Who is Bernard Arnault: World's richest man after ousting several tech moguls


Who is Bernard Arnault: World's richest man after ousting several tech moguls
Who is Bernard Arnault: World's richest man after ousting several tech moguls

A Forbes report showed that the American billionaire Elon Musk is no longer the richest man in the world, but that he was (briefly) overtaken by Bernard Arnault, who recorded a rather impressive achievement. The French magnate Arnault took the place of the richest person in the world and immediately attracted a lot of attention since this is the first time in nine years that someone from a world unrelated to technology is in this position.

Arnault is the CEO of the parent company LVMH of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, and together with his family, he topped the Forbes list with a personal fortune of 185.4 billion dollars. For comparison, Musk's current wealth is estimated at $185.3 billion according to the latest data.

Although Arnault's leadership is questionable since he is not too different from Musk and is expected to take second place at any moment, it is still notable since for the first time in years there is no one outside of a major technology company on the throne.

The last time this happened was in 2013 when Forbes published its list of billionaires, which included Carlos Slim, the CEO of the telecommunications company América Móvil and the Mexican global conglomerate Grupo Carso, which he owns.

What do we know about Arnault?

Arnault is, therefore, the director of one of the world's most famous fashion brands, and he and his family are considered one of the most famous in the world. His wife Helene Mercier, with whom he has been married for 21 years, is a world-renowned pianist, and the couple has three children.

The couple was united by their love of music, and they met at a dinner in 1989. That year, they celebrated the New Year together, and foreign media reports that their romance began after Helene heard Bernard play Chopin, which immediately won her over.

She immediately kissed him, and within a few months, they were married. The Arnaults are also known to the public for being great humanitarians. They donated an incredible 222 million dollars for the restoration of Notre Dame after it was damaged by fire, and they also participated in extinguishing fires in the Amazon.

Bernard's empire is ruled by his sons Alexander and Frederic. Alexander is the director of the luxury luggage brand Rimowe, while Frederic runs the family business. The couple has another son, Jean, who is their youngest child and has not yet entered the business world.

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