Young and Restless Spoilers: Will Adam Win Chelsea's Love Again?

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Young and Restless Spoilers: Will Adam Win Chelsea's Love Again?
Young and Restless Spoilers: Will Adam Win Chelsea's Love Again? (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

It's merry time Y&R fam- or will it be for Adam? Chelsea is with someone else now, and by someone, we mean Nick. Let's get into the details!

Adam Wants To Rekindle His Life With Chelsea

It is the morning of Christmas, and Adam is seemingly alone.

He's sure he is not spending time with Nick, not with someone that is dating the love of his life. Added to that, they are not so much of best friend material and who would wanna see the love of their life snogging some guy.

Adam has something to share with Chelsea, but the question will she comply? He plans to fly Chelsea and his son Connor to his Kansas farm, a place where he grew up and is keen on sharing the memories with his son.

Adam Still Loves Chelsea


Family time sounds good. Well, not to Chelsea. She smells something wrong and attacks him for running away from their problems. That part, unfortunately, is correct but only half. Adam wanting to go to the farm has an ulterior motive.

Despite their problems, he always loved Chelsea with all his heart. He wants to make amends and wants Chelsea to accompany him. Once upon a time, Chadam took their vows on Hope's land, and he knows that place is special to both of them.

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Moreover, Adam is desperate and can't keep his feelings together. He pours out to Chelsea, saying that he loves and will never stop loving her. Well, that's sweet.

But aren't we all wondering if Chelsea feels the same?

Two Brothers: One Woman

It is clear that she does not. No surprise there. Chelsea assures him that he is just finding it hard to move on, adding that Nick is the guy for her.

Chelsick or Chick is the new thing. Chadam is over. Contrarily, Adam knows what the reason is. Nick is a steady and loyal guy. Chelsea is with Nick to be safe. Nick isn't like other guys; he's reliable and will care for her. Nonetheless, even in such an unfortunate circumstance, Adam knows that the thing Chelsea and Nick have will not last long.

Nick isn't passionate enough, not like Adam, anyways.

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So, what do you make of this, dear fans? Will Adam ever get to hold Chelsea in his arms, or is he just stuck on someone who has no feelings for him whatsoever? Tune into CBS to keep yourself updated on the coming episode of Young and Restless!

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