7 rich celebrities who lived in extreme poverty


7 rich celebrities who lived in extreme poverty
7 rich celebrities who lived in extreme poverty

It's hard for many to imagine that not all celebrities were always as rich as they are today. But some of them didn't even know what caviar was when they were growing up. Many famous people who are rich today come from families that lived on the edge of poverty.

These are some of them.


It's hard to believe that the woman who played columnist and fashion critic Carrie Bradshaw was ever poor. Sarah Jessica (49) grew up in Nelsonville, Ohio. Sara was one of eight children and neither mother nor father nor stepfather combined could feed such a family.

Today, her fortune is estimated at 90 million dollars.


Leonardo (39) today has yachts and private planes, but it hasn't always been like that. Before making his way in Hollywood, Leo was another one of those poor kids living in the poor areas of Los Angeles surrounded by drugs and prostitution.

Drugs and prostitution were so dominant in his area that even as a very young child he saw what drugs do to a person, so he refused them when they were offered to him. Today he "weighs" 200 million dollars and lives nowhere near his old neighborhood.


Tom Cruise was born in 1962 in Syracuse, New York. His father was an electrical engineer and his mother a teacher. His father was domineering and rude, and they lived very poorly. He was very young when he became interested in theater and started acting in school plays.

Tom's mother left his father when he was 11 and his father died of cancer the following year. At one point, his mother was working four jobs to support her four children. Tom dropped out of high school and devoted himself to acting.

Already in 1986, with his role in the film "Top Gun", he established himself among Hollywood stars. Today he has a fortune of 500 million dollars.


This winner of two Oscars grew up in a trailer in a park in Washington.

Her father left when she was very young and left her mother with two children. At the age of 15, Hilary dropped out of high school, and her mother lost her job at that time, so everyone packed up as a family and moved to California so that Hilary could try her hand at her love – acting.

Hilary played many roles, but was noticed only in 1999, with the leading role in the film "Boys Don't Cry". She received 75 dollars per day of shooting for that film, and today she has 40 million dollars.


Jim Carrey (52) was born in Ontario and was the youngest of four children.

He grew up in the lower middle class until his father lost his job when he was a teenager. The family soon moved to living in a van. Jim dropped out of high school at age 15 so he could work full-time and support his family. When the family got back on their feet, Jim became interested in comedy, wanting to become a stand-up comedian.

Although he was becoming popular in that, he turned his attention to television and film. After the series "In Living Color" in 1990, Jim's career took off. Today, his fortune is estimated at 150 million dollars.


Demi Moore was born in 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico.

Her father left her mother a few months before she was born. Her mother remarried when she was three months old. Both her mother and stepfather were alcoholics. Their relationship was violent and tumultuous. After leaving high school at the age of 16, Demi left her parents' house to try her hand at modeling.

At the age of 17, she started acting lessons. The awards she received for the films "Blame It on Rio" (1984), "St. Elmo's fire" (1985) and "About Last Night" (1986) made her a Hollywood star. Today it has 150 million dollars.


Shania Twain was born in 1965 in Windsor, Ontario.

Her parents divorced when she was two and her mother moved to Timmins with the children. Shania's mother remarried soon after. Her family was poor and many times they did not have enough food. Even as a child, Shania learned how to hunt and chop wood.

Because her mother and stepfather had a very abusive relationship, her mother picked up her children in 1979 and went to a homeless shelter in Toronto. They moved back in with their stepfather in 1981. Shania turned to music and songwriting to cope with family problems.

When she was 21, her mother and stepfather died in a car accident. Shania put her dreams of becoming a singer on hold so she could raise the children they left behind. When they were old enough, Shania headed to Nashville. Her album "Shania Twain" was released in 1993. Today, her fortune is estimated at 350 million dollars.