Tom Hanks Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Wife, Instagram

Run Forrest Run and surely Tom Hanks has run a country mile to make a name for himself. Well, if you are...

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Tom Hanks Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Wife, Instagram

Run Forrest Run and surely Tom Hanks has run a country mile to make a name for himself. Well, if you are watching Hollywood movies, then there is no chance than you dont know about Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks net worth is at the top of the game.

Hanks has done a lot of movies, and his professional life is also something pretty outstanding to talk about. Be it his two marriages and kids that are following Tom's path of glory. Well, the man has a personality of larger than life.

This article is fully dedicated to his hostile yet glaring aura. Stick with us till the ultimate of this article. Tom Hanks with his family at Golden Globe But first, some quick facts surely do justice to the achievements of the man

Tom Hanks: Quick Facts

Full Name Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
Date of Birth 1956/07 /09
Nickname Tom Hanks
Marital Status Married
Birthplace California, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 66
Profession Actor, Producer, Activist
Nationality American
Height 6 ft
Eye color Green
Hair color Dark Brown
Children 4
Spouse Rita Wilson
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Net Worth $350 million

Tom Hanks Net Worth

Being part of two Oscars and also giving hits after hit be it in theatres or also increasing the fame in fans well, Hanks has seen it all.

All of this does justice to the net worth made by the man himself. As of 2020, Tom Hanks net worth stands at $350 million. Highly successful movies aid all of this, and most of the readers might not know, but Hanks is the fifth-highest all-time box office star in North America.

This amount exactly stands with a total gross of $4.9billion. Precisely speaking per movie average stands at $100.8 million. Surprisingly Tom Hanks is a fan of accumulating assets, especially cars. Till this point, The Green Mile actor owns cars like Mercedes Benz S-Class, Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Prius, and many more.

What adds to the worth is the brand endorsements work in The National World War II Memorial and the Nature Conservancy. Collectively we can say with ease that Tom Hanks is living a lavish life with his loved ones. With every new project still on the way, this worth is bound to increase.


Thomas Jeffrey Hanks was born on 9th July 1956 in Concord, California. Janet Marylyn and Amos Mefford Hanks are the names of his parents. Other than the parent's name, surely, he had three siblings to accompany his childhood.

Sandra, Larry, Jim are the sibling's names. Till the time, all of them were together; both shared pretty good bonds. Thomas holds the American nationality along with white ethnicity. His zodiac sign falls under Cancer, which suggests the man is emotionally more attached and hardworking all the time.

Age and Body Measurements

Tom is 64 years old as of now. Hanks stands at the height of 6 ft and weighs 78 kgs. Hanks tall height is highly supported by the charismatic smile, which admittedly did wonders infront of the camera.

Tom might be into the late '60s, but his persona can make any woman his fan at this point too. But sadly, there is no information about the vital body statistics. Hanks has undoubtedly done his bit in the average body build with a regular workout in the gym.

Eventhough the man is aging, but health is one of his main concerns now. With the tall height comes the shoe size of 11. To round up, though, Tom's eye color is green, and the hair color is dark brown.

Early Life and Education

Tom was born in Concord and spent most of his childhood there with the family and siblings.

His early life was full of surprises as there was breakup from the parents. After the hateful divorce from the parents, Hanks went on to live with his father and learned a lot from him. Hanks ancestors were from varied backgrounds.

Eventhough divorce was seen at a young age, most of his needs were fulfilled with much ease. In the case of the educational background of Tom, the Splash actor attended Skyline High School in Oakland and went to Chabot College to know in detail about theatres.

His journey in the field of education went to California State University, where the drop came in to be an actor.


One of the most confusing aspects of Tom Hanks will be to talk about his career. Well, where to start the ride.

There have been so many achievements that detailing will take some pride and time. After moving the boat towards New York City, the place of dreams he starred in a low budget movie, He Knows You Are Alone in the year 1980. This project acted as the experienced stone, and the man landed a role in Mazes and Monsters series.

Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump Although the big screen came to him, surely theatres never went out of his blood. The Mandrake is one of the highly respected theatres of this artist. There were movies and theatres along with game show for the man that was earning him fame as and when possible.

In 1970 being part of Make Me Laugh game show and role in Bosom Buddies where they dressed like a woman shows the struggle prevailed in his career. Likewise, his struggling phase saw projects like Happy Days, Bachelor Party, Family Ties, Nothing In Common, and the list can go long and long.

With all of this struggle, Tom Hanks went on to do movies before making it big.

Rise To Stardom

Tom Hanks did roles in the industry for almost 2 decades at the start, and there were no groundbreaking movies by its commercial success or his satisfaction.

The year 1987 saw things change. The role in Dragnet and Big shot his fame to the top where the man was established and for an extended period. Big was both commercially and skillwise successful for the man. This statement is supported by the fact that he got nominated for Oscars for the first time.

Movies were flowing for Hanks, and so was the worth as an actor. The Burbs, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Turner and Hooch surely Tom has done everything in between. Hanks's career was on a ride that had no fixed direction until Philadelphia came to him.

Well, this movie made Tom Hanks the man he is respected today. The guy lawyer with AIDS fighting for the rights undoubtedly displayed the problems faced.

Other Commendable Role Plays

This role won Tom the Oscars, and the same year saw his all-time best part in Hollywood and one of the most iconic ones which we call Forrest Gump.

Tom Hanks is known for doing versatile roles in dramatic movies, sci-fi genres, and also comic ones. Not to forget his voice-over work in Toy Story is respectable. Tom is known to work with versatile directors and co-artist, which makes him the actor and fan favorite.

The Green Mile, Cast Away, The Terminal, American Beauty, etc. are the fan favorites. What makes the artist special is a versatile skill. Tom Hanks has done production too, and the project was named Band of Brothers. The Terminal actor is no less than an icon for every newcomer.

It is due to the legacy the man has made for himself and also the works in varied fields. Lately, he is also focused on politics and has been fighting for recognition. In the latest work, though, Tom has done voice-over achievements in Toy Story 4 and also A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood.

Future Works

Age is just a number. This quote was made for none other than Tom Hanks. Well, just for fun, though, but the man doesn't seem to stop at any point. His age might be in the '60s, but the movies are going on and on.

But fans will never complain as they are blessed to witness the greatness on screen. Some of the future work of the legend includes the like of Greyhound, News of The World, Pinocchio remake, adaptation of the novel A Man Called Ove.

Tom Hanks at Honorary Greek citizen event What some of the readers might be surprised to know about Tom is a new project Masters of Air is about to hit the audience that is expected to cost $200 million and lasting 8 hours.

Well, there is more from the man who never tires delivering greatness.


One of the works that Tom Hanks was away from is surely writing, and this man has done that too. Yes, you heard us right, Tom Hanks, the writer. In 2014 November, Tom declared to be publishing a collection of short stories that will be named Uncommon Type.

Astonishingly the book published in 2017 and fans of Tom liked it as it came through. All of these activities undoubtedly increase Tom Hanks net worth.

Activism and Politics

Hanks can do no wrong with the achievements in his time with close to media work.

Tom is a premier supporter of same-se* marriage, and the man is always thinking about the environment. Most of the readers might not know, but he is an investor in electric vehicles. Owning a Toyota RAV4 EV and waiting on the for Aptera 2 series shows the interest in making the environment go well.

In the case of political involvement, though Hanks uploaded a video in Myspace account supporting Barack Obama.

This American actor also serves as the campaign chair of the Hidden Heroes Campaign of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.

What makes this actor special is the fact that he donated an espresso machine for the press workers in the white house in 2004. Not only once, but the same contribution has been made in the year 2010 and 2017 too. For the current involvement work, though, Tom is endorsing Former Vice President and Moderate Democrat Joe Biden for the 2020 elections.

Although age is getting better of him but giving back to the people and society has also been the go-to.

Awards and Accolades

After giving so much to the fans and society, Tom is undoubtedly bound to be respected and also be levied with awards all the way.

Similar is the aura of the man that someone can hardly not recognize him. Most of his avid fans might know the fact that Hanks wanted to be an astronaut from an early age, but things took a turn. This interest didnt go away, and he is part of the National Space Society at this point.

This keen interest led him to produce the series From The Earth To The Moon. For all the contributions to this field, Tom was awarded Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award in 2006, which remains unique to him till this date.

The same year saw the man being inducted as an honorary member of the US Army Rangers Hall of Fame for the precise portrayal of captain in Saving Private Ryan. Moving along March 10, 2008, Hanks was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to induct The Dave Clark Five.

There are lots of surprises from the artist who loves to collect manual typewriters and uses them daily for everyone to see Hanks released Hanx Writer, which emulates the experience of using the typewriter.

Recent Appraisal

For specific assessment, though, Tom has been having a lot of awards up till now.

Being awarded Kennedy Center Honor Medallion in 2014 and President Medal of Freedom in 2016 adds charm to his armory for sure. This same year saw other achievements for The Terminal actor, which was French Legion of Honor for support of World War II veterans.

This award was received alongside Tom Brokaw and Gordon H. Mueller. For recent achievements though Tom was honored as the Honorary citizen of Greece in the year 2019. With all the contribution and results, there is undoubtedly more to come for Tom Hanks, and we will let readers know.


Tom Hanks might be one of the most versatile actors of Hollywood, but his love life is a ride. Not once, but the Splash actor is married twice to date and has kids from both the marriage too. The first wife of Hanks is Samantha Lewes.

Hanks and Lewes met way back in 1975 and started dating. The couple looked outstanding in events and graced the acting world. To add up strength, Hanks and Samantha walked down the aisle on January 24, 1978. It was a closed event where friends and family were called.

After tying their knots Tom and Samantha were blessed with kids. Colin Lewes was born on 24th November 1977, and Elizabeth Ann was born on 17th May 1982. Sadly this duo didnt go for the long run and separated in August 1985. This official separation came in March 1987.

Sadly after the 14 years of divorce Hanks's wife, Samantha, passed away with cancer. This news affected Hanks a lot, and fans came to know Tom also has Type 2 diabetes. Tom Hanks with wife Rita Wilson After the separation, though Tom found another beautiful lady to be along with till this point in time.

When Hanks was part of Bossom Buddies, Hanks met Rita Wilson. This couple started dating in September 1985. To every fan's delight, Rita and Tom walked down the aisle on 30th April 1988. It was a pleasant event, and they are blessed with kids to make their love go for long.

Chester Marlon was born on 4th August 1990, whereas Truman Theodore Hanks was born on 26th December 1995. At this point, it time both of them are going pretty strong with no rift at all.

Social Media Reach

With all the movie works and activism Tom still finds time for the fans.

It is a surprising fact, but for sure, he is on the social media platform. To be in touch with the man fans can connect with Instagram- 6.5m followers Twitter- 16m followers Facebook- 6.9m followers

Tom Hanks Instagram