Desus Nice Bio, Net Worth, YouTube, Twitter, Desus & Mero, Talk Show

Discover how this frazzled writer escaped his crappy job to become a podcast creator and half of the late night talk...

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Desus Nice Bio, Net Worth, YouTube, Twitter, Desus & Mero, Talk Show

Discover how this frazzled writer escaped his crappy job to become a podcast creator and half of the late night talk show host duo, Desus & Mero. Desus Nice is sitting on a leather sofa, chugging beer from a green- colored bottle.

He is joined by partner The Kid Mero, the chemistry between them undeniable. In between gulps, the two men engage in a sarcastic and funny banter, sometimes finishing each other’s sentences. Welcome to another episode of Desus & Mero, where brazen discussions are no surprise.

Some years ago, Desus Nice took to Twitter and shared how bad things were in his previous work, a shared dilemma with Mero. They connected and clicked. From launching their podcast, the duo have become famed comedians and talk show hosts, appearing on TV, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms.


Full Name Daniel Baker
Stage Name Desus Nice
Age 41
Date of Birth May 18, 1981
Place of Birth Bronx, New York
Mother Unnamed
Father Unnamed
Height 5’7 (1.75m)
Weight 82 kg
Ethnicity Jamaican
Nationality Jamaican- American
Lives in New York
Hair Color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Profession Writer, Producer, YouTuber, Comedian
Education College of Mount St.

Vincent (literature) Herbet H. Lehmann High School Pablo Casals Middle School

Siblings 3
Relationship Status In a relationship
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Total Net worth $700K
Social Media Instagram- Paid content- Facebook- Twitter- Desus Nice, Desus & Mero Podcast- Bodega Boys IMDB- Merchandise-
How to contact Desus Nice [email protected]
Award Webby Special Achievement Award (won, 2019) Television Critics Association Award (nominated, 2019)
Associated Acts The Kid Mero, David Ebert, DJ Envy
Shows Desus Vs.

Mero (2013-2014) Desus & Mero: Bodega Boys Podcast (2015- ) Desus & Mero on MTV Guy Code (2015-2016) Desus & Mero on Vice TV (2016-2018) Desus & Mero on Showtime (2019- )

Trivia Whoopi Goldberg gave Desus a glittered women’s shoe.

The other piece went to Mero.

Desus Nice’s Family Born Daniel Baker, Desus was raised in The Bronx, New York City to Jamaican immigrant parents. He has three siblings, and they used to live in the Wakefield section of The Bronx.

Nice has what he calls an overachiever sister who recently graduated in Medical School and Law School amid having a baby. His mother was the senior librarian at the New York Public Library's Soundview Library branch. To enhance his vocabulary, Desus’ mom read the New York Times to him in infancy.

The siblings were often in the library with their mom, who encouraged them to read. In an Instagram post in 2018, Desus greeted his mother on International Women’s Day, sharing that she came to the US (from Jamaica) with nothing, and raised her four children while earning her master’s degree.

His father is a landlord in Florida. While promoting their upcoming show in 2019, Desus said his father did not know what he was doing until he saw Desus on TV while asking rent from a tenant. Desus Nice Relationships Desus does not discuss his personal life in public and very little is known about his relationships.

His Instagram account offers clues, as he posted this photo with the caption: “Perfect weather to spend the day (on set) with your secret family”. Desus Nice: Early Life He went to Pablo Casals Middle School and met progressive commentator and author Chris Hayes in the gifted education program.

This program is for children who have been identified as gifted or talented, the main approach being enrichment and acceleration. Nice said the program was special, there were less than 10 students in his class. In second grade they were asked to read J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, and the highly acclaimed novel about racism, Black Boy, in fourth grade.

He later attended Herbert H. Lehman High School and to College of Mount Saint Vincent, to earn his Literature degree. How Did He Get the Name? Desus was a computer whiz. As a child, Baker worked with computers and was often called in to fix his family’s computer.

His computer- fixing skills earned him the moniker, “Jesus” for “making miracles happen”. The nickname stuck, but he changed the first letter to reflect his actual name. What Was Desus Nice Doing Before Desus & Mero Before achieving celebrity status, Desus worked several jobs, the most recent being a small business columnist in Black Enterprise.

In an interview, he mentioned he worked in “a niche financial magazine for black people”, writing articles about tax codes, which made him feel terrible. He needed to de-stress and took to Twitter to share how awful things were at his job.

Desus did it as a therapy, but some people found it funny. Desus’ future comedy partner Mero, who at that point was in another place, also found an opportunity to share his jokes via Twitter. A woman he used to date introduced Mero to the platform and considered after realizing he was wasting time playing Call of Duty for several hours.

Desus stayed with the company until 2014, where he then pursued a television career. The Desus & Mero Connection The duo met at a summer school in their teens but only reconnected later, as adults. Desus said he ran back to Mero online and started contacting him.

Their shared backgrounds allow them to connect on different levels. For instance, Mero’s parents are also immigrants from Dominican Republic, while Desus’ are from Jamaica. Both were raised in The Bronx. Desus Vs.

Mero (2013-2014) Produced by Complex media company, they started broadcasting an audio- only podcast, Desus Vs. Mero in December 2013. Months later, in April 2014, it transformed into a web show and attracted a following. Marlon Wayans, Dillon Francis, Estelle, and Hannibal Buress and New York Knicks player Iman Shumpert dropped by as guests.

The duo then signed a deal with MTV, which temporarily ended the Desus Vs. Mero show. Desus & Mero on MTV Guy Code (2015-2016) Following their success, MTV announced in December 2014 that Desus Nice and The Kid Mero would join the cast of Guy Code for season 5, along with eleven other new members-- among them Byron Bowers, Dave Ebert, Fahim Anwar, Julia Kelley, and Matthew Broussard.

Guy Code was a reality comedy series that featured various people talking about the special code of conduct that exists between men. The pair’s first episode was aired on January 14, 2015. Desus and Mero also appeared on other MTV shows such as Uncommon Sense and Joking Off.

Desus has said MTV had no idea what to do with them, while Mero said their stint with the network is like being in a “community college”. MTV announced in April 2020 that they will air reruns of the Desus & Mero show.

Desus & Mero: Bodega Boys Podcast (2015- ) After appearing on MTV, Desus & Mero continued to keep a cult following and released their Bodega Boys podcast in 2015, where they discuss pop culture on a weekly basis.

As Bodega boys they have already aired 202 episodes as of May 2020. In explaining the podcast title, Mero, who is from Dominican Republic and speaks Spanish, took the term Bodega to signify how they wanted the show’s vibe.

“It’s just like the conversations you overhear in bodegas,” Mero said. Desus & Mero on Vice TV (2016-2018) The duo then moved to Viceland for their eponymous late-night talk show, which started airing in October 2016.

Desus & Mero was a four-nights- a week show developed by Nick Weidenfeld, responsible for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim; and produced by Erik Rydholm, who was behind ESPN’s most famous shows like Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, Highly Questionable.

Guests and Episodes The show’s format was like their previous broadcast, but with a higher budget. They had diverse guests on the show which included scientist Neil deGrass Tyson, Democratic party lawyer Kirsten Gillibrand, producer-comedian-director, Seth Rogen, and rapper & songwriter Rick Ross.

For two seasons, the pair produced 307 episodes. It could have been more had Viceland executives decided not to cut short their contract after finding out the duo had negotiated a deal with rival entertainment media company Showtime.

The show’s last broadcast was in June 2018, with Mike Francesa as guest. New Yorkers Francesca and Chris Russo were hosts of the Mike and the Mad Dog show, touted as one of the most successful sports-talk radio programs in American history.

Desus & Mero cite Francesa and Russo as their biggest influences. Desus & Mero on Showtime (2019- ) Airing via CBS’ subsidiary Showtime, it premiered in February 2019, and had fellow Bronx native and US Representative Alexandra Orcasio Cortez as first guest.

As the company’s first late night show, the series’ initial episode attracted over one million viewers. The weekly show displays the same unapologetic brand of comedy and sarcasm attached to the duo since they started, complete with field pieces and sketches.

The show’s second season, which started in February 2020, opened with late night talk show veteran David Letterman as a guest. Desus & Mero: Neo Yokio Forming a friendship with Ezra Koenig, creator of Netflix anime Neo Yokio, the duo lent their voices to the show’s bar owners Lexy (Desus) and Gottlieb (Mero).

Like Mero, Koenig was a public school teacher in one of New York’s public schools and Desus Nice Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth 2020 $700K
How Much Did Desus Nice Earn Last Year? $150K
What Are Desus Nice’s Income Sources? Shows, Merchandise, Social Media
How Much Does Desus Nice Earn From His Shows? $100K
How Much Does Desus Nice Earn From His Merchandise? $20K
How Much DoesDesus Nice Earn From Social Media? $30k
He earns mainly through his late night talk show, Desus & Mero.

According to industry research, a US talk show host with up to 4 years' experience earns an averageof $68K. Salaries increase based on the person’s expertise and work location. Being in New York and having a cult following, Desus could be earning more.

Desus & Mero’s YouTube Channel, with more than 400K subscribers and 189.2 Million accumulated views, is worth an estimated $ 231K as of May 2020. The duo also sells a range of products on Showtime's website: apparels from $19.95 to $40.95; Accessories sold at $20.95 to $39.95; Drinkware which cost $14.95 to $39.95; and home and office items for $24.95 to $49.95.