Young and Restless Spoilers: Tessa Gets a Tour Offer?

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Young and Restless Spoilers: Tessa Gets a Tour Offer?

What's up, Y&R fam? We have all-new spoiler content for you today. This coming new year, Tessa is getting a fresh start, or is she really? Here's what we know. Tessa's story, in particular, has had no movement in quite a while.

Mariah was managing for her, and Tessa's career was not going anywhere.

Tessa's Life Takes a Turn

Eventually, it's all about to change. In the spoilers, we can see Tessa get a mysterious text, and as it turns out, it is from none other than Tanner Watts, a reputed musician.

Mariah gets remarkably chipper when she sees the text and might get in a celebratory mood. At the same time, they'll be wondering what to say to Tanner when they meet him. Young and Restless, Mariah and Tessa There's something in store for both Mariah and Tessa However, Tessa remains unenthused and seemingly will keep Mariah bemused.

Maybe she is nervous, and perhaps she is wary of what might hold in the future. Contrarily, this is not what troubles Tessa. To begin with, this is not even Tessa's first meeting with Tanner. Rumors have it that these two were an item in the past and parted ways, later on, with some bad blood.

Tessa Gets an Offer From Her Ex?

Maybe the past that was lurking in the shadows is here to haunt Tessa, or it might be something positive for her. Her life then and now is seemingly different. But, regardless of her past knocking at her door, she will welcome it as she will take a listen to Tanner's offer.

Moreover, Tanner listened to Tessa's music online and found it impressive, and as a result, he wants her to be his opening act on his tours. Tessa is hesitant as her past gnaws at her. On the other hand, Mariah's happiness will know no bound as she knows what this offers will mean for Tessa's career.

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Despite the appealing offer, when Tessa will dish on the nature of her and Tanner's relationship, Mariah might reconsider Tessa's trip.

We don't know what the real deal but all signs point in that direction. If the relationship thing is true, this could mean a different situation between Mariah and Tessa. What do you guys think? Was there something between Tanner and Tessa, or is it just an opportunity that came Tessa's way? We'll find out soon in the next episode of Young and Restless only on CBS! Source: 1