Kris Krohn Bio, Net Worth, Limitless TV, Social Media

Is he a real estate genius or just another fraud? Read on to know more about Kris Krohn of Limitless TV,...

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Kris Krohn Bio, Net Worth, Limitless TV, Social Media

Is he a real estate genius or just another fraud? Read on to know more about Kris Krohn of Limitless TV, a self- proclaimed financial freedom coach. At 26, Kris Krohn stopped working and became his own boss through a successful real estate investment scheme.

Three years later, he built his company, and has committed to help others in achieving financial independence. He now dabbles in mindset conditioning and proclaims himself a freedom mentor, teaching individuals to tap unbridled potential for living life without limits.


Full Name Kristoffer Andrew Krohn
Stage Name Kris Krohn
Age 43
Date of Birth September 24, 1979
Place of Birth Orem, Utah
Mother Eileen Krohn
Father Klaus Krohn
Height 5’7 ft (1.75m)
Weight 89.7 kls (198 lbs)
Ethnicity Caucasian (German)
Nationality American
Lives in Provo, Utah
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye color Gray
Profession Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Real Estate Expert
Education Brigham Young University (Psychology) Eastlake High school
Wife Kalenn King
Siblings 8
Children 4 (Liesel, Kaiser & Daniel)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Hobbies Snowboarding, Reading and Weight training
Total Net worth $ 20M
Social Media Website-,, Blog- YouTube-, Facebook- Library (e-books,etc)- Limitless Tv contact- Podcast- LinkedIn- Twitter- Instagram-
How To Contact Kris Krohn Address: 1440 N Moon River Dr.

Provo, UT 84604 Email: [email protected] Phone: (801) 691-0375 SMS: +1 (385)-217-3477 (Say “Instagram”)

Associates Nate Woodbury, Kevin Clayson and Stephen Miller
Trivia He is fluent in German language.

Kris Krohn Early Life Kris Krohn was born in Orem, Utah. He is the fourth of the nine children, with three older brothers. His father was a German immigrant who came to the US in his 30s. Kris remembers his father had a very strong work ethic.

When they were very young, his father bought 5 acres of land and asked his children to work on it. Kris mentioned in an interview that he hated doing it but later appreciated their father for teaching them the value of working hard.

When Kris was growing up, he tagged along with his father who was a contractor. That was how his affinity with real estate started. His mother Eileen worked as a medical assistant and did her internship at Seattle University.

She used to work at Washington University’s Biochemistry department. She is a private music teacher, playing the violin, viola, and piano. Kris Krohn’s Dream Kris attended Eastlake High School in Washington. He initially wanted to become a physician, but his low average scores in Chemistry dimmed this ambition.

Hence, he took the course that his girlfriend (and now wife) took. In 2001, he finished his degree in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University. In college, he worked part- time as a real estate broker and was good at it; he developed real estate investment strategies.

Kris Krohn: Wife and Kids Kris married his wife Kalenn in 2007. They now have four children. When Kris and Kalenn’s son was diagnosed with autism, the couple became supporters of Dr. Rashid Buttar, an osteopathic doctor engaged in the controversial use of chelation therapy for conditions such as autism and cancer.

Their relationship has only gotten stronger through time. Krohn posted on his Facebook account a sweet message to his wife and mother in celebration of Mother’s Day, appreciating how much the two women had done for the family.

Kris Krohn’s Mentor Kris got married at a young age and was struggling to raise his family. He sought out other careers after realizing he would not make it to medical school. One time, he attended a seminar and listened to an unnamed mentor who later on in a one-on-one discussion advised him to continue working so he could qualify for a home loan— which requires a two-year work history and a basic credit score.

This pushed him to save carefully for the next 14 months, which was a challenge as he was making only $25K per year working as a call center agent and real estate agent. More than a year later, he could save $5K and gained a basic credit score by using his three credit cards soundly.

He bought his first house by paying $3K and taking out a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan. He had the basement rented, and this covered his entire mortgage payment. How Did Kris Krohn Start? Eventually, Kris purchased the house for $110K.

After a year of occupying the house, its value increased to $140K, which allowed him $30K of equity. He used the $30K equity to purchase his second home. Krohn realized the potential of real estate investing. So, he continued with this strategy.

His father-in-law took an interest and helped him with more investments. He told Kris: I’ll put in the money and the credit; you find the projects and do what you do well. About three years later, he released a book about real estate investment strategies.

This book is the first of the few that Kris will have written and among the programs he will have developed in the following years. Kris Krohn: The Strait Path To Real Estate Wealth Kris’ first book offers insights on the following topics: creating a $1M game plan and explaining real estate investing strategies and terms; among these rental homes, flipped properties, and multi-unit residential and commercial properties.

The book also discusses risk- reducing formulas and developing an investor’s mindset. Kris Krohn: The Conscious Creator: Six Laws for Manifesting Your Masterpiece Life This is a self-help book that pushes one to overcome personal limitations and discover unique life purpose to become more productive and innovative.

Kris says through this book, one can make money by living one’s passion and adopting true and empowering beliefs. Kris Krohn: Limitless As the title suggests, the book is all about creating a life by design and not by default.

It claims you can have it all. It seems to be an upgraded version of his previous book. Programs by Kris Krohn He offers two audio CD programs, The Ultimate Investment Experience, and Enlightened Finance system, each set is composed of seven audio CDs.

Kris Krohn: Strongbrook Group Founder He is the founder and the face behind The Strongbrook Group, which he Co-Founded with Kevin Clayson and Stephen Miller. Strongbrook is a group of businesses composed of a real estate firm, a mortgage brokerage company, property management teams, a life insurance firm, several holdings, and client coaching staff all under Kris Krohn and his team.

They designed these companies to protect and manage the wealth and assets of Strongbrook clients holistically. These companies are Kris Krohn’s conduits to create and grow their clients’ investments by building a real estate portfolio through referrals and direct sales.

Kris claims to be an advocate of partnering, described as the development of long-term and strategic relationships between customers and suppliers.

How Much Does Kris Krohn’s Programs Cost?

He offers his e-book the Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth for free on his website but charges for his various programs.

For beginners, his 10x Real Estate training videos with 12 principles is originally priced at $ 1,689 but is offered at a discounted rate of $197. His Maverick program, which promises you to make millions in real estate even without cash, is valued at $8K but sold at $997 for a limited time.

Lease Option Pro 5K club promises one to learn how to raise $5K even without money.

Kris Krohn’s Disclaimer

In his Limitless TV YouTube Channel, Kris issues a disclaimer saying, “Kris Krohn is not in the business of providing personal, financial or investment advice and specifically disclaims any liability, loss or risk, which is incurred as a consequence, either directly or indirectly, by the use of any of the information contained in this document”.

It further states that any of the resources do not provide professional services and that he does not endorse any specific investments, investment strategies, advisors, or financial service firms.

Is Kris Krohn Legit or a Scam?

It’s hard to answer this question categorically because there are mixed reactions to his programs and claims.

Here is an example of unfavorable comments on Reddit, with some accusing him of engaging in multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme. His book The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth received mixed reviews, altho mostly bordering on positive, according to Goodreads.

His other books received predominantly good reviews as well. SEC’s 2012 Complaint In 2012, though, the Securities and Exchange Commission flagged Kris and his brother Michael, and Stephen R. Earl on allegations that their real estate investment company, The Companies, bilked $12M from 169 investors and duped them by overvaluing the properties to be purchased and overstating their operations’ financial health.

The SEC document further explained; “To raise money to purchase real estate, The Companies or its subsidiary, Alpha Real Estate Holdings, L.P. (“Alpha LP”), initiated four unregistered offerings of securities from January 2009 to June 2011.

The four offerings raised a total of approximately $11.9 million from approximately 169 investors”. Krohn and Earl formed The Companies in 2008 to oversee their other businesses, most notably the Real Estate Investors Club (REIC).

Through REIC, an investor/member pays $8K to receive instruction and help in purchasing properties that could be rented out and later sold for a profit, just like what Krohn did when he started. No Case Filed Vs. Krohn The three, however, settled the issue before the Federal regulators could file the complaint in Court.

They agreed to pay $75K each and committed not to engage in further breaches to US securities Laws. The act of payment is not an admission of guilt nor a denial of the facts of the case, though. “The Companies” was required to notify all investors of the settlement, and to provide them with audited financial statements and offer them their money back.

“The Companies” has since been renamed Strongbrook Group, but unaccredited by Better Business Bureau, not because they were refused but likely because they did not apply for it. Kris Krohn Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth 2020 $20M
How Much Did Kris Krohn Earn Last Year? $3M
What Are Kris Krohn’s Income Sources? Properties, Programs, Social Media, Speaking engagements
How Much Does Kris Krohn Earn From His Properties? $2.9M
How Much Does Kris Krohn Earn From His Programs? $35K
How Much Does Kris Krohn Earn From Social Media? $25K
How Much Does Kris Krohn Earn From Speaking engagements? $40K
How Does Kris Krohn Make Money? Kris boasts of having 400 properties and his company managed a total real estate transaction value of over $400M.

He continues to engage in rent- to- own properties, and selling and renting assets. Krohn has created training programs and e-books available on his website and other online platforms. To join his partnership program, one has to pay from $10k to $25K, according to a forum participant who had inquired from Krohn’s site.

Additional fees include $2K to $5K for acquisition fee and the 50% equity split per property. Technically, a partner could earn 10% to 12.5% yearly, he added. As a motivational speaker, Krohn conducts conferences related to his Limitless book, which focuses on personal development and mindset conditioning.

He also continues to organize real estate conferences priced at $497. Kris Krohn Car and House In 2018, Kris drove his BMW I8, carrying a price tag of at least $150K, and showed one of his houses on YouTube to prove that he is not a fraud.