Allicia Shearer: Net Worth, Facebook, Twitter, Divorce, Picture, Oklahoma

If you’re into fast cars, then you probably should know the name of Big Chief (also known as Justin Shearer), is...

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Allicia Shearer: Net Worth, Facebook, Twitter, Divorce, Picture, Oklahoma

If you’re into fast cars, then you probably should know the name of Big Chief (also known as Justin Shearer), is the husband of Allicia Shearer. Although, being a wife of Oklahoma's best of the best streetcar racer is not as easy as it looks.

It takes nerves of steel to watch the loved ones risking their lives in such a dangerous sport. Allicia Shearer ex-wife of Justin Shearer Allicia Shearer was born on August 18, 1980, in Oklahoma City, USA. Information about her early childhood life and the family background is not yet confirmed.

Alicia Shearer grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. Ethnicity-wise, Shearer is a White American and belongs to American nationality. After completing her education in 2006, the same year she became Justin Shearer’s wife. Allicia began working at Integris Southwest Medical Center.

Furthermore, she has also worked as a respiratory therapist at Integris and ISMC. However, she left her job to become a full-time mother.

Relationship with Justin Shearer

Allicia and Justin first met at the gas station, at that time both of them were 18 years old.

Justin worked there as a part-time employee. Justin and Allicia shared vows on 29th September. In an interview Justin said: Since the day, they started dating, Justin shared his nervousness to talk with Allicia when they first met at the gas station.

Justin was born on 9th December 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He has a passion for car racing and interested in working in cars. Justin Shearer was only nine years old when he first went to see street car racing and love it, but didn’t participate any of car racing until he became a teenager and was very possessive about cars.

Big Chief first car was the 1972 Pontiac Leman’s which he nicknamed The Crow. At the age of 12, he moved to the city of Oklahoma. Justin Shearer hosted a reality show, Street Outlaws which was broadcasted by the Discovery Channel in 2013.

The shows were based on the street racing car and for those who have the passion of being car racers. From the sources, we found out that Big Chief decided to take divorce from his wife before he met his new girlfriend, and also stated that he faced a lot of criticism in the industry.

Although, the exact truth has not come up yet. Fans are blaming Big Chief for cheating on his wife. Surprisingly, Big Chief does not seem worried about his negative criticism, rather he focuses on his career more. He doesn’t want anyone to interfere and talk about his personal life.

That may be one of the reasons why he had not posted any status on his social profile related to married life.

Big Chief wife, Allicia Shearer

Allicia and Justin Shearer have two kids together.

Corbin Shearer and Covil Shearer are the names of their sons. Justin himself said that being a careless father, he is unable to give his attention, love, and care to the children. Allicia Shearer's husband and sons Also, he mentioned that Allicia Shearer is the motivation of his life.

Justin has been spending a luxurious life with his family.

Net Worth of Big Chief wife, Allicia Shearer

Allicia is now 42 years old. The exact net worth of Allicia Shearer has not been revealed. No, any information indicates either her salary or net worth.

Big Chief’s has a net worth of $800 thousand. He has been participating in OKC Street racing scene since childhood. Justin Shearer

Big Chief Divorce with his wife

There has been gossip among his fans about Big Chief, and his wife getting the divorce.

His fans are shocked when they heard news about the divorce between Big Chief and Allicia with whom he had spent eleven years, and has two kids. Justin was a family man and was very protective, careful about his family. Moreover, the reason behind their separation might be an extramarital affair of Justin with his girlfriend Jackie Braasch, who was a professional street racer.

Jackie, Justin's girlfriend joined the organization Car Chix in 2014 after the participation in Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest, made it to the top 12 finalists of the contest which have total 398 women had participated in the race.

Allicia Shearer’s Instagram profile

Alicia being the ex-wife of the famous car racer Justin Shearer, however, does not have many followers in the social media. She has only followed 84 people and on the other hand, she has only 49 followers.

The link of her Instagram profile. This could be because she has kept her account in privacy or maybe the reason could be something else. What are your thoughts, why has she not been active on Instagram? Share us your thoughts on the comment section below.

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