Thomas Delauer Bio, Net Worth, Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting

Who is Thomas Delauer?A former celebrity trainer, this ripped macho man is a health and fitness author, nutrition expert, and a...

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Thomas Delauer Bio, Net Worth, Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting

Who is Thomas Delauer? A former celebrity trainer, this ripped macho man is a health and fitness author, nutrition expert, and a celebrated YouTube content creator. Touted as a specialist on organic and anti- inflammatory foods as well as the ketogenic diet, Thomas has created books and video content expounding on these subjects.

Thomas Delauer is the founder of OptimizeCEO, a wellness company aimed at assisting people get into their best physical, mental and business state. On his website, he calls himself “Executive Business and Body Coach”.

Why is He Famous? Before building his eponymous wellness company, Thomas Delauer earned a following on social media after documenting his weight loss progress and transformation on Instagram. His written works and chiseled figure have been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Ironman, Natural Muscle.

Soon after, he became a fitness trainer and created a few e-books. He also started selling customized diet and workout plans on his website. QUICK FACTS

Full Name Thomas Everett Delauer
Professional Name Thomas Delauer
Age 34 yo
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Date of Birth 06 May 1988
Place of Birth California
Lives in Santa Barbara, California
Marital Status Married
Wife Amber Delauer
Son Thomas Everett Delauer Jr.
Weight 83.9 - 88.5kg (185 - 195lbs)
Height 5’10 (177 cm)
Body Measurement Chest -45 in.
Education Sonoma State University (Communications)
Profession Celebrity fitness coach, Performance coach, Business owner, YouTube Star
Award Top Trainer of the Year 2012 Top Recruiter of the Year 2012
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light brown
Orientation Straight
Pets Four dogs, Three horses
Net worth $1 Million - $5 Million Youtube- $865K (total); Website- $10K/month; Instagram- $3K/month Meat Shop- $2K/month; Supplements and other products- $5K; other income sources- $5K
Role models Frank Zane, Dan Decker
Quotable quote ”I would vote that emotional health plays a bigger role in how we look and feel than anything else”.

Zodiac sign Taurus
Social media presence

Organic meat shop
Thomas Delauer Father Thomas chooses not to discuss about his family in public, but in 2018 wrote an emotional Facebook message on the occasion of his father’s first death anniversary.

He revealed his father died of cancer in February 2017 and did not manage to meet Thomas’ son, who was born several months later. Thomas Delauer Wife, Son Thomas married his high school sweetheart, Amber. They have been together for more than ten years.

On 03 Nov 2017, the couple welcomed their first son, Thomas Jr. What is Thomas Delauer’s Net Worth? Most of Delauer’s initial income came from his program, “The Science-Based Six Pack Program”. Sold at $67, the e-book promises benefits that include weight loss, metal clarity, increased energy, improved muscle performance, and longer life span.

Thomas has created more e-books on weight loss, Keto diet, and detoxification that he also sells on various platforms online, like Amazon. Considered among the top YouTube stars, his earnings from the said platform could be between $400K to $865K.

He easily receives $3,000 for each sponsored post on Instagram. He sells customized diet plan at $ 1,549 and (diet+) training package worth $1,849 on his website. In 2019, it was announced that New U Life is partnering with DeLauer.

The company is known to create a transdermal gel that elevates growth hormone levels. No details have been revealed further about the said partnership. Thomas also opened a shop that sells all kinds of organic meat. Thomas Delauer Early Life His passion for exercising was sparked by the fitness models he saw in magazine covers at the age of twelve.

He was studying history in Italy at that time and decided to develop the same muscular physique. He came back to the United States shortly. In high school, he excelled in sports as a long- distance runner and a rugby player.

It seemed his goal of building a well-defined body was easy to achieve. How Thomas Delauer Gained Weight In his 20’s, Thomas established a business delivering ancillary services to the healthcare industry. To focus on his new venture, he decided to take some time off the gym.

Likely due to pressures from his profitable project, Thomas developed unhealthy habits. Things spiraled quickly and Thomas became overweight. “I was afraid to step away or divert in any way towards anything else. As a result, I was overweight.

More than overweight, I was bona fide fat,” Thomas recalls in an interview. Thomas Delauer’s Health Scare Thomas had two other compelling reasons to go back to the gym: his father’s cancer diagnosis and his wife’s newly- discovered Lyme disease affliction.

These prompted Thomas to realize the importance of health. He started working out again and conducted exhaustive research on muscle growth, fat loss, inflammation and exercise. Thomas Delauer’s Transformation After several months of hard work and training, Thomas, from looking like a blob, returned to his former ripped self.

From a heavy 280 pounds, he tipped the scales at 185 pounds in a short period. His body transformation was documented in social media. As he inspired thousands to get fit, his popularity grew. Fitness magazine cover shoots and TV appearances swamped Delauer, and in no time, he became a fitness trainer.

However, he was not fulfilled in the fitness industry, saying it seemed “full of people trying to overcome their insecurities without focusing on health and feeling good”. He sought to fill this gap. Thomas Delauer’s Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting Being the entrepreneur that he is, Thomas decided to start a new business integrating his newfound passion for health and wellness.

Delauer’s diet plans hinge on the ketogenic diet— the idea of which is to get more calories from protein and fat instead of carbohydrates. “Keto” diet aims to cut back on easy to digest but highly consumed carbs like sugar, white bread and pastries.

He became a professed master of the “Keto” diet and started creating meal plans where clean and unprocessed foods also take center stage. This diet, mixed with intermittent fasting promotes weight loss, as Delauer states in his ebook.

Thomas Delauer’s Anti- Inflammatory Diet With his extensive research Thomas came to a certain belief that specific foods cause inflammation within the body, contributing to fat gain and illness, as well as preventing muscle formation.

Delauer identified beets, pineapple, salmon or other omega-rich fish sources, ginger, turmeric, as top anti-inflammatory foods. Thomas Delauer’s Physical Training Plan He prefers doing cardio exercises, such as the stair climber and doing long walks, saying it is necessary for weight reduction and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

It also helps him feel good. He says he doesn’t have the same workout every time, explaining that changing your methods often will shock your muscles and consequently develops them. He also focuses on different parts of his body per day, for instance, the legs on Monday, chest (and abs) on Tuesday, back on Wednesday, shoulders on Friday, and arms on Saturday.

He recommends taking two days of rest. He uploaded this video to teach individuals how to design their workouts. Thomas Delauer’s Most Watched Video His most popular video – “How to do Intermittent Fasting: Complete Guide,” has more than 4 million views to date.

Is Thomas Delauer A Scam? His works and ideas are met with mixed reactions, the common criticism being that he lacks credentials to be counted an authority. His credibility is also called into question for selling ideas and products not fully-backed by scientific studies.

Whether a scam or not, Thomas Delauer’s YouTube subscribers continue to rise, breaching more than 2 million as of this writing.