Ron Fisico, Husband of Trish Stratus, Net worth, Bio, Career, Children

Ron Fiscio, mostly known as a husband of the seven-time winner of WWE Women Championship, Trish Stratus is also a professional bodybuilder....

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Ron Fisico, Husband of Trish Stratus, Net worth, Bio, Career, Children

Ron Fiscio, mostly known as a husband of the seven-time winner of WWE Women Championship, Trish Stratus is also a professional bodybuilder. The couple is living together with their two kids in Canada. Let's know about Ron, his bio, career, married life, kids and all.

Ron Fiscio Bio

Ron Fiscio was born on December 1975 in Canada. He grew up in Canada itself in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Any further information regarding his family, siblings or relatives is not available. Although it is known that he graduated from Bay View Secondary School.

Ron Fiscio Career

Ron Fiscio is a professional bodybuilder. He started his career in bodybuilding right after graduating from high school. He was interested in this field and wanted to build a career of his passion. There aren't many details about his career and its story of success as Ron likes to keep his matters to himself.

Ron Fiscio and Trish Stratus

Ron has been in the limelight since he married Trish Stratus and known as her husband. Taking about Trish Stratus, she is a retired professional wrestler, who has the history of winning WWE Women's Championship for seven times.

Her real name is Patricia Anne Stratigeas and she was born in Canada. She is also a fitness master, actress, and televison personality. Trish started her career as a fitness model and started working in World Wrestling Entertainment.

In her early days of career, she mostly involved in sexually themed storylines. But her dedication paid off with all her wrestling skills which he got through hard work. Trish was made a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion, three-time WWE Babe of the Year and Diva of the Decade.

Trish decided to retired from her seven-year career when she won WWE Women's Championship for the seventh time on September 17, 2006. Ron and Trish marriage glimpse Ron and Trish got married on September 30, 2006. Before their marriage, Ron and Trish had been in a relationship for fourteen years and Trish was his high school sweetheart.

Their wedding was a big deal given to the popularity of Trish. Many WWE Divas and several of her friends were the attendants of the wedding. Trish bridal gown was even featured on the cover of Today's Bride magazine. Although the couple had a big wedding, they couldn't go for a honeymoon of their dream because Trish had to go to be a part of Armed & Famous.

Ron Fisico Children

Ron and his wife, Trish has two kids together. Trish announced her pregnancy at WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2013. Their first child was born in September 2013, a son, whom they named Maximus Stratus Fisico.

His son has a godmother too, Trish best friend, a former wrestler, Amy Dumas a.k.a Lita. Then in October 2016, Ron's wife announced her pregnancy through Twitter that they were expecting a second child. The couple was blessed with a baby girl on January 14, 2017, whom they named Madison-Patricia Fiscio.

Their second child was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Is Ron's wife cheating on him?

Ron is a family man. He loves his kids and his wife. He is not involved in any rumors or controversies. But his retired wrestler wife, Trish gets on news time to time.

It was rumored that Trish cheated on Ron and she is having a se*ual relationship with Vince McMahon, who is WWE owner. Not only this, she was also rumored to have affairs with fellow wrestlers, Chris Jericho and Christain Cage.

But despite all this, this couple hasn't any news of getting a divorce and are still living together happily.

Ron Fisico Net Worth

Although Ron had a very successful career as a bodybuilder, he got real name and fame after being Trish husband.

Along with a name and fame, Ron also got to be the part of Trish fortune which she made in her successful career as a wrestler.