The richest tennis players in the world


The richest tennis players in the world

A lot of money is being made in tennis nowadays, and Federer remains the tennis player who has made the most money out of the white sport. According to a Forbes list of the best-paid tennis players, Roger Federer tops the list of the highest-paid tennis players by a wide margin.

The Swiss earned an astounding 90 million even when he was not on the pitch for a year, even though he was not playing the game during that time. In spite of him not playing for a year, nobody could compete with him in terms of wealth.

Those large sums of money were brought to him by sponsorship contracts that he signed. A surprise was the fact that Naomi Osaka was ranked second in the previous year's earnings, with 56.2 million dollars, followed by neither Djokovic nor Nadal.

The good results she had in the last year, when she even dropped out of the TOP 50, did not affect her financial situation, which was a big part of why she earned a real fortune from sponsorships. Thirdly, we have Serena Williams, who made a considerable amount of money from sponsorship contracts in the form of 35.1 million dollars.

There are 311.4 million dollars in the bank account of Rafael Nadal, who is the next highest earner.

Novak Djokovic

On the fifth spot is Novak Djokovic, who earned a total of 27.1 million dollars in the previous year, which put him in fifth position.

The following surprise is Ema Raduccanu, who takes the sixth position with earnings of 21.1 million dollars, followed by some other surprises. Although she had not achieved a significant result in a year since winning the US Open, her earnings were not affected by that fact.

With 19.3 million euros, the number one tennis player in the world is seventh on the list of the richest. Another surprise was Kei Nishikori, who played almost a full year without playing due to injury. Sportal reports that despite poor results, he earned millions from great contracts.

A tennis player with no major results in recent years is Venus Williams. There is a new hope in world tennis, Carlos Alcaraz, who has exploded this season.

Novak Djokovic