Abby and Phyllis: Young and Restless Spoiler! All Out War?


Abby and Phyllis: Young and Restless Spoiler! All Out War?

Shocking- or not so shocking? Abby finds Phyllis' action regarding the security suspicious and digs dirt on her. What she finds may surprise her to the core and possibly ensue a battle she must fight. Abby Newman is shook discovering news on Phyllis If it is Phyllis, she will be careful like always.

In the meantime, Abby asks Chance for help, and considering Chance has resources at his disposal; they will know if anything shady is going on. But they should stop discussing covert operations out in public. Chance Chancellor helps Abby with her unusual situation Ultimately, they do find a backdoor in the security system.

Someone(obviously, Phyllis) now has access to every device that ever logged into the Wi-Fi at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis managed to cover all her tracks, and she is clean in the public's eye.

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Abby can't do anything to Phyllis, considering they are partners.

Phyllis can't be bought out, and there is no substantial evidence to bring her down. So how will Phyllis utilize the opportunity that she has planned so perfectly? We will find out in the future. Phyllis is relishing her newfound victory Red is a smart, smart woman.

Always a step ahead of everyone, and her latest stint allows her to have eyes on everything and everyone. Life's a party right now for Phyllis. Will it last long enough? What else does Phyllis have up her sleeve?

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Abby has been wound up in a difficult situation.

What will she do? How will she fight back? Will we see an end to this? We will bring you fresh updates as soon as we dig deeper! Abby, Phyllis, and Chance - catch them on weekdays on CBS. Source: 1 2 3