Spoiler Alert!!! Love Triangle: Abby, Phyllis and Chance


Spoiler Alert!!! Love Triangle: Abby, Phyllis and Chance

Okay, major plot twist! We thought Abby was going to get a happy-ever-after but ENTER: Phyllis. The redhead is onto something. Chyllis and Chance in the new episode We can't deny sparks flew when Chance and Abby met.

However, how do we explain the heat between the redhead and the fresh, silver-spoon baby in Genoa City? Being handsome, wealthy, and being single comes with their perks. It does seem Abby is utterly enamored with Chance, but what chance does she have with "Chance" when the red hot Phyllis is lurking about.

Yes, we are laughing. Phyllis got what it takes, and she doesn't need to use her charms to get the man she wants. The redhead brings the heat with her. Abby and Phyllis are the candidates to get Chance's love. But the question is who? Will Abby be left watching? What will she do?

Is The Start Of A Love Triangle?

Will Abby admit defeat and let someone else have her man? Or does she have something up her sleeve too? Or maybe this is finally an opportunity for Phyllis to start over.

Let go of the past and jumping between men with the likes of the Abbott men and Nick and start afresh with purity and no scandals. Having a history with drawing out her enemies, Phyllis can finally settle for someone who isn't criminally involved.

Love of a guy can sweeten this spiteful, vengeance-ridden lady and nurture her to the compassionate side.

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It's a wholly engaging love triangle.

Team Chabby or Team Chyllis? We will let you take your pick. The love chase is on. Whose heart will break? Who will get the man? Keep an eye out for the fresh new The Young and the Restless episode and see what culminates. And...

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