Young and Restless Spoiler! Abby and Chance? Did You Hear...Romance?


Young and Restless Spoiler! Abby and Chance? Did You Hear...Romance?

Rumors or Facts?! Here's what hot: Abby Newman's romance escalating with Chance Chancellor. Fans, possible Young and Restless Spoilers ahead! In the new episode, Abby interacts with Chance Seems like every dark cloud has silver linings is not a matter of fiction, is it? Just when things were falling apart for Abby, her knight in shining armor swoops in, to save the day.

We know that life has not all been a cakewalk for Abby. Nothing with a box of candies for her. What we have seen is Abby spends most of her mornings balancing her business even as it falls apart. Her clients are skeptical about her and we have seen them checking out and canceling their stay in large numbers.

Not very sugar-sweet is it? Honestly, this has not brought her down a bit and remains as jubilant as ever. Well, things just got hell lot of sweeter. R-O-M-A-N-C-E is sweet right? The spoiler shows Abby and Chance teaming up in an unlikely fashion.

Both have something on one another. She is his most redeeming aspect and he is her hero. This is Chance?! Isn't he a Mr. Tough guy? Brave and bold and super easy on the eyes, are we right? There's no denying there were sparks flying everywhere.

However, Abby was unforgivingly vibrant in the past and she'd slip right under Chance's eyes to take notice. At present, her more mature side hasn't gone unnoticed.

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Is this the start of something new for Abby? There's no denying she needs ample luck in the romance department.

We think Chance will fit right in as he knows how to handle being wealthy. Does anybody remember the troublemaking Chancellors in the past...?

So is there more "Chance" or no Chance?

If he winds up staying, Nina might make an appearance.

Of what we know, Nina won't stay far for too long when she finds out what Chance is up to. That's it for now, The Young and Restless fam. Stay tuned for more. Waiiit!--- head to the comments and brainstorm and don't forget to Like, Subscribe and hit that bell for notifications! Source1