Pascal Duvier Bio, Net Worth, Kim Kardashian Bodyguard, Scandal

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Pascal Duvier Bio, Net Worth, Kim Kardashian Bodyguard, Scandal

In the wake of Kim Kardashian's $10M jewel heist at a Parisian hotel a few years ago, her bodyguard Pascal Duvier received all the flak. Click to know why. Security threats usually go with fame, power and money.

Pascal Duvier knows this too well, so much so that the German judo expert established a security company named Protect Security, to look after the safety of Hollywood's brightest stars. In 2016, h? r??? t? f?m? following ??m ??rd??h??n? gunpoint hotel heist ?n Paris.

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Full Name Pascal Duvier
Age 47 yo
Date of Birth 22 February 1973
Place of Birth Heidelberg, Germany
Height 6ft '4in (1.93m)
Weight 110 kls (264 lbs)
Ethnicity Caucasian (German)
Lives in Marbella, Spain
Profession Celebrity Security
Education Heidelberg University (Mathematics)
Relationship status Divorced
Wife Glenda Duvier (divorced 2013)
Daughters Beline and Alisha
Mother Barbe Duvier
Sister Denise Duvier
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Net worth $1M
Hobby Bodybuilding, Judo
Social media Presence
Trivia He can eat up to 18 eggs a day.

Pascal Duvier Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth $1M
How Much Did Pascal Duvier Earn Last year? $1M
What are Pascal Duvier's Income Sources? Security Services
How Much Does Pascal Earn from Security Services? up to $300k/ year per client
As the founder and CEO of Protect Security, Pascal's net worth is estimated at $1 million as of April 2020.

Interviewed by the New York Times, vice Chair Tim Williams of Pinkerton, a private security and detective agency founded in 1850, stated that hiring a trained driver can cost from $2,000 to $10,000 a day, which may include an armored car, counter surveillance and armed guards.

Other industry executives interviewed by the same media outlet revealed that a full-time bodyguard from a well-established firm costs between $150,000 and $300,000 annually. The industry is booming, with Williams further noting a 20 to 30 percent increase in requests for executive security in recent years. Pascal Duvier's Car and House Before filing for insolvency in July 2016, Pascal Duvier used to drive around town in Germany, a top-of-the-range S-Class Limousine worth over €100K.

He listed his residence in the scenic Marbella, southern part of Spain, but no available photos have surfaced. Scottish actor Sean Connery, CBE used to have a beachside villa in Marbella, as well. Pascal Duvier Personal Life When Pascal was 6 years old, his mother brought him to a judo practice class to keep him away from boxing-- his father's chosen profession.

He fell in love with the sport right away. He later attended Heidelberg University in Germany to take up Mathematics. In an interview, he admitted to having turned down offers from two unnamed major modelling companies.

When asked on Twitter if he's friends with his clients, Pascal answered he is hired to do a job, not to be a friend. P????l'? f?v?r?t? ??l?r ?? bl??k, which proves useful as he does not stand out when guarding clients who are mostly musicians.

He says his diet consists of 'everything'. His Instagram account is full of intense workout photos. A mandatory enlistment to the German Army, his father's boxing career, and expertise in martial arts later formed his path in the security industry. Pascal Duvier Family He has a sister named Denise and his mother's name is Barbe.

Pascal is a dedicated father to her two daughters, Alisha and Beline. He is divorced from their mother, Glenda since 2013. Pascal Duvier's Divorce Scandal His divorce with ex-wife Glenda made the headlines when allegations of domestic violence popped up.

Glenda accused Pascal of assault in front of their daughters, leaving her with a swollen cheek. Pascal refuted the allegations, saying his wife wanted to gain control of their properties, so she's putting him in a bad light.

He asked the judge to lift the restraining orders to avoid besmirching his reputation with a felony record. The restraining order was lifted but his ex-wife gained custody of their daughters. Pascal Duvier's Protect Security Setting up Protect Security in 1997 was Duvier's first jab at the industry.

Two years later, he snagged his major event, the 1999 Grammy Awards. Other awards shows such as the Golden Globes also contracted him. Pascal Duvier: Bodyguard to the Stars His roster of clients include singers Kanye West, Fergie, Ciara,Tiesto, Afrojack, Miguel, and Frank Ocean.

Other celebrities who feel safer with Duvier around are; Kelly Rowland, Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Christina Aguilera, Meghan Trainor, The Pussycat Dolls, The Police, Lana del Rey, U2, and Skrillex. As the list of Hollywood stars seeking his services grew, Duvier and his then wife Glenda relocated to L?? ?ng?l?? ?n 2011.

In 2013, Duvier was tasked to protect Kanye West, Kim Kardashian's husband, during the latter's Yeezy tour. Later, the power couple, Kim Kardashian and West decided to hire Duvier's services. Kim Kardasian's Hotel Heist Duvier received the flak for Kim Kardashian's hotel heist in Paris in 2016.

According to media reports, five perpetrators dressed as policemen went to the No Address Hotel in Paris, and threatened the concierge to let them in. The hotel robbers tied Kim to the bathroom and took her mobile phones and jewelry worth $10 million, including the $4million engagement ring she showed off on Snapchat just hours earlier.

The hotel in question is actually named Hotel de Pourtales, a historical mansion converted into luxury apartments with hotel-like accommodations in 2010. It's supposed to offer a private accommodation, where a guest of mostly celebrities, may book only via a secure website that requires a passcode. Where Was He During the Incident? The man who was supposed to protect her, Duvier, was in a nearby club accompanying Kim's sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney. Traumatized and shaken following the incident, Kim took a break from the limelight and did not appear in public for months.

The family also paused tapings for their show, Keeping up With The Kardashians to support Kim. Her two children were fortunately in New York during the incident. Pascal Duvier Fired While claiming that Kim does not blame Pascal for the incident, the Kardashian-West family decided to let the bodyguard go after four years. Pascal refused to comment on the matter despite being fired by the couple.

Duvier on Kardashian's Hotel Robbery The social-media savvy bodyguard instead took to Twitter to express his thoughts: ' The events that occurred in Paris was one of the most sickening things I have seen or heard (sic).

We have tips and leads and we will find you. That I promise you.. you messed with the wrong one.' Duvier's sister Denise came in his defense and told the Mail Online he is 'really angry and emotional' about what happened to Kardashian.

Denise added that while her brother was subjected to unfair criticism, he is not going to stop until he finds who the perpetrators are. Suspects Arrested Seventeen people with ages ranging from 23 to 73 were arrested for questioning in January 2017, months after the incident.

Kardashian was supposed to identify the suspects through a video feed to New York. It is unknown how many of the suspects were eventually jailed for the heist. Pascal Duvier Tackles Vitalii Sediuk Few days before the hotel heist, Duver fought off self-described "prankster" Vitalii Sediuk from sexually assaulting his client at Fashion Week outside L'Avenue restaurant in Paris. The Ukranian mischief has been playing sexually offensive pranks to various celebrities.

He got slapped by Will Smith after kissing the later at the premier of Men in Black 3 in Moscow, back in 2013. A former media reporter,Vitalii used his media pass to gain access to the stars. Insurance Company Sues Pascal Duvier AIG Insurance later sued Pascal for $6.1 million, representing the amount they paid for Kardashian's stolen jewelries. Based on AIG records, Duvier not only erred in leaving Kardashian without a bodyguard.

There were few security lapses that were not flagged by him, among them, the unlocked front gate to the courtyard and the nonfunctional front door intercom.

Duvier's Bankruptcy Claims

Pascal filed for bankruptcy for his firm Protect Security at a court in Germany, in July 2016-- before Kim's jewel heist.

His firm had reportedly racked up debts of over €1M ($1.18M). According to Daily Mail online, Protect Security's unnamed court-appointed lawyer mentioned the last available accounts from the firm's 2014 records showed an income of just over €760,000 ($822K). No updates are available on Pascal Duvier's bankruptcy claims and on the AIG Insurance suit.