Roman Atwood Net worth, Bio, Career, Girlfriends


Roman Atwood Net worth, Bio, Career, Girlfriends

Roman Atwood is an American Youtube personality, comedian, Vlogger and a prankster. He has over millions of subscribers and billions of views in his channel. So lets know about Roman, his bio, career, wife, kids, net worth and all.

Roman Atwood Bio

Roman Atwood (full name: Roman Bernard Atwood) was born on May 28, 1983 in Millersport, Ohio, United States. His parents are Curtis Dale Atwood and Susan Anne Christman. Apart from his parents, he also has a brother named Dale AtWood.

Roman went to Millersport High School.

Roman Atwood Body Measurement

Roman Atwood is built slim with a height of 1.75 cm/5.9 inches. He weighs 68 kgs.

Roman Atwood Career

Roman Atwood began his career in very young age by filming and producing while he was still in school.

With his tricky and thrilling prank videos, he soon rose to fame. But before rising to fame, he worked in his family's rope factory called "Atwood Rope". Roman worked on many films projects and commercials in Ohio, but in 2010, he decided to go along with his passion, which is a comedy and decided to create the YouTube channel.

Roman, then created his own YouTube channel on November 18, 2009, RomanAtwood. Roman, then created his own YouTube channel on November 18, 2009, RomanAtwood. After the success of his first channel, Roman decided to create a second channel on YouTube, which he titled ‘RomanAtwoodVlogs’.

This channel became as popular as his first one and it is counted among the fastest growing vlogs on YouTube. His most famous pranks are, Plastic Ball Prank with over 86 million views, Anniversary Prank with over 86 million views, Killing My Kid with over 50 million views.

Roman Atwood Wifes and Kids

Roman Atwood married to Shanna Riley in 2001. The couple together gave birth to a son, Noah Vaughn Atwood in 2004. But their marriage couldn't last for long as Shanna was cheating on Roman with one of his friends while he as on vacation.

And soon the couple got divorced. Roman started dating Brittney Smith in 2008. And together this couple has two kids, one son, and a daughter. They are Kane Alexander Atwood and Cora Atwood. Although this couple hasn't tied the knot yet, they are engaged.

Roman proposed to Shanna on April 30, 2018.

Roman Atwood Net worth

Roman Atwood net worth is around $12 million. With is two major channels in YouTube, Roman surely earns good amount of money. His channel RomanAtwood, his channel where he post his prank videos has over 10.6 million subscribers and over 1.4 billion views.

His another vlogging channel RomanAtwoodVlogs has over 13 million subscribers and 3.6 billion views. His channel RomanAtwoodVlogs is currently the 50th most subscribed channel on YouTube. Both of these channels are in the top 100 most subscribed on YouTube, and he became the second YouTuber after German Garmendia to receive two Diamond Play Buttons fro his channels.

His earnings from RomanAtwoodVlogs is approximately $2 million per year. Apart from his YouTube channels, he has also appeared in the films. In 2016, Roman was in Natural Born Pranksters alongside Dennis Roady and VitalzdTV.

Although it wasn't a success in cinema houses, it did well in the sale of VOD and DVD. Roman has also gone on to the tour with the YouTuber, FouseyTube in North America and Canada. The tour was titled Roman Vs Fousey. And together they planned to take a roadshow in future in Europe.

Roman also make his money from various endorsements and brand deals, which is about $1.5 million annully. He has also recetly signed a deal with Scott Toilet Paper. Roman’s ‘Smile More’ store increases his annual earnings by at least another $2 million annually too.

In 2013, Atwood founded his own merchandise line called "Smile More", selling T-shirts, hoodies, bracelets and other items. Roman currently lives in Ohio with his fiance in the home, which he bought in 2014 for $349,000. And it's not over there, Roman also has his own super cool car collection, they are:

  • Nissan 370z ($43000)
  • Toyota Tundra ($34000)
  • Nissan GTR ($99900)
  • Police car (for his prank videos).

Roman Atwood Social Media

Apart from having millions of subscribers and billion views, Roman also has quite a number of followers in other social media. His Instagram has 5.5 million followers and his Twitter has 2.99 million.