Theo Von Net Worth Age, Career, Podcast, Net Worth


Theo Von Net Worth Age, Career, Podcast, Net Worth

Doing standup comedy and making a living out of it is something difficult. But Theo Von has done it with grace and makes a pretty decent living out of it. What's surprising is the fact that Theo Von is just his stage name. Theo Von net worth is on the rise.

Not only comedy but TV personality, podcast, and every other thing seem to be his mojo. There is more to that smiling face, though, and here we are with every detail of it.

Theo Von: Quick Facts

Full Name Theodo Capitani Von Kurnatowski the Third
Date of Birth 1980/03 /19
Nickname Theo Von
Marital Status In a relationship
Birthplace Lousiana, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 42
Profession Comedian
Nationality American
Height 5'9"
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Horoscope Pisces
Net Worth $12 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter

Net Worth| How Much Does Theo Von Earn?

Let's guess how much does a comedian makes out of his living.

Well, it might be a countable figure. Theo, however, is best known for breaking barriers in the comedy department. As of now, his net worth stands at $12 million.

Screenwriting, comedy, acting, podcast, and whatnot. All of this will do nothing, rather than adding the net worth to his banks.

One thing is surprising though there is no information on the annual income and assets owned. We can say with ease though more than comedy, other works have helped him to garner fans. All the tours play a lead role in maintaining a lavish lifestyle for Von.


Theodo Capitani Von Kurnatowski the Third was born on 19th March 1980 in Louisana, USA.

The name of his parents is Gina Capitani and Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. He is pretty close to all of the family members, and his comic work seems to be inspired by them. Other than this, Von also has three siblings. Theo holds American nationality along with white ethnicity.

His zodiac sign falls under Pisces. As the sign suggests, Von is compassionate and versatile in his field of work.

Age and Body Measurements

Theo Von is 42 years old as of now. He stands at the height of 5'9" and weighs 89 kgs.

His tall height, along with the pretty smile, tends to attract lots of fans all around the globe. Looking at the physique, this hard worker must have been in a modeling world. Sadly there is no information about the vital body statistics.

Von has done his every bit to look charming and also slim. This is the result of the dedication in the gym and healthy workout. To complete the physical outlook though brown hair along with the eyes of the same color plays an important role.

Early Life and Education

It's easier to share personal life information with everyone, but keeping in secret is the hard part. But Von has done it with ease. Being born in Louisana, Theo spent all of his childhood there with the family and siblings.

His early life was pretty decent, with most of the needs being fulfilled with ease. In the case of educational background though he attended Mandeville High School. Later on, he went to Louisana State University along with Loyola University, University of Arizona, Santa Monica, and others too.

Sounds suspicious isn't it, but he received an undergraduate degree from the University of New Orleans. The person whose educational background is such a roller coaster how would like the career pan out.


Making an image in the field of stand up comedy is not an easy task, and inevitably Von found it tough to start.

What shot this individual to fame was winning an online comedy competition and became the fan-favorite. Before this, none of the TV shows would provide him a chance as his image was not one to savior. Slowly the tours started to come to him, most of them being the international ones.

Till this point, Theo came a long way to release his show in 2016 named No Offense. What adds charm to his acting work is undoubtedly the three-month-long tour called The Dark Arts Tour. Other than comedy, his blog about crank texting also made fans where the man used to call a random number and start the chat.

On another side of his career, things began to happen to him at the age of 19 when he was part of MTV Road Rules. Other series this individual has been part of include The Real World, Battle of the Seasons, The Guatient, Battle of Se*es II, etc.

Hosting another show came to Von, too, when he was part of Primetime in No Time. More and more good works went to the man who had skills to rule the hosting work with ease and grace. Moreover, Von was a panelist of America's Prom Queen, and also a member of Reality Bites Back.

Added to that, Theo was part of acting roles in series like Inside Amy Schumer and Why too. Added to this, one interesting fact about Theo is the fact that he was part of the movie Ghost Draft. But sadly, lack of time commitment and other works led him to drop out of this particular movie.

Surely his skills are one to crave for any individual.

Theo Von Podcast

One of the proficient activities performed by Theo Von is surely podcasting. Two of his more famous podcasts are This Past Weekend and The King and The Sting.

Out of all the success achieved, his first podcast was The Comedy Slideshow. In this debut work, most of the comedians would be interviewed. What is more interesting about this individual is collaboration in doing podcasts. Theo Von during the podcast Association with Matthew Cole Weiss brought in Allegedly, but beyond all of his work surely This Past Weekend starting in 2016 and The King and The Sting in 2018 plays the pivotal role.

Both of the podcast highly focuses on storytelling and enlighting the audience with some music in between.

Girlfriend| Who Is Theo Von Dating?

Dating a comedian is something of a beautiful ride. It is because comedians never break the heart instead of mending it with smiles.

Similar is the case of Theo Von, who is rumored to be dating Brandi Glanville. Surprisingly both of them met through the podcast work, and there is no looking back for them. All of this started way back in 2016, and in one of the posts, Brandi Glanville hinted that Von is the man who is lucky to be around and makes her smile.

Theo Von and Brandi Glanville One thing is surprising though neither Brandi nor Theo is engaged nor married. It's kind of a surprise that things are going well but not great. Before this relationship, however, there is no information about any of the dating news.

Neither anything on Von's love interest is known nor of Brandi. If something pops out, readers will be updated soon.

Social Media Reach

Winning an online competition inevitably means social media must play a lead role in the fan following on Theo, and similar is the case.

Instagram- 1.1m followers Twitter- 274k followers Facebook- 116k followers