruise often takes a percentage of his films' profits in lieu of or on top of a traditional salary – trusting in the innate bankability of his onscreen presence." While Cameron Diaz, now retired, trails Cruise with $4,637 per spoken word among actresses, Cruise remains at the forefront of the list of Hollywood's highest-paid actors, with earnings per word of a staggering $7,091.

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