LORESA HAMITAJ: Bio, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, How Old?


LORESA HAMITAJ: Bio, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, How Old?

Read all about who Loresa Hamitaj is. Find out how much she earns as a successful teen model in Albania. How much does she earn from YouTube? Loresa Hamitaj may only be 15 years of age, but she has over 10 years of professional modelling experience under her belt.

Her social media presence has a very strong ‘business-only’ agenda which is quite refreshing for an influencer belonging to the iGen population. Loresa Hamitaj may be a young veteran in the Albanian modelling scene but at the tender age of 15, she still has so much potential either as a model, or anything she wants to be when she gets older.

WHO IS LORESA HAMITAJ Loresa Hamitaj is a popular Albanian model / Instagram celebrity. She has been modelling since she was 4 years of age, appearing in fashion shows and ads even before she probably started primary school.

She is currently one of Albania’s most successful teen models and social media influencer (mostly on Instagram). On her TikTok account @loresahamitaj, she describes herself as a “Dancer, Actress and Model”.

Her Instagram Fanpage @loresahamitajfanpage calls Loresa a “future supermodel”. HOW OLD IS LORESA HAMITAJ? Loresa Hamitaj was born on the 8th of July 2005. This makes her astrological sign Cancer. Cancerians are known to be a highly sensitive sign, empathic and family-oriented.

Born in the year 2005, Loresa Hamitaj belongs to the iGen generation or Gen Z (Generation Z). Gen Z population are those born between 1995 and 2012. They were born in a high-tech , smartphone-driven world. People belonging to the Generation Z population are known to be independent, self-confident and autonomous.

LORESA HAMITAJ CHILDHOOD Loresa Hamitaj was born on the 8th of July 2005. Considering that she is barely 15 at the time of writing, Loresa is still living her childhood / early years at present time. Loresa was born in WHERE DOES LORESA HAMITAJ LIVE? Loresa Hamitaj lives in Tirana, Albania, where she was born.

Tirana, the capital of Albania, has a population of 895,000 (2020). WHAT IS LORESA HAMITAJ FAMOUS FOR? Loresa Hamitaj has been modelling since the age of 4. At her current age of 15, she is still modelling professionally so this makes her one of Albania’s youngest and most successful models.

With over 275K followers on Instagram, she is also one of Albania’s youngest and most successful social media influencer. WHO IS LORESA HAMITAJ DATING? Loresa Hamitaj keeps all of her social media quite professional, very little can be seen about her personal life.

It is not known whether she is dating someone as this is not indicated in any of her posts. Given these reasons and due to the fact that she is barely 15 years of age as of this writing, it can be assumed that Loresa Hamitaj is single.

LORESA HAMITAJ CHILD MODEL Since she was 4 years of age, Loresa Hamitaj has been modelling professionally. While most 4 year olds’ days are consumed with finger painting and naps, Loresa Hamitaj has been walking down runways of Albanian fashion shows and posing on photoshoots.

One of Loresa’s YouTube videos, entitled “Growing Up with Albania Fashion Kids. The Best Child Model of Albania”, shows a slideshow of Loresa Hamitaj’s fashion portfolio under Albania Fashion Kids. Based on their Instagram account, Albania Fashion Kids appears to be a model / talent agency for kids, founded in 2005.

Coincidentally, Loresa Hamitaj was born in the year 2005. IS LORESA HAMITAJ STILL IN SCHOOL? It is not known where exactly Loresa Hamitaj goes to school, but it can be assumed that she is studying in Tirona, Albania, where she currently lives with her family.

WHO ARE LORESA HAMITAJ’S PARENTS? Loresa Hamitaj’s parents are not named nor photographed in any of her social media accounts. However, their presence in her life is evident, as Loresa Hamitaj’s Instagram account bio says, “account monitored by parents”.

LORESA HAMITAJ: HOUSE, CARS, LIFESTYLE AND OTHER ASSETS Loresa Hamitaj lives in Albania’s capital, Tirana, and is assumed to be living with her family. Loresa Hamitaj is barely 15 years old and as she is currently a minor, she cannot yet own land or property based on Europe’s general law.

Anything she purchases will be owned in trust by trustees until she reaches the age of 18. Based on her Instagram posts, Loresa seems to be well-travelled around Albania, often posting photos from picturesque locations around Albania like Mount Dajt, Durres and Sarande.

Her captions are often quotes from fashion designers such as, “The future belongs to your imagination”. -- Karl Lagerfeld. So it is not known whether these trips are personal or, most likely, for professional modelling shots.

Her current main sponsor on her Instagram posts seems to be Albanian formal wear designer Rose by Rozana Radi. It is common for fashion models to be gifted the designer items and clothes on top of the modelling salary. LORESA HAMITAJ: WHAT DOES SHE DO FOR A LIVING? Loresa Hamitaj’s net worth is estimated to be between $100K to $1Million.

What is a person’s net worth? A simple definition of a net worth is: everything you own (assets) minus what you own in debts (liabilities). Assets include cash and investments, your home or other real estate , cars or anything else of monetary value that you own.

Given this, we can have an idea how much Loresa Hamitaj earns as she has been modelling for more than 10 years, since she was four years of age. These estimates claim that a child model can earn from $50 an hour , up to more than $100,000 when they get signed into deals.

Seeing that Loresa Hamitaj is considered one of Albania’s most famous child / teen models, it can be assumed that she earns in the upper bracket of the salary range of a child model. And since she has been professionally modelling since the age of 4, she, with the guidance of her parents, have most likely saved quite an amount.

Her Instagram also has over 275K followers. This puts her in the upper bracket of a micro-influencer (currently the most attractive type of Instagram influencer), and according to this post, those with followers of between 250,000 to 500,000 followers can earn an average of $670.00 per post. LORESA HAMITAJ YOUTUBE CHANNEL Loresa Hamitaj has a YouTube channel (called Loresa Hamitaj), which currently has 755 subscribers and currently has 10 videos uploaded.

In the ‘about’ section of her YouTube channel, she describes herself as a Model, Dancer and Actress. There is also a link to a Facebook account which appears to have been taken down. Another link belongs to her Instagram account, which has over 275K followers but is on private mode (as of April 2020) Her YouTube account was created in February of 2019, and 8 out of 10 videos appear to be for commercial use.

They are mostly short fashion clips of Loresa modelling formal wear / prom dresses made by Albanian designer Rose by Rozana Radi. The two other videos on her YouTube channel feature Loresa Hamitaj’s portfolio as a child and teen model with Albania Fashion Kids, and another video, entitled ‘Travelling is always a good idea!’.

is a photo slideshow of Loresa Hamitaj in Zvernec, Albania. Zvernec is an island within the Narta Lagoon in Southern Albania. The 1 minute 22 second video clip shows photographs of Loresa along the coast. As all photos are just of Loresa alone, it is not known whether this travel to Zvernec was with family or for work.

Unlike other Generation Z social media personalities who have their own YouTube Channels, Loresa Hamitaj’s YouTube channel is clearly for professional modelling purposes. There are no vlogs or any videos that show any behind-the-scenes of what Loresa Hamitaj is like behind the camera.

HOW CAN YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH LORESA HAMITAJ? All of Loresa Hamitaj’s social media accounts display this email address how you can get in touch with her for business / modelling inquiries: [email protected]

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