Kyle Kulinski Bio, Net Worth, Secular Talk, Debates, Politicon


Kyle Kulinski Bio, Net Worth, Secular Talk, Debates, Politicon
Kyle Kulinski Bio, Net Worth, Secular Talk, Debates, Politicon

Who is Kyle Kulinski? Kyle Kulinski is a famous American progressive talk show host, political commentator, and activist. He ascribes to social democracy and left libertarian political views, and is a confessed atheist. Why is He Famous? Kulinski shot to fame in 2016 after criticizing the mainstream media for its irresponsible coverage of the then presidential election campaign, as results coming from the Harvard University study confirmed that policy substance received scant airtime.

During the said period, subscribers of Kulinski’s Youtube Show Secular Talk jumped to 444,000 from 234,000. This progressive talk show also appears on The Young Turks (TYT) network, where Kulinski enjoys non-censure from TYT head Cenk Uygur-- with whom he and two others founded the Justice Democrats.

Kyle Kulinski’s Parents, Mom, Dad, Sister and Nephew Kyle’s parents are Grace and Albert Joseph “Buck” Kulinski, and he has a sister who’s married to Michael D’ Onofrio. Kyle also has a nephew.

The elder Kulinski, former owner of Soundview Chevrolet in New Rochelle, died of lung cancer at the age of 56 on 20 April 2011. His mother is of Italian ancestry, while his father is of mixed Polish-Austrian- Irish descent.

Kyle Kulinski on His Father’s Death Kulinski explained his father had complained of back pains prior to his death. But without health insurance, his father went to a chiropractor. Whenever his father complained of back pains, the chiropractor encouraged him to visit his clinic often, and so his father did, not knowing cancer caused the pains.

Kyle Kulinski’s Thoughts About Health Insurance In 2019, Kulinski stressed the importance of health insurance coverage for all Americans in a tweet. Kulinski explains that if his father had health insurance, he would have gone to the doctor for early cancer detection and would have lived longer.

Early Beginnings of Kyle Kulinski’s Secular Talk In 2008 while studying Political Science in Iona College, Kyle Kulinski created Secular Talk on Youtube. It was borne out of Kyle’s need to have a personal space to discuss his ideas.

It eventually evolved into a progressive talk show. Secular Talk was concurrently broadcasted on YouTube and on BlogTalkRadio as “The Kyle Kulinski Show” in 2012. Other progressive shows experienced the same growth, airing via podcasts and internet radio, as well.

Albeit named as such, US politics remains the show’s raison d’etre. Religion is discussed occasionally, as Kulinski also dissects other topics related to pop-culture, philosophy, economics, and religion. The Kyle Kulinski Show and Secular Talk Audience The show boasts of being in the top 20,000 of Youtube Channels with most subscribers.

According to its website, Secular Talk, with 832K subscribers fares better than its progressive talk show competitors, namely, The David Pakman show (827K) and The Jimmy Dore Show (712K). In 2017, Kulinski shared the results on the show’s demographic audience study: 43% were aged 25-34 yo; 26% were from the 18-24 age bracket; and 15% were from 35 to 44 years old.

In addition, the five highest States from where viewers reside were: California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois. What is Kyle Kulinski’s Political Views? Progressive talk shows like Secular Talk express liberal and leftist point of view, reflecting Kulinski’s political inclination.

On the other side of the coin are conservative talk shows that discuss right-leaning interpretations. Kulinski mostly targets right- wing personalities in his shows. As a civil libertarian, Kulinski opposes domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA) and giving too much power to the police.

In theory, he supports selective death penalty, meaning, it should be reserved only for most heinous crimes and those who had no remorse. He, however, disapproves death penalty in practice, citing instances of wrongfully incarcerated detainees.

Military offense is important for Kulinski but he claims to despise “warmongering in DC” and unilateral military intervention, adding that US military involvement should only be initiated after a declaration of war by the Congress.

Kyle Kulinski and the Justice Democrats With the aim of promoting progressive candidates within the Democratic Party, Kulinski, Cenk Ugyur, Saikat Chakrabarti and Zach Exley founded the Justice Democrats in 2017. Created shortly after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the group hoped to “establish a strong social-democratic agenda, such as the one promoted by Senator Bernie Sanders”.

In 2018, Kyle Kulinski, drew attention after predicting that Justice Democrats- supported candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC) will beat Joe Crowley, a 10-termer Democratic Caucus Chair, as New York's 14th congressional district representative.

It was touted as the biggest upset victory in the 2018 midterm election primaries. Ugyur, however, stepped down following staff allegations of se*ist remarks in the past, with Kulinski following suit, citing disagreements with the staff.

Kyle Kulinski’s Most Watched Videos Political commentaries remain Kulinski’s most watched, with segments entitled, “Nutjob of the week,” “Common Sense Award,” and “JUSTICE DEMOCRATS: Taking Back the Broken & Corrupt Democratic Party”.

His live discussion with lawyer, book author and award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald in 2015 about New Atheism, the NSA, and Edward Snowden, was also ranked among the highest- ranked videos. What Did Kyle Kulinski Say About Russian Election Interference? In 2017, amid allegations of Russian interference in the US elections, Kulinksi reacted to fellow political commentator and comedian Bill Maher not once but twice, within five months of each other.

Maher maintains that while US stopped fighting the Cold War, Russia didn’t. So he called for a resurgence of defensive actions, saying if Russia will continue to attack the US, then the US “should really fight back”.

Kulinski does not believe in the Russian conspiracy theories and responded by saying Hillary Clinton lost not because of Russian intervention but because of campaign blunders.