Jamie Vernon Net Worth, Age, Twitch, Wiki

Read about Jamie Vernon, also known as Young Jamie of The Joe Rogan Experience. Learn about his net worth, his early...

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Jamie Vernon Net Worth, Age, Twitch, Wiki

Read about Jamie Vernon, also known as Young Jamie of The Joe Rogan Experience. Learn about his net worth, his early life, and career. Jamie Vernon may be in the sidelines and almost invisible, but he is actually the brains behind the popular podcast and TV show The Joe Rogan Experience.

Think of him as the man behind the computer, ready to pull up any quick information that the show might need at the moment. Now let’s see if we can pull up everything we know about this talented show producer. Quick Facts

Full Name Jamie Vernon
Real Name Jamie Vernon
Birthdate January 5, 1983
Current Age 40 Years Old
Horoscope Capricorn
Birth Place Ohio, United States
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Full Sail University, Ohio State University
Height Between 5’ 9” to 6’ 2”
Eye Color Blue
Marital Status Single
Relationship Status Single
Is Jamie Vernon Gay? There are no sources that point out whether or not Jamie Vernon is gay
Profession Producer, Photographer, Streamer
Net Worth Approximately $100,000 to $150,000
Social Media Presence Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch
Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/jamievernon/?hl=en
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jvernonphoto/
Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/JamieVernon
Films he has been in: The Joe Rogan Experience (2012), The Joe Rogan Experience (MMA Show) (2017) Player vs.

Pain (2013)

Music He has been part of a band when he was in high school.
Parents Unverified
Siblings Unverified
Who is Jamie Vernon? Jamie Vernon is a photographer and producer.

He is also the sole producer and audio engineer of The Joe Rogan Experience—a popular podcast hosted by US comedian and TV star Joe Rogan. Jamie also sometimes joins the discussions in the podcast. He engages with guests with Joe, or makes snide remarks.

Jamie Vernon and Joe Rogan The Joe Rogan Experience is a free audio and video podcast hosted by American comedian, actor, sports commentator, martial artist, and television host Joe Rogan. It was launched on December 24, 2009, by Rogan and comedian Brian Redban, who also produced and co-hosted.

It became one of the world's most popular podcasts, regularly receiving millions of views per episode and includes a variety of guests, the most notable being Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Jamie became popular as listeners often hear Joe addressing him in the now well-known catchphrase: “Jamie, pull that s#it up”.

Jamie Vernon’s Early Life Jamie was born and raised in Ohio. In high school, he played basketball. He also played the bass guitar in a heavy metal band. The band became known locally. They became quite popular that Jamie and his band became the opening act at a concert by the progressive hard rock band Mudvayne.

But despite gaining local fame, Jamie decided to leave the band and get into audio recording. Which school did Jamie Vernon go to? Jamie graduated with an associate degree in Recording Arts Technology from Full Sail University, which is considered one of the premier media arts colleges in the world.

He also took a 1 year audio engineering course at Ohio State, thinking he would later work for a big recording studio. How old is Jamie Vernon Jamie was born on January 5, 1983. He is currently 37 years old. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

When did Jamie Vernon join Joe Rogan Fans began to notice how the former producer of the podcast, Brian Redban, was bickering more and more with Joe Rogan. Adding to the problems were Brian’s lack of technical skills and the increasing workload demanded by the show.

Jamie started working with Joe around the 300th episode of the show, becoming co-producers with Brian. Brian eventually began appearing less until Jamie took over producing the show solely. Fans speculated that Redban was being fired.

The truth however is that Brian introduced Jamie to Joe, as he and Jamie knew each other from Ohio. Jamie Vernon Photography Jamie Vernon is also an accomplished photographer. He posts an impressive portfolio on his website: http://jamie-vernon-fn1e.squarespace.com/.

He has photographed several celebrities including Action Bronson, Tony Hinchcliffe, Kid Cudi, and Donald Glover. What is Jamie Vernon’s Twitch account? Jamie likes to play video games and is also a video game streamer.

Jamie Vernon has a Twitch account where he already has over 15,000 followers, which makes him a Twitch partnered streamer. His Twitch account is YoungJamie. Why is Jamie Vernon famous? Jamie Vernon, known to fans as “Young Jamie”, has been with the show since 2012.

He has been the producer of The Joe Rogan Experience, The Joe Rogan Experience : MMA Show and The Joe Rogan Experience: Fight Companion. Part of his job is choosing the guests, arranging the interviews, dealing with every unexpected thing in the studio.

He is particularly famous for doing impromptu research during the show whenever Joe asks him to. Joe often quips the famous line “Jamie, pull that sh*t up” whenever he asks Jamie to look something up on the Internet.

What is Jamie Vernon’s Net worth? How much is his salary? According to Glassdoor.com, senior Audio Engineers at major companies like Apple or Amazon make up to $80K/year. On top of his base salary, Jamie also sells merchandise and also works as a professional photographer.

With regard to how much Jamie Vernon makes, we can assume that he earns between $100,000- 150,000 a year.

Estimated Net Worth in 2020 $100,000- 150,000
How much did Jamie Vernon earn last year (2019)? $100,000- 150,000
What are Jamie Vernon’s income sources? His work in the Joe Rogan Show, Photography, video game streaming
How much does Jamie Vernon earn from his The Joe Rogan Show? $80,000
How much does Jamie Vernon earn from Video Game Streaming? $ 5,000
Jamie Vernon’s house, assets, and lifestyle Since Jamie is passionate about music, much of his free time is spent attending concerts and stand up comedy.

His Instagram account shows the places he traveled, as well as the sports events he has attended such as basketball games and mixed martial arts fights. No information about his property are shown in any website.