Charity Witt Bio, Net Worth, Titan Games, Boyfriend


Charity Witt Bio, Net Worth, Titan Games, Boyfriend
Charity Witt Bio, Net Worth, Titan Games, Boyfriend

She's beautiful, she's intelligent, and she is also incredibly strong. Read this to discover more about Charity Witt’s life, age, and body measurements. Beauty, brains and brawn. Can a woman have all these? Yes, but only if she is Charity Witt.

Far from being a charity case, she is a fitness trainer who’s studying to get her license as a naturopathic doctor. The strongest Barbie’s face is also behind various sports and nutrition products. She beat over 30 women to bag the NBC’s Titan Games championship in 2019.

What’s more amazing, though, is how the elite power lifter prevailed over serious health problems and a troubled past. QUICK FACTS

Full Name Charity Witt
Age 29
Date of Birth 12 May 1993
Place of Birth San Antonio, Texas
Height 5’7 (173 cm)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Body Measurements Breast- 35 in (91 cm) Waist- 25 in (65 cm) Hips- 37 in ( 94 cm)
Ethnicity American
Nationality Canadian and American
Lives in Atlanta, Georgia
Hair Color Blonde
Eye color Hazel
Profession Performance Coach, Elite Power lifter, Athlete, Metabolic Technician
Education Trinity School of Natural Health
Relationship status Dating Matt Kafora
Sibling Richard Witt (older brother) and younger sister (unidentified)
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Total Net worth $1M
Hobbies Travelling, Hiking
Social media Presence
Contact details Phone- (208) 918-4422 Email- [email protected]
Awards & Recognitions Powerlifting GPA/APC World Record Holder (75kg) Winner, 2019 Titan Games APC Nationals
  • 396lb Squat
  • 385lb Squat
IPL Worlds
  • 401.5lb Squat
  • 396 lb Squat
  • 984.28lb Squat
Affiliations MB Slingshot, ReebokONE, Elivate Nutrition and Earthfed Muscle
Quotable Quote “I don’t quit when I’m tired, I quit when I’m done”
Associated acts Davy Muscle Barnes
Trivia She loves dogs.

Charity Witt’s Parents Charity’s mother, a classically trained musician from Canada, was travelling to Durango, Texas as a member of a university choir. Her father saw her and fell in love immediately.

The union resulted in the births of Richard and Charity in San Antonio, Texas. Their parents’ marriage was far from perfect. The children had to frequent the outdoors where they could have peace. Charity Witt Early Life One day while playing Nintendo with her brother Richard, their father interrupted them to say goodbye, and to never forget he loves them.

She was nine years old then. Her mother struggled to keep everything together, and it was from her that Charity inherited her tenacity. But the two women did not have a warm relationship. Her father came back when she was in sophomore high school.

They were no longer as close as they had been. Charity was no longer talking to her brother, and she had a younger sister whom she took care of. The feeling of not belonging to her own family pushed Charity to look elsewhere.

She was doing well in school but hung out with the wrong crowd and was drugged and raped at 16. A total introvert and nerd, Charity was not into sports at first and luckily finished high school. Charity Witt’s Troubled Past At 17, an abusive relationship worsened her pain and trauma.

It pushed her to commit suicide by overdosing on cough medicine. Shortly after, she ran away to Canada. A job at a wedding venue bed and breakfast provided her with little cash and free shelter. Her motivation and sound work ethic elevated her to managerial position in just a year.

But she had a heart attack and passed out in front of her boss. Charity Witt’s Cardiac Arrhythmia After regaining consciousness she drove herself to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia.

The physician prescribed her with beta-blockers and recommended her for surgery. Not the one who likes to be told she had no choice, Charity asked for a second opinion and was told she can strengthen her heart by avoiding stress and increasing physical activities.

In November 2011, she quit her job and returned to Georgia with her family to start a fresh life. How Did Charity Witt Get Into Powerlifting The cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis sparked her love for sports. Apart from being part of the U.S Masters Swim, she was an English major, at Georgia University.

Wanting to move faster and become stronger in the pool, she explored lifting and loved it more than treading in the water. She knew she was made for powerlifting when, at first try, she lifted 275lb. Apart from lifting, she started doing yoga, endurance training, and a lot of cross training.

But her newfound love for powerlifting was met with negativity, especially from her family, whom Charity said was “disgusted” with her new sport. Charity Witt: Record Holder In 2015, Charity competed in the Iron Beast Invitational at the Iron Beast Gym in Gainesville, Georgia.

She surprised everyone by getting the highest scores and beating all participants, including men, to become the Best Lifter. In posting a squat of 280 pounds; a bench press of 170 and an amazing deadlift of 345 for an impressive total of 795 pounds, she set a record in the American Powerlifting Committee (APC).

Later, she set two new world records at the APC Nationals, where, in the 75kg weight class, she managed a 396 lb squat and a 385 deadlift. After pulling a hamstring, she beat the odds and set more world records at International Powerlifting League (IPL): a 401.5 lb squat, 396 lb deadlift, and 984.28 lb total.

Elite Powerlifter She switched to the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) in March 2016 and competed in the Iron Coast classic, where she placed first in the Women’s Open 82.5kg weight class. Charity Witt: Strongwoman After about two years of competing as a powerlifter, where she had already won the IPL’s overall best lifter, she tried to look for other things to do.

Four competitive strongmen were attending the gym where she was also a member of, and they were the ones who encouraged her to train as a strong woman. She found it hard but challenging. Charity Witt Pushes Naturopathy As a student studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor, she wants to focus on alternative medicine for cancer treatment.

Her interest piqued when her cancer-stricken grandfather managed to live longer by changing his lifestyle, maintaining a proper diet and avoiding chemicals. On the other hand, she also had a grandparent who struggled with the side effects of chemotherapy to cure cancer.

Alternative medicine, she decided, was the better way to cure cancer. Charity Witt’s Diet The nutrition-conscious powerlifter starts her morning by taking apple cider vinegar. She avoids dairy and takes in carbs and meat in moderation and is cautious in taking supplements.

Before powerlifting, she was taking 1,000 calories a day from veggie shakes and chicken. When she started eating the ideal diet for lifters, she gained weight, so she had to commit to a lifestyle change to pump up her metabolism and get rid of the fats she was gaining.

Charity Witt’s Boyfriends In an interview, Charity said she had been in abusive relationships and remembered hiding in a closet just to feel safe in an abusive marriage. Withholding her ex-husband’s name, Charity said she decided she had enough by leaving and later filing for divorce.

It was hard, but she was determined to rise from this tragedy. In 2015, Charity was in a relationship with powerlifter Landon Jameson, Georgia’s Strongest Man winner, who helped her with her first lifting competition.

It is believed the two were married in the past. Charity’s current flame is Matt Kafora, the Arizona-based owner of Orangetheory Fitness chain of gyms, and of K9 Games Dog & Puppy training. The two are often shown on Instagram taking hikes together.

Charity Witt: Titan Games Champion As her Instagram account was getting famous, recruiters for NBC’s Titan Games show headlined by Dwayne The Rock Johnson, found her. Charity received a message from the recruiter but thought nothing of it.

Witt was contacted again, and this time, realizing it was legitimate, she responded. Making it through after auditions, Witt would then compete for one-on-one against the other women's competitors. Declared as the last woman standing, Witt went home with the $100K top prize, which she used to open her own training facility.

Despite her numerous record-breaking power lifts, she said winning the competition allowed her to trust herself more. Charity Witt Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth 2020 $1M
How Much Did Charity Witt Earn Last year? $500K
What is Charity Witt’s Income Source? As Fitness Trainer, Product promotions
How Much Does Charity Witt Earn from being a Fitness Trainer? $20K/month
How Much Does Charity Witt Earn from Product promotions? $10k/month
After her $100K win at the Titan Games in 2019, Witt has been focusing on her studies and on being a fitness coach.

She sells her home based and hotel gym workouts e-book at $39 and has offered a special lockdown program promo of $49 for the $200 package value consisting of an e-book, a template calculator, meal plan, and access to a private FB group for workout and recipe suggestions.

From these, she draws in an estimated monthly revenue of $20K. Her affiliations and product endorsement of sports and nutrition products Elivate Nutrition, Rebook, MB slingshot and Herbstrong could easily earn her $10K monthly.

Charity Witt: An Inspiration Having triumphed over domestic violence, Witt advises victims to learn to count on themselves. “You have control over your life and you’re giving them control by not doing anything.

You can walk away, there will be people out there who can help you,” she says in an interview. Pushing herself to the limit seems natural for Charity Witt. Indeed, she doesn't quit when she’s tired; she quits only when she is done.