Enrique Iglesias recently turned down his father's inheritance; here is his net worth


Enrique Iglesias recently turned down his father's inheritance; here is his net worth
Enrique Iglesias recently turned down his father's inheritance; here is his net worth

The famous singer and one of the biggest Latin seducers Enrique Iglesias does not have the best relationship with his father, singer Julio Iglesias, and the strained relations came to the fore even more after the singer decided to give up his substantial inheritance.

Enrique refused his father Julio's inheritance

Although they are father and son, and both are considered among the greatest artists in the world, the reality is that the effort to connect them was in vain. They have not had good communication for many years, and both of them went their separate ways.

The real reasons for this relationship between father and son have not been clarified, but many claim that the problem lies in the tremendous professional competition that has pushed them too far apart. Enrique let it be known that he does not even need his father's inheritance, since together with his wife Anna Kournikova he built his own empire, without the help of his parents.

"His relationship with his father was never one of the best, years go by without speaking to each other, not even on the phone. Enrique feels that he forged his career without his help, said one close to both celebrities." a source close to the family told El Nacional.

By the way, the wealth of Julio Iglesias is estimated at more than 800 million euros, and it can be seen, in addition to his singing success, in his entrepreneurial aspect.

Julio Iglesias's wealth

Julio invested heavily in Punta Cana Real Estate in the Dominican Republic, owning a third of the real estate and businesses in the area, including the city's airport.

He owns a luxurious property in Marbella with more than 230 hectares of land, several palaces in Miami, an island in the Bahamas, a private plane worth 45 million dollars, a chain of restaurants, a brand of vodka, a wine cellar of more than 30 million euros, luxury cars, among which stand out two a blue Rolls Royce, and even shares in a cosmetics and make-up company.

His legacy is truly impressive, and this decision of Enrique's was certainly not an easy one. Julio, who celebrated his 79th birthday at the end of September, has eight children from two marriages, and Enrique should have received 100 million euros, which is how much his self-made fortune is now estimated to be.

What is Enrique Iglesias' Net Worth?

The singer-songwriter, actor, and record producer Enrique Iglesias is considered to be the King of Latin Pop and has a net worth of $100 million dollars. The Latin and English music markets have been flooded with Enrique Iglesias's music over the years, making him one of the top artists. Globally, he has sold more than 130 million records.

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