Young and Restless Spoilers: Sharon Gets Cancer?

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Young and Restless Spoilers: Sharon Gets Cancer?

Shocking, shocking revelations. Sharon gets cancer. We are pretty much as shocked as you are. Sharon has much more to offer to the story, and viewers are going to get just that.

Is Sharon's Life at Risk?

During one of the episodes, we see Connor planning something, and that involved removing Sharon from the picture.

After much speculation, that theory got dispersed. However, at the moment, another rumor is circulating that there is a significant storyline waiting for unfolding. Young and Restless, Sharon and Rey Rey is in for a shocking revelation Clues affirm it, and even though this news has no confirmation, Sharon will get a Cancer storyline to portray.

In a preview, we make a startling discovery that shakes up Sharon's world. It includes jeopardizing what she has with Rey but also involves the inclusion of a family member.

Sharon's Story Will Have a Major Impact

Here's what we know.

After Christmas, Faith's departure is inevitable. When she discovers her mother's ailments, she will have to come back eventually. Another fact to confirm is Rey's relationship. Obviously, if Sharon's health deteriorates, then Rey is at risk of losing her, and the cancer story is fittingly perfect.

Young and restless, Mariah and Tessa Sharon's arc will influence Mariah and Tessa's story Another party to have a significant story boost is Mariah Copeland. She has nothing to do lately other than warn to and about Summer Newman. Sharon's storyline will bring both Mariah and Tessa Porter to the mix.

In the same way, Noah Newman will likely get pulled into the story as well. He shouldn't be left in the dark if Sharon's story rumor is true.

Sharon's Major Story Arc

On the other hand, this revelation could technically affect Sharon's exes more than anyone.

As a father and also a close friend, Nick Newman, would like the know-how if the story pans out. There'll be a lot of drama if Adam gets excluded, so count him in too. Young and Restless, Sharon and Rey Sharon and Nick might wind up together if the Cancer story checks out We won't say it with certainty, but this rumor is garnering a lot of buzzes, and as the story is progressing, the cancer theme checks out.

Nonetheless, it's time for Sharon to steal the limelight and get a chance to shine.

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These are all speculations, and we would have to wait and find out what actually will happen.

We will keep you updated until next time. Tune into CBS on weekdays and don't miss out on the drama-only on Young and Restless! Source: 1 2 3