Boz Mofid Age, Height, Career, Twin Sons, Wife, Net Worth


Boz Mofid Age, Height, Career, Twin Sons, Wife, Net Worth

Boz Mofid is an entrepreneur himself, but the fame of the man is profoundly getting the soar being the father of the twin Youtuber. Readers who are the avid Youtube user surely know about this twin named Lucas and Marcus Dobre.

This article is more about the father, who is a gymnast, an entrepreneur, and also a handsome hunk. Although his son is more famous, the father figure is also no less to that. So be with us till the very end to know a lot in detail.

Boz Mofid But first, the progression goes through the quick facts

Boz Mofid: Quick Facts

Full Name Bozanfik Mofid
Date of Birth 1964/03 /28
Nickname Boz Mofid
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Iran
Ethnicity Persian
Age 58
Profession Gymnast, Entrepreneur
Nationality Iranian
Weight 71 kgs
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Children 4
Net Worth $6 million
Online Presence Instagram


Bozanfik Mofid was born in Iran on 28th March 1964.

The name of Mofid's parents is not known to the general media. Not only the parent's name but nothing on the siblings are also available to the press. The twin son's charisma profoundly influences his fame so secrecy at times can be understood.

Boz holds the Iranian nationality along with the Persian ethnicity. His zodiac sign falls under Aries. As per the sun sign, suggest the man is passionate about his gym works and is a dedicated bodybuilder.

Age and Body Measurements

Boz is 58 years old as of now.

He stands at the height of 5'6" with the bodyweight suiting it entirely, which accounts for 71 kgs. His distinctive traits are pleasant smile along with the good looks eventhough the man is approaching his 60's. Sadly there is no information about any of the vital body statistics.

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Mofid is a bodybuilder and owns a pretty good body even at the age of 56. But hardly there is anything available about the shoe size or the dress code too.

To complete the physical outlook though black hair, along with the brown eyes, plays the lead role.

Early Life and Education

Boz was born in Iran, spending most of his childhood there with the family and siblings. His early life was pretty decent, with most of the needs being fulfilled with ease.

With the lack of information on parents, accurate growth information cant be shared with the readers. But there was utter freedom in the family to choose a career on the own. In the case of educational background, though, Mofid attended his schooling and also the high school knowledge from Iran.

From a small age, this man was highly focused on having a pretty decent body.


Its a matter of great pride if an individual gets the fame of being a father. Mofid's children might have been more famous, but Boz himself was no short of making it large infront of avid fans.

The gymnast freak surely made a career in bodybuilding.

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In his prime, Boz was a regular member of the Iranian national team in the gymnast. Not only the gym work, but the man is also an entrepreneur and founder of Fit n Fun gym, which found great success with time.

This particular gym has seen lots of success after the start. Not only that, but his twin son is making in big in the social media periphery.

Boz Mofid Gym and Gymnastic

If readers have come this far, then surely you must be aware of Boz's gym.

But the man has been sharing his spark not only in Iran but also in the United States. The gym named Dobre is run under his control. To make the channeling easier, this particular enterprise has its website too.

Boz Mofid Wife

If you are handsome and also a well-toned bodybuilder, then the surely female following is bound to be higher.

In the same quest, Boz is married twice in his life. From both the marriage, the gym freak owns four children. The first wife was Oksana Omelienchik, with whom the man married way back. His secretive nature made us harder to know when the event took place accurately.

But one thing is sure the marriage didnt last too long. After this heartfelt breakup, Mofid found Aurelia Dobre, who married the man. Surprisingly the lady also hails from the same gymnast field, and we can understand how good the bonding might have been.

Boz Mofid with his sons Their marriage took place in November 1992, and family along with the friends were called. Till this point in time, the man is blessed with four kids Cyrus Dobre, Darius Dobre, Lucas Dobre, and Marcus Dobre.

The couple has no daughter. There is no cause of any rift in the couple, and we feel they are made for an extended period.

Net Worth| How Much Does Boz Mofid Earns?

If you are part of the national team in gymnastic well, the fame, along with the fortune, comes to an individual with ease.

Added to that, Mofid has done his bit by being an entrepreneur and adding the sum. All of this has aided the man to make $6million as of 2020.

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His net worth must not come as a surprise because the Fit and Fun gym has done wonders in the world of bodybuilding.

Although there is proper information about the net worth, the information on the annual income and assets will be soon out. In this current scenario, Boz is living a lavish life in Maryland, the USA with his family member.

Social Media Reach

Instagram- 160k followers