The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Chelsea In Trouble?


The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Chelsea In Trouble?

The Young and the Restless new spoilers say Simon Black will rev up his threats. He’ll tell Chelsea Newman that she’s got only 24 hours to deliver the money which her dearly departed husband owed him. Misfortunately, Newman won’t be able to get the dough.

The Feds have seized the bank account. Chelsea's in big trouble now, so what’s she going to do? On Friday’s the Young and the Restless recap, Chelsea learns that all her money is gone and luckily she meets Simon, a man from Calvin’s past.

Nikolas asks Nikki to help with his campaign, and Victor looks into Amanda. Then, Nikki makes a hard decision! Chelsea encounters a good-looking man Simon from General Hospital known as Jeffrey Vincent Parise who joins The Young and the Restless.

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When Chelsea had thought she's going to live freely with high hopes alongside her luxurious husband, things turned out to be different. A decision to make on how to deal with Calvin’s mass fortune, lands on the lap of Chelsea with all those bundles of dirty money.

The dirty money may get cleaner but not in the way she wants; as little she knows, the money is gone. Nevertheless, Chelsea has some friends in low places to put her out of the situation. A week ago she leaned on with Kevin for help which was a huge mistake.

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What's next makes it much worse, cause the Young and the Restless spoilers show that Chelsea had a visit from one of her husband’s old friend Simon who is here already, wanting every dollar from his cohort’s storage spot.

Chelsea tries to shoo him off; the dangerous man Simon is more serious getting back. He is the kind of guy who will stop at nothing to get what's unpaid of him. Calm down folks, Chelsea has a God's hand to save her from drowning.

She's already got Calvin’s good cash all wrapped up in the hotel, but his other money must be good & ready. It’s a sad thing to know that there is no money left. Kevin might've invested it in safe hands, but it's no longer safe after everything didn't go as expected.

All that dingy dimes got cleaned from the bank when the FBI seized the company’s assets.

So What's Next, What Will Chelsea Be Doing?

So what's next! What will be Chelsea's next step? Poor Chelsea amidst a big crisis. She might've got a chance, one way or another, by tomorrow to get her hands on some serious money because Simon is NOT fooling around. What do you think?